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SG-BPH-GW-100 - Bobcat - Grader Adaptor Harness

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NEW 96"/108" BOBCAT GRADER ONLY (Possibly some 84").  Check the Attachment Selector with serial number first to be sure this is correct one.  Also check the connections on your grader box and verify the connectors.





These are harnesses made by Genius and enable you to operate the 96/108" grader with 14 pin standard controls. It was designed to operate with their rental box. That's not what we use it for. 

How does it work?

Unplug your existing 7 pin harness on your attachment.  Plug this harness back into the controller.  Using one of our 10 Channel Super Controllers, you can directly plug your Bobcat grader into our controller and have 100% control on any brand of machine including laser receivers.  You are no longer bound to the Bobcat® company to operate your attachment.  Freedom at last!

This harness may work with other attachments, but gather your serial number and check with us first.  If in doubt, call us.

Verify Your Grader Serial Number Here.

This harness is for graders with Serial #6480001631 and above. If your serial number is not in this range try P/N 6725383.

Some graders do not come readily adaptable for this harness and we have no way of knowing until we see your set-up as it all depends on how the original customer ordered the grader to be configured.  You may require a replacement solenoid harness for this to connect to.  Please check your connections or take a photo and send it to us before you order.


This is not a Bobcat® product.  This product is endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are not.  We are not Bobcat® dealers and are not endorsed to sell their products.  We are just people who try to help machine owners get their attachments to work.  We are using this product for something they did not intend it for.  They make this product so you can connect your grader to their rental box which is merely a $900 plastic box with switches.  We use it on our Super Controller which is a digital controller that we specifically designed to alleviate the agony of using their box. 

Bobcat®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries.
Bobcat Company is a subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Bobcat Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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  • I have a new Takeuchi TL8R2 Hi Flow loader. I am needing the Bobcat Planer model number 24PLA to hook up and work on my Takeuchi machine. The S/N on the Planer is - AJN701362 I found the part number on your bobcat page but when clicked is does not work and says page unavailable. The part number is showed for the planer attachment and Takeuchi brand was: SG-BPH-14-7-9DP/DT If this part is not available do you have one that will work for what I am trying to do.

    Sorry.  This is the replacement harness.  Instructions are on the video page.

  • I have a 2022 Takeuchi TL10V2 and would like to use my Bobcat Grader 96 with lasers on it. What Components will I need?

    We make a kit for that.


  • Will the BC-7196479 work on a bobcat broom to a Cat

    Our products and Bobcat's can be found here.

    We are not a Bobcat dealer so if you decide to go with their harness, you will need to contact them.

  • I have a 2018 t595 bobcat 7 pin hook up on machine... I bought a 2017 hla 3200w snow wing Looking for Harness to run this properly thru joysticks without separate toggle or other things Can you help

    Should be this.

  • I am needing to run a Bobcat 40PSL milling head on John Deere 331G. What kit do I need to purchase?

    Use the Mill/Planer harness found at this link.

    In the future please use the guide that we designed just for this pupose.

  • Will this Harness work on a W18 wheelsaw?

    This is a Grader adaper harness.


  • Hi I am Tim from redback lasers. We are looking for soultions for customers with Bobcat machines and accessories to run our machine control systems. I have a firm grasp of both hydrolics and electronics and have looked over your products. Looking for 7 pin harness for grader (basic grader) with 6 solonoids - but having trouble finding on your site. Do you still do these or do you no longer deal with the Bobcat stuff. Cheers Tim

    Generally every laser system that I install in a grader requires the main 6 controls plus power for the receivers plus an aditional channel to turn the receivers from manual to auto.  If you have a different method, then click HERE for the controller.  We expect to have hundreds of them back in stock soon.

    If by chance, I am correct and you need additional controls, you can add this to the output of the 6014 and get more outputs for your receivers.  CLICK HERE 

  • I have a New Holland C345 that has the factory installed 14 pin plug (but only has 10 pins in it). My machine has 3 auxiliary switches on the controls. I am looking for a 14 pin female receptacle to plug into the male plug, with 2 pin deutsch connectors on the other end that I can use to plug into my attachments. Example—I have an AGT forestry mulcher that has a fan cooled oil cooler, so I need to supply power and groaned to the fan. It has a two pin male Deutsch plug on the attachment side. I also have an AGT grader attachment that is operated with a wireless, handheld remote, but also needs power and ground supplied to the attachment via the two pin Deutsch plug. Ideally, I would like to eliminate the handheld remote and plug the two pin Deutsch connectors directly into the solenoid valves on the attachment, thus enabling me to operate the grader blade from my factory, auxiliary switches on the skid steer controls. Do you have such a connector, or can you make one?

    You must mean a harness. This is what others have purchased.


  • Good evening. I have a 259d3 caterpillar and a bobcat 108 grader. This harness looks like what I need to make the bobcat grader work with my machine. Is this a direct plug and play Into the bobcat computer box and plug into my machine? Thank you Ben

    NO.  This will not work.  You have a max of 6 controls with 2 of them being very bad so actually 4.  You need 8 controls plus power and a switch for lasers if required.




  • I have a 2017 case skid loader and a bobcat grader what adapter would I need?


  • What adapter do I need to go from bobcat blade to case skid loader