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Adapter Delphi to Deutsch - SG-DP2-DT2 | Skid Steer Genius

Adapter Delphi to Deutsch - SG-DP2-DT2 | Skid Steer Genius

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This adapter works for changing the male end plug of your cable that has a Delphi Metripac to a Deutsch plug.  A typical use would be that you changed one or all of your solenoids in your Bobcat attachment to Hydraforce.  These adapters allow you to keep your harness and just adapt it.  You also require these to change Delphi harnesses to Deutsch harnesses.

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  • Do you sell the Delphi connectors male and female and do they have the pig tails on them

    Sorry but no.  All of them are connected to harnesses.  The reason why is that they are hard to assemble and crimp.  Without the correct tools and technique, you would just end up with a big mess.  What are you trying to do?

  • Looking to run quick attach stump grinder set up for bobcat 7 pin with two spools on a kubota svl 95-2 with 14 pin. let me know what u have. Thx

    Is it a Quick Attach brand?  Or, a Bobcat brand with a 7 pin connection?

  • I dismantled the machine as per your video instructions, as you stated very easy, the problem I have is that I have the duetsch type fittings on my attachment, you show a delphi male to a duetsch female, on my attachment the duetsch side is female, so I would need the delphi from your harness to a male duetsch to make it connect, is there a different adapter required? if so I need 7 of them

    So is this what you are needing?

  • Cat 289d 14 pin to to multipack 6 pin adapter for voting power rake

    Do you mean Virnig?  If so, you will need to contact them or change the harness out completely by CLICKING HERE