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SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN | 14 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 6 Output

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NEW for 2024 - Please read as the ordering for this item is now different.

Warning, if you do not read and just click order, you will receive a harness with Delphi connections.  You must select Deutsch or DIN connections and then order if that is what you need.

We have tried several different methods for ordering this item but we are now settling on having three distinct versions.  All of the versions feature a 9 foot cable with a Deutsch 14 pin connector installed which is pinned for the common Bobcat layout which covers Case, Gehl, Kubota*, JCB/Volvo, Mustang, Takeuchi, New Holland, John Deere, Yanmar, Cat after 2014) & Wacker to your Bobcat® as well as Erskine & Quick Attach branded attachments. Inside the connector is a spare jumper from ground which allows you to push the socket into place for Cat D series High Flow or for older Bobcat pump control.  What is different are the 6 connectors on the end.  Bobcat, Erskine and others use different connectors on their solenoids.  The invasion of Chinese attachments through RB Auctions has flooded the market with attachments requiring DIN connections.

Version #1 - SG-BPH-14-6-9DP - Delphi connectors - These are easy to spot because there will be a jumper coming from the solenoid and the mating connector will have a blue cap.  See photo for verification.

Version #2 - SG-BPH-14-6-9DT - Deutsch connectors - These are easy to spot because there will be a connection molded into the solenoid with a square appearance.  The plug will be black or grey with an orange or green tip.  See photo for verification.

Version #3 - SG-BPH-14-6-9DN - DIN connectors - These are easy to spot because there will be a square box on the end of each wire.  See photo for verification.

7 Pin Bypass Harness (6 Output Delphi) For Bobcat®, Erskine and Quick Attach Branded Attachments

Connect from your Case, Gehl, Kubota*, JCB/Volvo, Mustang, Takeuchi, New Holland, John Deere, Yanmar, Cat after 2014) & Wacker to your Bobcat® as well as Erskine & Quick Attach branded attachments.

This is the harness that people have been blogging about all over the internet. We custom built these for a few people because we felt sorry for them as they had unknowingly bought Bobcat® branded attachments that were 7 Pin compatible only. They were unaware that these attachments would not just plug into their new Caterpillar, John Deere, JCB, Case and other skid steer brands. These attachments were designed specifically so you cannot do this. Others had bought Quick Attach/Erskine attachments that had control boxes or nothing at all.

We started as attachment manufacturers and felt that the 7 pin option was only designed to block users from running their attachments on anything but Bobcat® brands.  There are so many hostile customers out there that we felt that we could help, so here is the deal. We built one of these to see if it would work. Our customer was more than happy to help out with feedback of how he used the harness. We posted this to our database so we could help the next guy. He posted the results to an online forum and then our phones starting ringing off the hook. So we now operate Skid Steer Genius as an example of how to actually help people and not hinder them.

This product now comes completely assembled for the old Bobcat standard pin configuration which covers Case, Kubota, New Holland, Gehl, Yanmar, Mustang.  You will need to to make the following changes if you own a Cat D-series or a John Deere machine.

Cat D-Series - Pin G moves to Pin A.  Pin H moves to Pin J - That's it!

John Deere - Pin B moves to Pin A. A smart thing to do would be to change the machine so it will be compatible with all attachments.  Otherwise you will always changing the attachments over to match the machine.  Starting in 2020 the harness has a jumper tucked inside the 14 pin connector.  Open the connector, strip off the shrink tubing and install the socket into position A.  You will then have a ground in position A & B which will work fine for most applications except Cat D-Series.

Click here for a video on how to move the sockets.

We ship this kit with a diagram and installation instructions so that you can pin it for your specific application. All of the pins are professionally crimped. Also included is the pin removal tool so you can move pins easily.

We have now shipped thousands of these and have a very extensive database on how and where these will work.  When you buy a harness from us, the cost includes unlimited support until you get it working to your 100% satisfaction.  A few of our competitors have bought these from us, copied them and now offer a similar looking item, but they have no idea how they are installed or work in all circumstances.  We do


How Does it Work?
Bobcat® branded attachments that have a 7 pin harness installed have a computer installed on the attachments. We run our harnesses directly to the solenoids on the attachments from your skid steer loader. Bobcat® installs a computer right in the middle of the action. In most cases it is total overkill and not needed. They have only a few attachments that have a lot of functions that need more than the usual 8 or 14 pin outputs on every other brand in the market. In our opinion, it has more to to with marketing. They are under the mistaken thought that you will only ever buy Bobcat branded attachments. Instead, it just costs you a lot of money changing them back to the way that every other manufacturer does it.

Our harness bypasses their computer and plugs directly into the solenoids and brings the attachment back to modern reality. The other end plugs into your 14 pin harness on your machine. The only issue we have seen is if your machine is not wired for enough outputs to run that particular attachment. Example. Kubota SVL75 & SVL90, SVL95 (2016 and prior) loaders only have two outputs. This will work OK on items like brooms, but not much more. Not sure why they did not think ahead an allow for more outputs, but that is just the reality. As of June 2014 Kubota added an add on button controller to allow more controls.  Check out the Genius Super Controllers for an easier installation at 1/3 of the cost.

Bobcat® Cold Planers:  These attachments have sometimes have 7 solenoids.  6 are for control and one diverts the flow from the drum to the controls.  If you do not have 7 solenoids, then this harness will work.  If you have 7 solenoids, click here.  Most skid steer loaders have 6 switches for control so they do not have enough to operate the Cold Planer the way you normally would think. 

 Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6
Left Skid Right Skid Angle Side Shift Forward Reverse


This harness allows for the control of 6 solenoids. On Bobcat® attachments, this does not necessarily mean 6 functions. They often use two solenoids for each function so we rely on you to check this out prior to ordering or check our published results to see if we have already done it.








Now the disclaimer. The "Bobcat®" trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat® Company. 

