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Dual Attachment Control Bluetooth Relay | SG-AC-200

  • $295.00

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Control attachments with your phone using this ingenious Bluetooth 2 x Control Relay system. Simply mount this relay into your attachment, apply power and sync to your phone.  Download our free app from the App Store for your particular phone and you are ready to go.  You can now control your functions easily and accurately.

This relay is ideal for attachments with dual solenoids and a machine with no controls.  You can simply plug it into the solenoids directly, snap in the magnetic battery, load the app and go.

But that's not all!  Most relay controls use this Bosch 4 pin style relay so you can remove your existing relay and add this into your existing harness.  Sync it to your phone and now you can control your circuit remotely with your phone.  This is an ideal product for remote control of light bars.

The uses for this relay in this industry are endless.  Watch for more exciting updates as this product grows.  This is our current model but watch for a dual relay version coming soon.

Your kit includes:

  • Two Relays in a magnetic mount with Deutsch 20 Amp input connector and 2 x Deutsch 2P output with integrated LED for troubleshooting.
  • Free App in Apple or Android Format 

Battery Kit Includes:

  • 13,000mh Battery Pack
  • Battery Cabling
  • Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Handy Carrying Case


OPTIONAL: Battery Pack with magnetic mounts - 13000 mh




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  • would this work on a skid steer that only has the manual remotes no electronics to run a cement mixer which requires hydraulics ato a motor and a cyclinder?

    Yes.  I have a video of another Chinese mixer using this with the single channel blutooth controller. 


  • I’ve been contemplating buying the DUAL ATTACHMENT CONTROL BLUETOOTH RELAY, but as I’m researching it, specifically the app, there is only one review which paints it as being plagued by connectivity issues? Can you comment on that review, connection problems that you are aware of?

    My app has no issues.  Where did you read that?  It has more to do with people not understanding how to set it up.  They rarely read the instructions.  I spend about 5 minutes reading the instructions to them and off they go.  I am going to place them below for all to read how easy it is.

    1:  Download the app from either store searching Skid Steer Genius.
    2:  Power up only one relay.
    3:  Select WACT-1 in the app and it takes you to the set up screen.
    4:  For ID use 0000
    5:  For Password use 0000
    6:  Unplug the first relay and repeat for the second.
    7:  Power off and plug in both relays and power back up.
    You only need to do this process once when everything is new.  After that you will see both relays appear in the app automatically.

  • I bought a wolverine loader type cement mixer that I want to attach with a skid steer quick attach to my Tele handler it comes with the solenoids for mix and discharge. Is this the correct set up I need to control both functions?

    Yes, that will work.  Make sure you are a battery or have some means of getting 12 volts out to the boom.