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SG-BC6-BC10 - 4 Input/10 Output Multiplexer | Skid Steer Genius

SG-BC6-BC10 - 4 Input/10 Output Multiplexer | Skid Steer Genius

  • $245.00

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PLEASE READ!  This is a specialty harness that in conjunction with our SG-ASW-200 controller will allow you to add up to 4 additional controls to your machine. 

Just plug one end into your 14 pin equipped Bobcat, Kubota, Case, Takeuchi, New Holland, JCB/Volvo, Yanmar, Gehl or Mustang Loader and plug the pig tail into the ASW controller and you will now have up to 10 functions * with two of them being locking.  This is all output through an industry standard wired 14 pin connector.  The following outputs are added to your existing 14 pin connection when you use this harness.

A & P - Latching

M & N - Momentary

You can re-pin the outputs for specialty operations using the supplied pinning tool.

This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

*Note:  Does not work with John Deere without machine connector modifications or Cat D series completely.  See notes below.

John Deere Notes:  If you want to use this on a John Deere machine, you must move the ground pin in the machine harness from A to B.

CAT D-Series Notes:  Use of this adapter will work with Cat as long as you understand the following.  Pin K will not be +12 volts because Cat uses that pin as a ground sense for high flow operation.  Pin A will be operated from our switch panel and not the machine control.

Note:  Most machines provide a 14 Pin output with 6 switched ports.  Some manufacturers make you order them and pay separately.  We have no idea how you ordered your machine.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have enough buttons installed in your machine for this adapter to work for your specific application. 

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  • I have kubota svl75.3 I need connect to cat cold planer pc310 o 408

    Does the Kubota have the enhanced sticks? If it is HF, it will have them. CLICK HERE for instructions.

  • Hello, I called and talked to a gentleman about connecting my 14 pin T770 bobcat to my 14 pin cat pc310b cold planer. I was just curious if this is the product that he suggested I use? If so, I am curious about the additional plus that is on the side in the picture. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    You will need a CAN controller - CLICK HERE

    On the attahment side you need to push the K pin back into the connector because Cat uses it as a ground and Bobcat uses it as a hot.  If you don't push it back, you will blow your ACD fuse.

  • I have a AMI Rukus rake for my SVL97, it has 2 functions on the multi grip, but i want to put it in my SVL95, if i buy this will it put out the second function for the tilt and angle or would i still need a 12v switch.

    I gather you have a pre 2018 SVL95 with only three buttons on the left stick.  I also gather the Rukus rake needs four functions to operate.

    If so, you need to add the additonal controls to your machine. If you want to do it cheaper and make the install more permanent, you can use just the injector and wire it into the back of the machine connector.  We use the exact pins so you just need to disassemble the 4 pin connector and and remove the pins.  Then you slide them into your existing machine connector and you are good to go.

    How to use it?

    Install this handy toggle inside your cab.  Use the supplied magnets to attach the bracket to your frame or use self tapping screws to permanently install it in your cab.  Then all you do is run the power wire to a 12 volt source inside your cab.  The output wires for 20 feet long and are designed to follow your hoses to the hydraulic couplers.  Fish them through your cab and out to your boom.  It is best to follow your hydraulic lines out to the boom and tie wrap the wire to the inside of the lines for protection.

    Here's where it get's tricky.  If you have a 14 pin machine like a Kubota, you can open up the main connector on the machine and insert the pins directly into the connector.  For Kubota, it will be either pins E & F or G & H.  For others, check to see if E,F,G or H are open and install in those positions only.  This is only if the connector is a 14 pin.