This is not a Bobcat® product. We are not affiliated with Bobcat. We have not copied anything from Bobcat. We are not in any way trying to make you think you are buying a product from Bobcat® nor are we trying to make you think you buying a product endorsed by them. We expect them to tell you the same thing. After over 20 years of designing, manufacturing and selling some pretty incredible skid steer products, we know what we are doing. We stand behind this product 100% and guarantee it will not affect the operation of your machine or your attachment. It simply bypasses the common language CanBus computer on the attachment and plugs directly into the control solenoids. It does not interact with the machine in any way. We believe this to be a much more reliable way of operating an attachment.  Fewer components always means less down time.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello 14 pin to Delphi 4 output possible ?thanks

    Please email a photo of the connector in question.

  • What is your current shipping time on “ SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT” with the deutsch connectors

    450 in stock.  Shipping takes as long as you are willing to pay for.  Range is from 1 week to overnight.

  • What is your current shipping time on the. Erosion with Deutschmark connectors

    Erosion with Deutschmark connectors??

  • Hello I am looking at this kit for a bobcat sg60 stump grinder. I have 3 pairs of solenoids, but there is one more by it self, not in a pair. So total of seven connections on the control block. Will this or something else you offer work for me? Will be going on 2021 jcb thanks

    Please watch the installion video.


  • Do you have a harness like this that goes from a 14 pin connector to a 7 pin female Bobcat connector? Thanks


  • Does MODOT have an account with you? I will be using a credit card but we are tax exempt. Thanks

    Everything is tax exempt if you are outside of Washington State.

  • we recently installed a 7 pin connector on a 2019 JD 244L to work with the customers Bobcat attachments-6 way dozer, snowblower etc. We had to remove the controller on the dozer attachment for it to work on the JD loader. He went to hook up his bobcat skid loader to the dozer attachment and wont work, I didnt know they had a controller that is special to Bobcat-of course. Customer wants to hook up the JD loader and his Bobcat skids without having to switch anything around. is this even possible??? Ive grown to dislike Bobcat even more. BTW I really like your service and products you offer, thanks

    I literally tell you all over my site to never do this.  A Bobcat 7 pin uses CAN language.  If you just hooked up to the attachment with 12 volts, you blew a $1200 controller so you can never go back.  

    The cheapest way to correct this is to do the following:

    Replace the entire Bobcat harness in the attachment.


    Buy a controller from us for the Bobcat and plug it in to your machine when you want to use the dozer on the Bobcat.



  • We have a Kubota SVL97-2. We bought a Chinese made TopCat landscape rake ECSSLR-72 (which now I know a mistake). It came with a remote control unit with wires hanging, I assume they need to be connected to the electrical connector outside of the cab to operate all the functions. Is this the right type of product to connect the landscape rake unit to the skid steer?

    I need to see the solenoids to see that they are doing this time.  They continually change the brand name and the design slightly so you never know what you are going to see.  That rake is sold under several brand names.  Handy is the latest I learned about this week.

  • i just bought the sgBPH-14-6-9Dp/DT-14 pin harness from you. But i have a case dozer blade attachment with a 14 pin plug with only 3 connectors on face that has a 2 pin connector to the harness. dont know what i need to do. my machine is a 2021 CAT 299D3. Thanks in advance and you always seem to know your stuff and are very much appreciated. Tim Gummere

    A Case Dozer is a Paladin Dozer.  It should have 1 connection using a Deutsch connector.  If you bought our harness, it has 6 connections so you won't be using 5 of the plugs.  Just tape them back.  The only issue might be that you bought the harness with Delphi connections instead of Deutsh.  We do have adapters if that is the case.

  • i have a 2021 Cat 259D3 skid steer .....just bought a erskine 6way dozer blade serial number has a 7 prong plug which my machine takes more like a 14 prong

    They use trailer connectors which are non-standard.  So unprofessional. 

    You can chop it off and use a 14 pin.  CLICK HERE
    You can replace their harness with this.  CLICK HERE

  • so the tree spade i have has a control box ie computer on it does this kit just straight bypass that? Hooking a Bobcat TS34C to a John Deere 331G.

    Correct.  Have you watched the video?


  • My plug on my soul conditioner has 2 males 1 female I’m plugging into a 14 point bobcat tail. I think the sg 14-6-9 would be good any way u could package a female end with that kit so I could splice if necessary.

    I am realy unsure what you are doing here.  What machine do you have and does it have an eisting 14 pin harness in place?  The soil conditioner should have a 14 pin female installed.  Look for sockets in the holes.  From there, it will plug into the attachment.  I need to know the brand and model of the attachment as well.

  • do you have the matching receptacle kit that goes on the 2018 cat 279C-2 so i could use the controls on the joy stick?

    If it is a 2018 Cat, then it should be a D series.  If it did not come with a 14 pin harness installed, you will need to contact your dealer since they are all different.  Thanks

  • The part didn’t work how do I return this thanks chris

    They always work 100% of the time.  What is going on?


  • Hello, I just realized I feel victim to the cheap china brand Ritchie brothers auction grader attachment. I have a Kubota svl75-2. I am trying to run a "handy" grader. It has 6 solinoid outputs but no harness. It did come with a hydraulic schematic. Would your wact controller work? If not, do you have a solution? Thanks

    I continue to warn people and then end up helping them out.  I just had another guy buy my controls and harness to find out they are still selling graders with 24 volt solenoids.  I even sourced a replacement solenoid and posted the link so I got nothing from it.  There are so many people that have bought them that they are now sold out.

    So, you will need to look on the solenoids and if they say 24V, you have to remove one and try to find 6 replacements.  Once you have that done, then we can work on the harness depending on what connectors the new solenoids have.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I have warned and warned and warned and still the cheap deal sucks people in.  They attachments usually self destruct within hours so you will need to make repairs as you go.  The companies on the name tags don't exist.  The name, address and phone numbers are fake.


