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SG-BC14-CT14 - Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat D-Series 14 Pin | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Caterpillar D-Series attachments run them on their Bobcat Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Bobcat Loader and plug the other into your Cat D series attachment equipped with an 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

Please read this and understand. This adapter is for older Bobcat machines or newer machines who have added a 14 pin kit.  100% of newer machines do not have 14 pin.  They use CAN signal 7 pin connections.  This product will not work.  You will need to buy one of our 7 pin kits found here.  CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE OUR 7 PIN CONTROLLERS

Note:  Also works with Kubota, New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB/Volvo, Takeuchi & Yanmar loaders.

Note:  Bobcat 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  Caterpillar D-Series only outputs 4 ports stock or 6 ports optionally.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have enough buttons installed in your machine for this adapter to work. 

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  • Will this work to adapt a 2017 PC412B CAT cold planer to a TV450B Case skid steer? My customer stated they will likely buy new attachments that will hook directly to the Case machine but want to run this attachment for a while.

    It should plug right in and work.

  • Yes I have a Kubota soil conditioner an a 630 bobcat skid steer the plug is different i need an adapter is this what I need.

    Bobcat and Kubota use the same pin out and connectors.  Have you tried it?  What you chose was for a Caterpillar.  It literally says it in the header.

    Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat D-Series 14 Pin

  • Hi, I have a Quick Attach Post Driver that I ordered set up for a Cat 289D. 14 pin. I now have a new kubota svl97 high flow 14 pin, that will not operate the tilt function. Will this adapter allow me to operate the tilt on the kubota?

    It's best if you send me a photo of the connector as it should work unless you have an old Kubota.

  • Hello, I have a Bobcat T870 with the 14 Pin Bobcat harness on it. Will this adapter work to hook up to a CAT PC306 Milling head that has the 14 PIN CAT plug on the attachment? Thanks

    Yes.  This is correct.

  • 2021 cat 262d3 cat 14 pin female to bobcat 7 pin female to run bobcat cat 18'' high flow cold planer milling head...... adapter

    So what I am reading is that you have  2021 Cat D series machine, correct?
    If so it have a male 14 pin Deutsch connector installed.

    Then I think you have a Bobcat brand high flow cold planer with a 7 Pin CAN connection, correct?

    Please click the link below as this information has already been covered at length in our FAQ.

  • Is it possible for this to ship next day air and go out today? SG-BC14-CT14

    All shipping methods are shown in the shopping cart and overnight is one of the choices.

  • Will this work with a 2014 cold planer SN: PCT00507 that I would like to install on a John Deere 325G Track loader?

    What brand of cold planer and connections?

  • Using Takeuchi TL10 and Cat grinder attachment. Purchased SG-BC14-CT14 which does not seem to control as on our Cat 279D. can you offer input

    Unless youhave different information, Takeuchi does not provide enough control buttons to fully operate a Stump grinder or Planer.  We came up with this add on to allow you to have enough buttons.

    You would add this to your cab, run the wire pins into the back of your existing machine connector into pins G & H.  Then you can operate all of the functions.

  • I have a Bobcat T870 and just got a HMB415B mulcher. This is the correct adapter right?

    No this is not correct.  Your Bobcat uses a 7 pin CAN controller.  To operate anything outside of Bobcat Land, you need a controller to decode those signals and turn them back to 12 volt signals.  I gather your attachment has a 14 pin so you would need this controller.

    Caveat:  You may need to move two pins in the attachment harness because I do not have a schematic so I am unsure which two pins they are using to open and close the hood.  There is a tool in the kit that allows for this.  The instructions to move pins are in the video section and it is video #100.

  • I just received the adapter for the bobcat to Cat series D machine #SG-BC14-CT14. The pins match the Bobcat but do not match the Cat 289D series. How do we relocate the pins on the to the correct positions? Or do we have the wrong adapter.

    If you ordered a BC14-CT14, it states:  Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side Cat D-Series 14 Pin

    What you are describing is that you need a CT14-BC14 which states: Machine Side Cat D-Series 14 Pin to Attachment Side Bobcat 14 Pin

    So, it looks to me that you ordered the wrong adapter.  Video 100 does show you how to move pins.  If you know what you are doing, it is possible to do.  If you don't you are best to order the correct item.

  • I work at a Bobcat dealership and we are selling a new Bobcat S850 to a CAT guy. We have installed the 14-pin kit on our machine and he has a 14-pin CAT planer. It seems that some of the pins are in the incorrect location so it looks like this is what I need. I just don't know how to confirm that the planer he has is D-series? The planer is a 2016 CAT PC306B Serial # PCT01233. Can you confirm that this is the harness I need? Thank you.

    If you installed the 14 pin controller in the Bobcat, then this is what you need.  A D-Series has a 14 pin connector.  Anything prior hase 8 pins.

  • I’m trying to go from a 2022 manitou 3200vt to a cat pc306b cold planer head

    Manitou uses a 14 pin which is set up the old Bobcat way. Cat uses an 8 pin for ABC series and a 14 pin for D series. We need to know which one you have.

