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Attachment Dual Switch Control | Skid Steer Genius

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This product was designed specifically to alleviate so many issues that people are having who just want to have 2 button controls in their cabs.  It amazes us that in this day and age so many machines come with no controls.  Many people just have one or two functions that they need to control on their attachments and they don't want to spend thousands adding controls to their machines.  In the case of Bobcat, they add the controls and then need a controller to convert the controls from CAN language to 12 volt outputs.  This has aggravated us for decades ad we know it gets to our customers as well.

Once again, we decided to do something about it.  We created a toggle style controller that will add two functions to your machine inexpensively and easily.  Our toggle is housed in a plastic housing that we designed to fit the RAM mount system.  From there we were able to use their clamping system to secure the switch to you control handle quickly and firmly.  From there, you simply plug in the cigarette lighter plug and run the dual output cable either out your window or inside the cab and down the boom.  This makes this product an excellent choice for people just needing to add two controls or rental yards where you don't want to deal with adapting your customers machines to your attachments.

What's included.

  • Ram Mount Compatible toggle switch.
  • Cable set with 20 feet of extension to get out your boom.
  • Cigarette style plug in for power (fused).
  • Ram Mount Clamp and Arm - adjustable.
  • Zip ties.
  • The output is a pair of 2 pin Deutsch connectors. 






Why did we develop this product?

Customers like you asked for it.  We have the experience and the know how with skid steer loaders to make things like this work easily for you.  If you think that you are frustrated with the manufacturers trying to block you from freely using your attachments on any machine that you want, you should see how we feel.  It still blows our minds how these companies can act like they care about their customers and then screw them over so they have to spend hundreds to undo their misdeeds. 

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  • Cat279d electric con. not working.. Will this operate the angle on my dozer blade?

    Depends on the brand of dozer blade.  For most blades, yes.  For Bobcat no since it requires 4 controls and this switch is dual only.

  • I have a 2014 terex pt 110 forestry unit... i run a miller stump grinder and i have to hold the left button down to swing left and the right button down to swing right which is a pain after 5-8 hours i like your dual switch control but don't need the whole system just the switch and mounting stuff for my skid steer controls... is that possible... i plan on using the original wires to tie into your switch system...thanks

    So you are asking us to waste the rest of the kit so you can take a couple of parts out of it?  Sorry, but that is not going to happen.  These kits are built by the hundreds in Washington and then warehoused in Las Vegas.  What you are asking would involve travel, man hours and waste.

  • I have a caterpillar 257b with one thumb rocker for a single function attachment but I'd like to run a dozer blade that has tilt and angle what do I need

    If you have an 8 pin connection installed you just need to buy a 6 way that uses a single solenoid to activate the tilt function.  DON NOT BUY A BOBCAT BRAND.  They use 4 solenoids.  If you have nothing, you can buy this DUAL SWITCH CONTROLLER and buy the mating connector or harness for the dozer.

  • I have a concrete mixer attachment with three prongs 12 volt that I am trying to attach to the wiring harness plug on my 2021 bobcat? I also have another piece of equipment that has the same style hook up that I am wanting to adapt to a 2021 Kabota?

    Need the brand and model of the attachments along with connection photos.

  • Will this work on a bobcat S100 . running a sb150 snowblower 14 pin

    You need 4 controls.  Not 2.

    Click here.

  • I have a bobcat s150 that I want to use a bobcat sb200 snowblower on. The s150 does not have a electrical connection to power the snowblower. Which of your products do you recommend



  • I'm looking to power a few accessories on a mulcher on a t770 bobcat. It has a valve to control a gate and I would like to use your "dual switch control" that mounts on the joystick to actuate that, but it also has a two speed motor that takes low amperage 12v to shift from low to high rpm and it needs to be constant on to run high rpm. Do you have a good solution for both these in one unit? Thank you.

    I have never heard of this.  What is the brand and model of the mulcher?