    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame on RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.  


    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Top Cat, Mower King, TMG, American Manufacturing & Titan.

    NOTE:  These companies do not exist so don't waste your time trying to contact them because you are on your own.  All materials are China sourced so you will need to fabricate your own repairs, but hey they are cheap to buy.


    For all Chinese Attachments:

    Verify the voltage of the solenoids as many of them ship with 24 volt solenoids.  You must replace the solenoid coils with 12 volt rated ones for the attachments to work.  Here is a link to replacement coils.

    Click Here to Order a Replacement 12 Volt Coil



    Wolverine Cement Mixer - This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured Star Industries Scoop and Mix.

    It uses one solenoid for control of the chute.  It does not come with the hose and it is metric so you will need to make a new chute if you want a hose or find a metric hose somewhere.  The primary pump action will cause the paddles to operate.  By pushing a control button, the solenoid will fire and allow the oil to travel through the chute hoses to the cylinder.  This will only happen if you push the button and operate the hydraulics at the same time.


    Here are the kits.

    Click Here for the 14 Pin Control Kit

    Click Here for the 8 Pin Control Kit

    Click Here for the Generic Switch Control Kit

    Click Here for the Bobcat 7 Pin Control Kit


     Great Bear Cement Mixer







    Suihe/Land Honor/Titan Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.  CID reports that many people are contacting them for warranty because they are falling apart.  This is not a CID product.  It is a Chinese copy.  You get what you get.


    Uses 4 solenoids with 2 pin Deutsch connections – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward. 


    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi


    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.


    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.

    Click Here for Modern a Bobcat Harness - Choose the Deutsch Option

    Click Here for a Modern bobcat 7 Pin Control Option



    Land Honor Grader - Possibly 24 volt Solenoids - You must verify and contact us for a resolution.


    6 Solenoids – Deutsch Connections

    Click Here and Choose the Deutsch Option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi



    Suihe/Mower King Attachments


    Cement Mixer - 24 or 12 volt.  If 24 volt, you must replace the solenoid coils for anything to work.

    Use two coils.  

    Purchase this harness if you have a 14 pin machine:

    Click Here if you have a 14 pin machine:


    Choose this harness if you have an 8 pin machine like a Cat ABC series, ASV or Terex.

    Click Here if you have an 8 pin machine like a Cat ABC series, ASV or Terex.


    Choose the next harness and controller (2 items) if you have a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin output connector.

    Click Here for the Attachment Harness

    Click Here for the Bobcat Controller

  • I purchased a Handy attachment 96" Grader (I own a ranch and it will only get limited use, I know it's largely Chinese crap) and also purchased this harness to connect it to my 2021 Cat 299D3 XE. The grader attachment did not have any kind of controller on, just the wires bundles together and zip-tied. I got it all wired up with Delphi connectors and mapped out where the corresponding wires need to go for their respective controls in the machine. With that said, the left lift/tilt cylinder works as it should. The right one however will raise and lower on-demand as it should, but when the cylinder is retracted in, as soon as you let off the controller, it begins to extend back out. I have switched around the pigtails and about everything else I can think of to no avail. The same thing is occurring with the angle cylinder, it stays angled completely to one side and when I activate Cats less than ideal Aux 7 or 8 control, it will articulate the blade angle back the other way, but as soon as I let off, it instantly goes back the other way until it maxes out on the angle. There is no getting it centered as of right now. I pulled the solenoids off and removed the spools to clean em to ensure they were all good and as far as I can tell, they are good and clean. Am I having some kind of electrical issue or bleed over in the wires? I can't figure this out to save my life. Any help is appreciated!

    That is because Aux 8 is a locking switch.  You have to make sure it is in the off position every time you use it or it will continue to drive the solenoid in the on position.


  • I have purchased a JCT Topcat articulating brush cutter. There are 4 male connectors coming off the cylinoid that runs the two rams on the cutter. I am running a 2021 Kubota SLV75 with a 14 pin connector. Will this connect and operate the rams?

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame on RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.  

    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Top Cat, Mower King, TMG, American Manufacturing & Titan.

    NOTE:  These companies do not exist so don't waste your time trying to contact them because you are on your own.  All materials are China sourced so you will need to fabricate your own repairs, but hey they are cheap to buy.


    For all Chinese Attachments:

    Verify the voltage of the solenoids as many of them ship with 24 volt solenoids.  You must replace the solenoid coils with 12 volt rated ones for the attachments to work.  Here is a link to replacement coils.

    Click Here to Order a Replacement 12 Volt Coil

    Suihe/Land Honor/Titan Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.  CID reports that many people are contacting them for warranty because they are falling apart.  This is not a CID product.  It is a Chinese copy.  You get what you get.

    Uses 4 solenoids with 2 pin Deutsch connections – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward. 

    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi

    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.

    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.

    Click Here for Modern a Bobcat Harness - Choose the Deutsch Option

    Click Here for a Modern bobcat 7 Pin Control Option

  • I just purchased a landhorn grader attachment for my skid steer. I have a 2011 cat 262C High flow machine . What do I need to make it work? The grader attachment did not come with any wiring harnesses.

    I don't currently have a solution for this.  Your machine only has 4 ouputs.  You need 6 outouts to run that grader.  

    The only thing that I can think of is to use a 6 channel 14 pin control and you add a Super Controller Rental kit.



  • Did not get a jumper with the kit.. I’ve purchased the harness to go from a TV450 case skid steer. To a 80 dozer bobcat clean up blade.. can’t get any power out of these plugs except to pin k.. do have a high pressure system also. I made a jumper for time being but still no power. Any ideas?

    Did you watch this video?  It's all explained here.  You must swap the couplers and lock the hydraulics on in the forward direction before you try anything.  Please watch.



  • I’ve got a case tv450. And a 80 dozer clean up blade ordered.. the universal attachment but still no action.. any ideas also need connection instructions as they were misplaced since receiving..

