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Bobcat Grader Controller 96/108" Permanent | Skid Steer Genius Bundle

  • $1,690.00

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This kit includes our famous Super Controller which provides up to 10 controls with intuitive joystick controls and our custom integration harness which bypasses the Bobcat CAN controller that is installed in the graders.

What is included:

1 x Permanent Mount Super Controller

1 x Bobcat Grader Harness for 96/108" Graders

FAQ's can be found here:  CLICK HERE

Order this kit if you have a newer model Bobcat brand grader that is either 96" or 108" wide and it has only the Bobcat 7 pin cable with 2 hydraulic hoses.

In this kit you will receive the Skid Steer Genius Grader adaptor Harness which connects to the Bobcat controller in the grader.  This harness now includes the side shift harness and we make everything in house so we are no longer paying the Bobcat exorbitant prices.  We happily pass the savings along to you.

Here is a link.  Click here to see this harness.

You will also receive a Genius Super Controller Permanent install kit.  This gives you 10 operational functions with 2 of them locking so that you can turn the laser receivers on and off as needed.

Here is the link.  Click here to see this controller.

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  • Hi we have a Kubota 2019 SVL65 track loader 10616. I just picked up in a auction a very clean 2015 Bobcat Grader 108, Serial Number: AJ2E00910 it came with Bobcat BLR2 Laser receivers. I was wondering if your BOBCAT GRADER CONTROLLER 96/108" PERMANENT | SKID STEER GENIUS BUNDLE is the right selection for my application? Or if I'm trying to do something that my machine is not capable of handling. I can provide Pics and answer questions just wanted to get on the right track from the start. Thank you for your time. Robert Fernandes Fernandes Const Inc. Turlock, CA 209-495-0708

    Yes. That kit was designed originally for Kubota's. There is an install video and instructions on the video page and FAQ page.

  • Any available now? iam keen as to get this asap

    Going as fast as parts will allow.  What brand and model do you have?  We may have another solution.

  • Will the 14 pin super controller be back in stock any time soon??

    A few in June and fully stocked by July.  I am building the new pages now.

  • Hello, will these be available soon?

    End of May 2023.

  • Hi ,Is there any way to do away with the delay on the switch to activate the auto , I run a grader with uts machine control. the kit has been good but a bit of feed back about the delayed auto , its is nothing but frustrating when you want to switch auto on immediately maybe offer an option without this ?

    The product is in redesign now due to a shortage of a critical chip.  I will check to see what we can do.