  • Will this work on a bobcat 14 pin 18” cold plan high flow asphalt, planer over to a caterpillar 259D

    This is backwards to your question. This says 14 pin Bobcat machine side to Cat 14 pin Attachment side.

    You want an SG-CT14-BC14. Those cold planers are almost never 14 pin unless they are really old, so please verify.

  • I need an adapter to run a Cat stump grinder on a Kubota. It looks like your BC14-CT14 is what I need. Can you confirm this? Or steer me in the right direction please. The machine is a 2020 SVL 65 Also how long would it take for shipping to VA Thank you

    That is correct if the attachment has 3 hydraulic lines and has a 14 pin connector.  Please verify that your flows match between the machines or it could run really slow and not be effective at all.

  • I am working on trying to get a CAT dozer blade (8 pin) to work on a JCB skid steer (14 pin) to get the electric motors on the blade to work. I ordered a SG-kit-DT-14-F to just install on the attachment side. But the owner owns a CAT skid steer as well. What would be the correct adaptor cable to use? Can I return the kit I ordered?

    1:  There are no electric motors on a Cat blade.  There are two solenoids. 
    2:  If you want to keep the current 8 pin connector, but also use it on a 14 pi, you need a 14 - 8 pin adapter.  You ordered a 14 pin to 14 pin adapter.  CLICK HERE


  • We have a 2023 Kubota Svl65. Will we need this adaptor/connector to run a Cat BB124 box blade on the Kubota?

    This is the correct one except I am not sure how they run the lasers if you have any.  You may need to move a pin to the switched circuit so you can turn the lasers on and off.  Kubota has a locking switch on the J pin so it may be worth your while to move a control pin to that location so you can switch the lasers on and off and they will hold.

  • I have bobcat 575 then I bought a snow blower that had been on a cat 14 pin will this adapter work for me?

    If the Bobcat has a 14 pin connection installed and the blower has a 14 pin connection installed, you should be able to plug it in directly to your machine with no adapter. Have you tried it?

  • Hi there. We have a Bobcat S76 with a Bobcat 14pin and wondering what we would need to run a 2020 CAT PC305 asphalt planer?

    Is it a SMART attachment?  If you cannot tell, send me a photo of the solenoids or the 14 pin connector face so I can see how many pins.

  • I see the review where you mention the new planers are smart attachments and you were working on a fix. Is this something you have figured out yet?

    I won't be able to until I find one locally or someone sends me one.  Either way from what I have seen so far, it will be expensive because thye are so complex.

  • do you have adapter from 14 pin Case to a Cat 14 pin? same as SG-BC14-CT14 however for a Case skidsteer.


    Per the ad.

    Note:  Also works with Kubota, New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB/Volvo, Takeuchi & Yanmar loaders.

  • I have a brand new Bobcat T770 equipped with optional 14pin kit and we would like to run a CAT Model PC306B 24" planer. The way it sits now, I can plug it in but only get the drum to spin.

    On the attachment side move socket A to G and J to H.  Push socket K back inside the connector.  If you already plugged it in, you have blown the fuse on your machine so you need to replace your ACD fuse.

    Here are FAQ's and videos that affect you.



  • I need to set up a tax exempt account

    Send your resellers certificate to and  They will get back to you.

  • I have a customer trying to hook up a 2022 Cat cold planer PC306B trying to hook up to a 2022 Bobcat S850. Will this adaptor work?

    No you need a 6014 controller.  We ran out today with no delivery in sight.

    Due to a worldwide shortage of IC's, we are in a crisis mode.  We have waited for 2 years for parts and still nothing in sight so we are redesigning the product to utilize relays until we can get drivers.  

    Here is what we need.  If anyone can help us source these, we would be forever greatful and will give you a unit for free.

    VND5050AJTR-E - I will take 25000 of them.

    So to answer your question, we really have no answer until we can get this part.  We have thousands of boards built but we need this critical part.

  • we have a 289d cat and want to run a bobcat mill head.. what adapter do i neeed

    It's all covered in our FAQ section.


  • I bought a new case 620 to replace my cat 299 dxhp, none of my attachments work on the case do you have an adapter for that.

    If anything is high flow and you plugged it in, you will have blown your fuse.  Tell me which attachments you have sp I can better help you.

  • Will this work from a kubota svl95-2s to a cat sg18b stump grinder ???


  • I am selling a new CASE TV620B Compact Track Loader to a customer that has multiple CAT Attachments for his 299D. Would that SG-BC14-CT14 - MACHINE SIDE BOBCAT 14 PIN TO ATTACHMENT SIDE CAT D-SERIES 14 PIN work for him? The 14 pin connector on the carrier is the same as TV450B.

    Yes.  You are correct.  If you have the Case manual handy, we would appreciate a photo of the controls section showing the pin outs and how they relate to the control switches.  Thanks