    Who's dozer?  I will guess that it's Bobcat.  If so, please click the link below for an installation video.


    #1 RULE - Always swap the couplers on the end of the attachment hoses so the oil will travel in the forward direction when you press the hydraulic detent control in your machine.

    #2 RULE - This is an open center valve.  You must turn on your hydraulics in the machine and lock them on in the forward direction before anything will work.  No oil means no motion.

  • I have a 2020 JCB 3TS-8T teleskid and need the harness to rotate QUICK ATTACH tree shear. Will this harness work and what is the length of the cable?

    It is 9 feet long and should work on the attachment to replace their trailer connector.

  • I have a cat 279c will a bobcat 72 sweeper fit and work

    A Cat C uses an 8 pin.


  • i need to go from bobcat angle broom with 7 pin to use on a cat with 14 pin on cat 236b or 259d




  • can we pay with a credit card

    Always.  Pay with a credit card in our shopping cart.

  • Will this work for. Bobcat sg60 stump grinder

    Yes it will.  Click here for instructions.

  • I have a 14 pin Cat skidsteer, I need a harness for a 4 pin attachment... can I get the 14 to 6 and only plug in the 4 that’s needed?

    Yes.  We make them with all 6 combinations because not all machines have 4 in the same place.  Having 6 allows us to cover everything.

  • I bought a bobcat soil conditioner 7 pins to use on a 2014 289 D cat “14 pins” is this the right harness ?


    Here are the instructions.


  • Hello good day, I'm from Germany and would like to buy a Takeuchi TL12v2 and buy and grow a Bobcat Soil Contitoiner. Could you tell me the correct conversion kit? Best regards Christian Fülbier


  • I want to verify what harness I need to run a bobcat SB 200 snowblower on a Cat 236D3 skid loader.


  • Do you have a 14-4 Delphi, just need a 14 pin but with only 4 out put plug on the attachment site

    No because that does not cover all of the combinations so I would have to teach you have to move the pins if they did not line up.  A 6 channel covers all of the bases for practically every attachment and machine.

  • Looking to run a bobcat soil condition 7 pin to a new kubota 75 series with 14 pin is this the correct wiring product to purchase. Also I have a bobcat dozer blade to run on the same kubota 75 series with a 14 pin harness. Thank you Al Alisa Equipment Servers Inc

    That is the correct harness to use for both. Some instructions can be found HERE

  • Where can I get replacement pins for a 14 pin connector?


  • I am tax exempt, how do I submit my certificate to my account? Thanks,

    Send it to our email address.


  • I have a Takeuchi TL230-2 and want to connect to a Cat 6 way dozer blade. Is this the correct harness? Will I also need the Y adapter I saw listed to operate Cat blades?


  • I have a John Deere 6-way blade 14 pin that I want to put on my Bobcat T770 7-pin Is there a harness or adapter for that ?


  • Isn’t there just an adaptor that plugs into the attachment 7 pin and then plugs into machine 14 pin without re wiring the attachment?


  • I have a Case with a 14 pin wanting to connect a Bobcat angle broom with a 7 pin which one do I order ? Thanks ! Ron


  • I have them in stock ready to ship?can you overnight it to me in California? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT Delphi plugs

    Yes.  Just select overnight shipping when you check out and our fulfillment center will ship it overnight to you.

  • Will this work on my computer SVL 95 Dash two And could you please give me a call 5183789687

    This is an attachment harness.  it has nothing to do with your machine.  Unless you have the three button left joystick style produced before 2018, we have nothing for your machine.  You will ned to contact your dealer.

  • Which pin do I move to J for the Takeuchi?

    You only need to move pins around if your machine is not fully equipped.  A picture of the front of the machine connector would help so I can see how it was ordered.  Still not full proof because your machine may not have all of the buttons included.  Best to check your manual because it shows everything.

  • Do you know when you will have these SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT Deutsch harness back in stock? I am wanting to purchase one for a attachment we have in our shop.

    These are normally in stock by the hundreds so I am surprised that you are having an issue.  Please check back as the inventory is constantly being restocked.

  • I have a Bobcat 773 F Series , Serial # 509649676. I dose not have a 7 pin or 14 pin accessory connection. What do I need to make to work on a Bobcat dozier attachment

    For the machine, you can use one of the following:


    For the attachment, you need to modify it with the following:


    Here are the reasons why.


  • Three years ago I bought one of your harnesses to convert a Bobcat 9 pin v plow to use on my 14 pin 2008 Kubota SSV75 skid steer. I’m selling the plow and a potential buyer has a Cat D series with a 14 pin connector and wants to know if my 14 pin Kubota setup will work on his Cat?

    Yes.  it will work.

  • I have a 6MCR Mecalac it is a French mini excavator/skid steer, We are looking to put a 14pin connector on it to power bobcat attachments. this machine also has an Engcon on it with there joy sticks. do you make any kind of universal harness for the machine side ?

    Sorry we do not.  This looks like a time consuming project with little return so I would not be interested in working on it.  I just don't have that kind of time.  Sorry.

  • I have a Kubota SSV75HC with 14 pin coupler on it and need it to run a Bobcat SB32 Snow Blower with 7 pin on it. What is the correct adapter that i need? Thank you!

    Please read the following:


  • Purchasing a 2015 Bobcat 84" Angle Broom and wondering what harness I will need to run on my 259D3. Thank you!


  • is this the correct harness for a erskine/bobcat snow blower to 2018 kubota ss75 skid steer connectors on blower are blue like your video with 7 pins and skidsteer has the 14 pin connectiion point ? ,I believe it is but want to be sure before ordering

    Yes, Delphi is correct.  The blue connectors.

