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Super Controller 14 Pin 10 Controls - Universal Install | Skid Steer Genius

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Genius Super Controller 10 Output Permanent or Temporary Install Kit:  It is now possible to operate any attachment on any machine.

New for 2023 - The cables are now separated from the box.  This allows you to buy one configuration and choose the cable you need for your application.  This also allows you to quickly and easily remove a damaged cable or box and replace only the part that is damaged.

We are proud to announce that our new Super Controllers are now in production. 

What is a Super Controller?  It is pure Genius.  We have put our 20 years of product and machine experience along with 30 years of electronic know how to work to solve one of the industries biggest issues.  Why won't machine manufacturers allow me to operate all of my attachments on any machine and why aren't there enough controls to do what I want to do?

These issues are now completely a thing of the past thanks to pure Genius!  There are two options available so please read the descriptions below and make sure you are choosing the correct product for your needs.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:  There is now one controller and you will order your cables and installation kits separately.   Please read the following descriptions so that you know what to order. 


Basic Kit - This is only the control box and joysticks.  You must order a cable kit and installation kit for this box to operate.

What's Included:

  • Ball Mounted 2 small joysticks similar to a video game controller that clamp onto any control stick.  This gives you 10 controls.  4 more than most machine manufacturers give you today.
  • Each joystick has an X/Y 4-way control plus a Z locking button.  This allows you to run equipment requiring an always on control.
  • A controller interface in a sealed box with mounting magnets so you can easily install it with no labor.
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug that can be used as is or removed and wired into an existing fused circuit.


Choose one of these:

23 Foot Cable Kit - This is the cable used for permanent installations.  It is long enough to allow you to run it down your boom and under your ROPS and up into the cab.

10 Foot Cable Kit - This is the cable used for temporary installations.  It is short enough to allow you to slip it in through your window and when you are done, you can remove it quickly.


Choose one of these:

Permanent Installation Kit - This is all of your mounting hardware to install the controls into your existing sticks.  It is as minimally invasive as we can make it and will keep the joysticks from getting in the way of your hands.

Temporary Install Kit - This is a clamp on kit that will clamp onto your sticks.  It does get in the way of your hand controls but installs in seconds and can be removed equally as quickly.


Why did we develop this product?  We hate the way all of the manufacturers have conspired to make the attachment controls individual to each machine in an attempt to make you have to re-purchase them should you decide to change brands.  In the past, owners did not care about this because you did not have much money tied up in attachments or if you did, they did not have many controls.  As the modern machines evolved, it would have been easy for all of them to design similar controls or at least pin out the 14 pin connectors the same so that if you had several machines, you could swap the attachments back and forth.  Instead, each manufacturer did things like pin the exact connector differently so even though they were the same, they would not work.  Others used a different version with 8 pins so they would not interface properly.  Still another manufacturer added a computer interface and another different 7 pin connector which was virtually impossible to interface to until we started work in 2010 and built the first after market controller that would work easily with their machines. 

That product termed the CanBus controller was so successful that we moved onto the other manufacturers and created what you see here.  We realized early on that we could not add buttons to their sticks as it is mechanically impossible.  What we decided to do was to create a small joystick control that could easily be added and be as unobtrusive as possible.  My personal feeling is that when I operate something, a joystick is much easier than reaching for buttons.  People raised over the past 40 years have come in contact with video game controllers and so they should be familiar with this.  We are going to be using these on our boom mowers and a joystick will be a much more efficient way to control our mowers because we can actuate both the X & Y axis at the same time.  We are really looking forward to getting these out into the field for you to try and welcome your feedback. 

If you need to learn more, watch our videos here.

We designed this from the ground up and made the control pack to operate inside your cab easily and reliably.  Every part of this was designed by us and we even wrote the software contained in the controller pack.  This shows our true dedication to building you something that is truly Genius and not some generic thing that you have to customize. 

Bobcat Grader Upgrade:

Do you have a Bobcat Grader 96" or 108".  You will need the following additional harnesses and adapters to make this work.  Once installed, all functions including side shift will work.

Bobcat Control Harness - CLICK HERE TO BUY

Do you want to operate a laser system on your Bobcat grader? 

CLICK HERE TO BUY the Laser Interface Harness.

We welcome your comments and questions.

Installation Instructions Can be Found Here:

Kubota Permanent Install:



Bobcat Permanent Install:


Cat 299D Permanent Install:

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