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SG-BC14-SP4-9 - Machine Side Bobcat 14 Pin to Attachment Side - 2 x Spade Lugs

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This adapter allows you to plug one end into a Bobcat/Cat/New Holland, John Deere, Kubota, Takeuchi, Gehl, Mustang and other machines and plug directly into up to two solenoids using spade style lugs.  Just plug one end into your 14 pin electrical connector on your loader and plug the other into the solenoids on your attachment equipped with spade style connectors.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

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  • Is this the harness kit I need to convert a Bob Cat back hoe to operate on a new Kubota SVL75-2 with factory installed 14-pin connector?

    Which Backhoe?  If you have a mini backhoe, please read and watch this.

    If this is a stationary backhoe like a 709, then don't do it.  Those backhoes are made specifically for Bobcat and have frame mounts that protect the operator should the quick attach pins break.  There are many widows out there because of this issue.  I won't be part of anything to do with mounting these because they are death machines.

  • Do you have the machine side for a slv75-2 2021 ?

    That is the same as Bobcat so this will work.

  • Good day, How long is the cord? And is there any pin changes needed for a Takeuchi TL240?

    It is 9 feet long.  No because the first 4 primary connections are the same.  You will only be using 2 so you are all good.

  • Is this the one on your video for the wolverine mixer


  • I have an older Bobcat Power rake (Harley rake) with the Deutsch 14 pin connector from the attachment. I have the 14 pin male plug on the machine and need the female 14 pin for the attachment side and harness with the 4 female spade plugs on the attachment...looks like the picture. I just want to confirm that this is the right plug and harness that I will need.

    If your Harley only has two solenoids, then this is the correct harness.

  • Hi - Will this Harley Rake adapter (SG-BC14-SP4-9) plug directly in to my SG-CB-4014 unit that I use for my Bobcat on other implements?

    It will work as long as the connections are correct on your attachments.  We have several types of connections available.

  • This has a female plug, right? Also, what is the length of the harness?

    The Bobcat side has sockets so it is called a female.

  • RE #5991389. Would I use the SG-BC14-SPA-9 adapter for my 2 wire dozer connection also ?

    If your dozer has a maximum of two controls and uses spade connections on the solenoid.