  • I have a late model (2008) New Holland C190 and already purchased the Bobcat Dozer Blade. I need a joystick (or whatever) to control it from the Cab, and everything else required top set it up. I might also use other attachments some day so whatever you suggest, please let me know what I need. I'm in the Caribbean and so will be doing the setup myself... hopefully its pretty straight forward. Garty 305-570-6105 // +590 690 07 33 55. Either number will work. Thanks

    First off the dozer needs a proper harness.  CLICK HERE

    Second, the machine needs control.  If the machine has no 14 pin control installed, you can use this.  CLICK HERE

    CLICK HERE to see everything you need to know about the dozer.

  • Iam looking for 5 of these harness's i think. My customer wants to install his Bobcat snow blowers on his John Deere machines, but they also need to work on the bobcats, if required. Is there a y harness to keep the 7 pin on, and also add the 14 pin, so both plugs are there? Thanks

    Bobcat makes a T-Harness so both the 14 pin and 7 pin can co-exist.  The problem is your JD machine.  They purposely move the ground pin so the machines are not compliant.  My suggestion to you is to move the ground pin from A to B on the machine connector and then it will be universally compliant. 

  • I have a bobcat cold planer and want to make it work on my CAT skid steer The cold planer has 7 solenoids Do you have a harness for that?

    What series of Cat do you have?  There are two styles.  A,B,C Series (8Pin) and D series (14Pin).

  • Would this work for a articulating brush cutter on a New Holland L216 skid steer? Also would you have a package that would include a joystick controller?

    Is it one of the Chinese auction units?  If so I need pictures of the solenoids as they keep changing designs and manufacturers names as each one fails miserably.  I can;t keep track of them any longer so I rely on customers sending me photos to see what they are doing with each auction.

  • Will the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT work for a Case TR320 Skid Loader and attaching a 2020 American Machinery BDRC Long Reach 48" Skid Steer Brush Cutter?

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.
    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, American Manufacturing

    Check the voltage of the solenoids before you start as many are coming in with 24 volt coils whoch will not work in America.

    Land Honor/Wolverine, American Manufacturing Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.

    Uses 4 solenoids – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward.

    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi


    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.


    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.

  • do you ship to Canada

    Every day.  Go to check out and it will show a price based on what you are ordering.

  • Compatibility issues. I just bought a Harley rake. It was a solenoid with 2 sets of wires attached to with the special connectors on the end. I have a 2020 cat 259d series skid steer with a 14 male pin electrical aux on the front will this harness work to control the shifting of my rake

    I need pictures of your special connectors because unless it's been Gerry Rigged, they should be standard connections that I have seen many times.

  • I have a 2017 Kubota 75 and my buddy has a bobcat he just bought a new soil conditioner and I would like to use it. Do you have any kind of quick connection attachment that I don’t have to put a different harness on his conditioner?

    Sorry.  No we do not.  Please read the FAQ below to see why.


  • I have2021 John Deere 325g skid steere with 14 pin holes with 8 pins trying to hook up bobcat 6 way dozier blade with 7pins 3 large and 3 smaller what harness do I need



  • 2020 cat 299d to a bobcat angle broom


  • I have an S740 Bobcat (7 Pin) that I need to connect a 6 way dozer blade that is configured for a Kubota SVL95-2s 14 Pin. What adapter do I need to order to use to connect the dozer blade to the Bobcat? Thanks!

    This will work fine.

  • My machine is 2014 john deere 333e has a 14 pin plug .my pla18 bobcat planer has 3 solenoids and 6 Deutsch style plugs is this the correct item .the deere has 6 buttons and 2 triggers. Thank you

    Yes, this is correct.

  • This harness will work for high flow Bobcat Soil Conditioner with hyd front wheels to be installed on Cat 299XE D3 series machine?

    This is covered extensively in our FAQ section.  Please click the link.

  • Is this the correct harness for a John Deere 333E skid steer and a Bobcat Dozer blade (model 80 Dozer) with Delphi connectors?

    Correct.  SG-BPH-14-6-9DP with the Delphi option which is the default.  You can move the ground in your machine from A to B to make it universal, but if you do not want to you can add the JD jumper which is pre-installed in the connector.  Here are videos about both options.

  • I have more than one question please call me at 918-478-2334

    Please submit the form like everyone else does so I do not have to repeat myself.  Calls take too much time and still customers don't write things down so they order the wrong thing and I have to go over it again.  When it's handled in writing I have a record that I sent you exactly what to order.  Also there are not enough hours in the day to get to all of the phone requests.  Thank you

  • I am about to hookup the SG-BPH-14-9DP that I just recentley bought from you. I already had the Bobcat T harness but I just realized that there is no computer/controller in the engine compartment but the harness has the 3 male inputs for a computer. Do I still need the computer/controller to make the harness communicate with the 14 pin hookup at the front of the Bobcat?

    What kind of machine that you have?

  • Is is possible to purchase your SG-BPH-14-6-9DP cable with the pinout modified tor CAT D so I do not have to make the modification in the field?

    It's impossible because even Cat does not follow any standard.  It all depends on how you ordered your machine so if I did not make you do it, I would be blamed for every crazy thing that Cat does.  I either offer it this way or I do not offer it at all.

  • Hello, I have a new Dirt Trax rotary broom. It came with a universal controller to run the angling feature. I have a 2015 Cat 259D. i would like an adapter to plug into my 14 pin connection to run this unit with my Cat controls. Can you help me. I can send pics if you like. thank you

    Yes, I need pics to see what connector is on the broom.  If it is just a 14 pin, it will plug into your machine.

  • Does a bobcat dozer blade usually have the delphi or Deutsch connectors?

    It depends on the year.  I have no access to a Bobcat serial number database to tell, so you have to look.  Here is some background.

  • Is this the correct connector for a takeuchi tl230 to a bobcat dozer 96 blade?

    That is correct.  Here is an attachment video.

  • I want to make sure this is the right harness. I am trying to go from a New Holland 232 Skid steer to a 2010 Bobcat 68" angle broom attachment.

    This is correct.

  • Trying to connect a bradco 6 way dozer blade to a kubota svl75 with a 14 pin connector. The blade has a two prong plug with a white wire and a black wire connected to the blade. I have the 14 pin connector to connect to skid steer. What letters do I use to put the two wires from the blade to the connector so I can connect to the skid steer

    B is the ground.  C is the control.

  • does the harness the female ouput connectors

    The harness ouput is plugs with holes which are technically female.

  • good morning This is Jeremy from Michigan, I have a bobcat t650 and I want to make a bobcat soil conditioner work with your harness. I bought the 6014 controller and thought that I could wire it up my self. As I talked to Rob, you said I needed a harness to go from the soil conditioner to the controller. Is SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT the right one. I have the blue caped Delphi convectors on my conditioner. Thank you Jeremy 616-813-6331

    That is the correct harness.  Please contact me at once regarding your controller.  There are issues on that machine that need to be worked out with a software upgrade.

  • I have a 1998 Bobcat 863 and would like to run bobcat grader but I do not have controls to run the grader, will your harness work?

    This is only a harness for the 84" grader.  If you have no controls, have a larger grader or needs to run a laser, then you need much more.  It's all covered here.  Please click the link.

  • Hi, I just bought and installed the deluxe attachment control harness with controller ( 7 & 14 pin plugs ). I want to install my Harley S-6 soil conditioner and be able to control the left, right angle with the factory joystick. I need a 14 pin plug and the older Harley rake uses 2 wires. If I buy the 14 pin to 6 output harness will that allow me to accomplish this, or do you have a better option available? Or if I buy just a 14 pin connector and wire in a 2 wire 12v plug do you have the pin schematic to wire it? Just need the S-6 Harley hooked up for now but thought the 6 output harness might be good for future use. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Doug.

    What about this harness?  It is for older Harley rakes.

  • Is my 40XT case capable to run a snow blower

    Yes.  It works great up to 72".  Our sister company has a sale on snow blowers right now with stock.  Click the link.

  • Craig, just a little feed back.This last summer, i came across a screamin deal on a nice low hr Bobcat SB200 snowblower for $1000. But after trying to hook it up to my CAT machine, i decided to sell it because of the bobcat connection issue. A buddy referred me to your website, I cancelled the sale of the snowblower and ordered the harness. After purchasing the 14 pin harness kit to run my Bobcat snowblower on my CAT 279D. I was able to change out the two wire locations inside the 14pin female just fine. But where i had trouble , was connecting the harness to the attachment and trying to get the snowblower to operate. The video for the 14pin lacked a little clarity on how to get strarted. It was all there, i just thought you talked a little too quickly through that part and took way too much time explaining what the part # means. Who cares about that! We want to know more clear details on how to hook it all up! But when i went into the faq's and read through it carefully, it made more sense. And last thing. On my machine, the Green and Orange leads were dead coming through the harness. Once i finally figured that out, it was no problem. End result: 3 stars on info video, 5 stars on the harness. And my snowblower works awesome!! Oh...and you need to put a "Contact us" link on your website. I could'nt find where to contact you.

    Thanks for the feedback.  We are always trying to improve.  Here is a little response.  I was literally writing an FAQ about Cat yesterday and my browser crashed so I lost an hours worth of work.  To be short and sweet about it, Cat screws people over on their controls.  The two primary controls on the right stick are missing on most low flow machines.  That causes so much drama between us and customers because we wire for all of the connections but they option those connections out.  That harness should work out of the box but if those two buttons are missing, it messes everything up.  Those wires are not dead.  Your machine was not ordered with full control sets.  There is no way I can tell, but I am shooting videos and creating new FAQ's to spell it out to people so they don't blame us.

    The videos are meant to cover a lot of issues that people have.  Numbering is a huge issue because people keep ordering the opposite of what they need.  I instead try to make a few different videos about a similar topic so we can cover all basis.  In your case, I would have sent you these to look at.

    There is a green contact us box on the bottom right hand corner of every page.  We do everything in writing because so many people order backwards so I explain to them what they need to do and send a link so there is no mistake in ordering.

  • Do these harnesses only plug from an outside attachment to the hydraulics? I want to bypass my computer because of a faulty code it gives me licking out lift and tilt. I can fool it after a few attempts, but I'd like to get rid of the computer.

    This bypasses the computer and goes direct to the solenoids.  If you have a Bobcat, you would need to have a 14 pin harness on the machine or buy one of our controllers which are masked from the Bobcat main computer so the machine does not know weare are connected.

  • I have a Kubota SVL 75 and I am trying to control a Cat SR321 Snowblower. I purchased the blower used and the last person rigged some wiring that is not a pin connector. Will this adapter work?

    That is the correct harness.  They usually use Deutsch connectors.  Your machine needs to be 2018 or newer to have the correct hand controls as the older models only had 2 buttons and a horn on the left handle so you only had 2 controls and a snow blower needs 4.

  • Will this fit 2020 svl 95 Kubota im trying to control a bobcat grader

    If you have an 84" grader with no laser, then yes this will work.  It is your responsibility to make sure your machine was ordered with enough controls.  You need 6.  A video link is whown below.

  • How fast does this harness ship to Ontario Canada

    Please allow up to one month during Christmas time or wait until January to order.  Canada customs is slow at the best of times, but over Christmas they are running at a snails pace so it can take up to a month to see your shipment.

  • do you have a harness that will connect a kubota sv75 to a bobcat sb200 snow blower? I does have delphi connections at the solenoids.

    This is the correct harness.  It's plug and play and toss the Bobcat crap away!

    This FAQ covers the details.

    These videos show you what to do and why.

  • I have a Cat 259D High Flow skid steer that I'm trying to attach a bobcat 84" High Flow soil conditioner. Will SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT harness work? Is there a video for this I can watch?

    Here are the instructions.

    Here is a video similar to what you would be doing.

    Here is a video teaching you about the harness.

    Here is a video about moving the connections.

  • Is part # sg-bph14-6-9 dp the correct part number for a New Holland L320 skid steer to run a sb-200 snow blower?.

    Yes.  You are correct.  Just verify the connection on the solenoids as there are generally two types.

  • this goes to my previous question i want to run a SB-200 snow blower

    On what kind of loader?

  • I have the new L320 New Holland skid loader is the sg-bph-14-6-9 dp the correct part # to order and will it come with some installation instructions?.

    It is correct for the machine, but you have not stated what you intend to do with it so we cannot give you a good answer.

  • just confirming this is the harness for a 320d JD SKIDSTEER to use a sb200 snow blower with Delphi plugs

    Correct.  Here is some background.

  • I want to be sure about this part. Cat 262D skid steer 14 pin to a Bobcat model 84 power broom 7 pin. This will be all plug and play with this harness?

    This should be the right one.

  • I have New Holland L220 going to bobcat sb200 snowblower is the sg-bph-14-6-9 dp the correct item thanks.

    Yes, this is the correct harness to use on that attachment.

  • Hooking a Kubota SSV75 to a 84" Bobcat angle broom 84AB. Will this fit?

    Yes this is the correct harness. If you look down on the grid it states that it works with a bobcat angle broom

  • Can the 14 pin Deutsch connector harness be ordered as 10 ft instead of 9?

    Sorry, but they cannot.  What attachment?

  • Do you offer overnight or next day shipping

    Yes.  Just check the box in the shopping cart when you check out.

  • I have a CAT 2018 908M, same 14 pin work tool as the D model skidsteers. Do you have a harness that will plug into my cat and run a 2020 Bobcat 84" Angle broom, with the delphi style connectors? If so will it be plug and play? Thank You!

    Here is the attachment harness.

  • Got 773 bobcat and get having trouble with brake and bucket not working when push button to release it is there a way to bypass it?

    Pretty sure it's the BICS.  That is a dealer issue.  Sorry.

  • Does a Delphi 12162000 metric-pack 150 mate to the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT

    150 is a series.  I would need a photo to see exactly which one you have.

  • I need a bobcat soil conditioner to work on a Kubota SVL75

    This is the correct harness.  Instructions are in the FAQ section.

  • What about the voltage difference

    All modern machines output 12 volts and the solenoids will operate on that voltage.

  • What do I need to make a Kubota 6 way dozier blade work with my John Deere 331G?

    If you just move the ground from B to A on the attachment, it will just plug in.  Otherwise you can use this.

  • Hello. I am looking for an adapter to run off of a Case skid steer 14 pin female round connector to Duetsch 2 pin one output on attachment. It's a McLaren brand six way dozer blade. The dozer attachment only has a 2 pin Deutsch connector. Would this work for that adapter?

    Yes.  This would work.  You would have extra connections but it will allow you to choose which connection you want to use by plugging in a different color connection.

  • Hello, Is this the correct harness if I have an 863H Bobcat with a 14 pin connection to a bobcat snowblower with a 7 pin connection.

    Yes this is the correct harness.

  • I am looking at buying a bobcat A300 and I have a lS190 I have had a trailer plug on to run attachments and they work great with it. I have a erskine 6 way blade and a skid pro soil conditioner, also have a bale grabber that I have not ran wires for just to wait and see what posibilties are. Just seeing what I need to do to get them to run on the bobcat. Thanks

    What kind of connector does the Bobcat have?  It will be a 14 pin Deutsch or a 7 pin Trident.

  • I have a 2011 Case SR220 with a 14 pin connector. I purchased a new Wolverine articulating brushcutter but it did not have a harness. It has 4 deutsch ports. Would this harness work for that or do you have a 4 port for it.

    Can you send me photos so I can see what it is?

  • I’m trying to go from a 2020 cat 299 to a bobcat 84 inch soil conditioner with hydraulic depth function and left to right

    This is the correct harness.  There is an FAQ for this explaining it as well.

  • I have a 2010 John Deere 315 with no pin connector at all what would I need to do to adapt to a Bobcat soil conditioner with a 7 pin connector. John Deere says they have a kit to install to have a external power supply,but have been told that bobcat soil conditioner does not run on 12v.Is there a kit you you guys can supply and what cost this would be all from scratch.Thank you very much Kevin

    This is all covered in this FAQ.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained

  • Would this be the correct harness to enable me to run a Bobcat model forestry mulcher on a JD 333G?

    If you have a hood, yes.  If nott, you can just use our bypass kit and do away with the electrical.

  • I have a customer with a Bobcat soil conditioner looking to run it on a TAKEUCHI TL8 standard flow unit with the TAKEUCHI factory 14 pin connector. Is SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT what I need? He has the DELPHI style connectors.

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.

  • I have a bobtach backhoe wanting to go to a new Kubota SVL75-2 14 pin I think what i want is the sg-bph-14-6-9dp/dt

    Like this?

  • confirming this will adapt a 7 pin bobcat sweeper to a 14 pin wacker neuson machine

    This is the correct harness.

  • Have a bobcat 2007 soil conditioner with 7 pin want to go to John Deere 14 pin on a jd323D

    This has been covered at length in our FAQ section.  Please click this link.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained

  • I Have a 2016 Bobcat Angle Broom it has a 14pin and a 7 pin. I'm Hooking it up to a John Deere 318D with a 14 pin and 3 pin on the boom, I know I need Delphi Connections, I want to confirm that this Harness Will Work For Me?

    Or, you can move the ground in the attachment 14 pin connector from B to A.

  • I have a Bobcat SB200 (snow blower) and I would like to be able to connect it to a Takeuchi TL12v2 machine. I looked at the connectors on the snow blower attachment and they are the Delphi ones. Is this the correct wiring assembly to make it work on the Takeuchi? Is it beneficial to keep the old wiring so that if I sell the attachment it can work on Bobcat brand loaders? I am pretty sure I recall seeing some of the newer Bobcat loaders now offer a 14 pin connector? Thanks

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.  Older Bobcat loaders were 14 pin.  Newer use CAN controls on a 7 pin Trident connector.

  • I have a bobcat 108 grader I would to merry to a cat 299dx2 would this make it work?

    Does the grader have side shift?  Are you wanting to run lasers?  On the Cat, do you see two buttons next to the up/down roller on the right stick?

  • Six Buttons installed. What does this mean? I am trying to run a bobcat tree spade on a New holland 230

    Check your owners manual or the labelling inside your cab.  Each manufacturer options out different aspects of their machines.  A lot of them make you pay for 4 or 6 button controls as well as the electrical harness for them.  We have no way of telling how your machine was ordered so it is up to you to make sure you have enough buttons to operate an attachment.

  • I have a Bobcat snowblower that i wish to run on my new John Deere 324G Skid steer. The Bobcat runs a 7-pin configuration and th deere runs a 14 pin configuration. i would also like to be able to run the Bobcat soil conditioner on said Deere machine...... which harness do i need?

    This is the correct harness for both.

  • I have a bobcat brand soil conditioner that I would like to run on my Kubota. Can you tell me the correct wiring adagio need to accomplish that

    This is the correct harness.  Here is some background.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained

  • I have a jd 320 and a bc 82 inch grader. will i be able to use the laser with this adapter

    No you will not.  Unless your machine is a 2020, you don;t even have power to the connector so you can't even wire a switch.  You would need to add a 12 volt circuit and a 12 volt switched circuit.

  • I have a 2018 MT85 would like to run a Bobcat SG30 stump grinder

    Well that looks interesting.  I think you should contact Bobcat because all of my controls are too big for your machine.  I think this will be very awkward to operate.


    This is the correct harness.

  • I have a Takeuchi tl230. It has a 14 pin Male connector. I bought a wolverine concrete/ mortar mixer atta8 that has a solenoid that opens and closes a hydraulic cylinder to discharge material. The solenoid has a plug for 3 wires. It has a ground and it looks like 2 hots that look like they are connected with a led and resistor or diode. I bought your 14 pin female plug but it came with no cable . Do you know what I need to control this attachment? Thanks

    You just need some cable to extend from the DIN connector to the Deutsch connector.  Run it up the hoses and cut to lngth plus 6 inches.  Tie wrap it to the hoses.  16 gage lamp cord wire works fine from Home Depot.  You will only use two conductors.  Video #135 covers the installation of the sockets in the connector.  I sell the Wolverine units as well.  Can I ask what you paid for it and where you found it?

  • I am trying to reach you to see if this harness will work on my 2011 JCB 260T . I have a bobcat 6 way blade . Emailed you last week but no reply . Ed

    Yes.  This is correct.  Your email was wrong and bounced back to us.  This is a well covered topic in our FAQ.  Here it is again.!bobcat-dozers-explained

    Here is an install video as well.

  • I have a cat 259D that I am setting up with a front mounted blast sprayer with two 12V solenoid valves. I want to wire these direct to the harness. Do you have either the Deutsch or Delphi spare female (opposite you harness tips) tips that I can wire to the ends of my solenoid valve wires and connect direct to your harness? Which harness tips do you recommend?

    Not sure which ones you want.  Check our connector section for matches.

  • Can this be ordered with out connectors on one end? I only need the deutsch 14 pin with harness and what length is available?

    I can sell you a connector found here and some 7 conductor cable for $5 per foot.  This would be cut to your length and is non-returnable.

  • I am installing this on a 2015 Kubota svl75 with a Skid Steer Genius machine side 14 pin connector. I will be running a new Harley power rake (2019 model) I only need 2 Delphi connectors to run the solenoids. Do you make this harness with 2 outputs instead of 6. or do you sell an adapter that I can plug into the factory Harley harness instead of going all the way to the solenoids?

    We only make 6 outputs to cover all possible combinations.

  • I have a case SV 250 skid steer. I Purchased a bobcat six way dozer blade with a seven pin connector. If I count the pens on my Case there are 10 prongs visible. Which harness do I need to purchase so that they are compatible?

    This is the correct harness.

  • I'm trying to buy the harness with the Deutsch connections from a SVL95 2018 Kubota 14 pin to 7 pin Bobcat but your web site checkout keeps listing Delphi on my order??

    That's because what you are trying to order does not exist.  Please read the description more carefully.  When that is finally available it will be a computer controlled harness and it will cost $1000.  Far more than what you need in this instance.  Let us know which attachment and we can offer you a harness option.  Here is the selector.

  • sold a customer a couple of Kubota skidsteers customer would like to run Bobcat broom on our units what would i need

    This harness is correct.  Check the FAQ section and video #117 for details of wha tyou are doing.

  • Hello. We have a 2018 Cat 262D with a 14 pin connector. We want to connect a Bobcat SB200 snow blower with a 7 pin connector. The blower attachment does have Delphi connectors at the solenoids. Is this harness correct and would anything else be required for the conversion? Thanks

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.  Nothing else is required.  If you want to get an idea of what you would be doing, watch this video.

  • We have a ssv75 Kabota skid loader with a new Bobcat V blade that we would like to control with the two button system on the loader. Would this be the right adapter to connect the two together? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP Any info will greatly help thanks.

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.

  • I have a 2017 Kubota SVL95-2 and it came with a Bradco ATP 84 Dozer Blade. Needing a 14 pin wiring harness connector to run the 6 way blade. Can you steer me in the right director to what I am needing? DO you guys have videos to show connections? First time to ever use it. Thanks and need costs. have farm tax id to not be assessed tax too.

    Do you need the harness for the Kubota, the attachment, or both?  I need pictures sent of whatever wiring you already have.

  • This looks great but the bobcat sb200 snowblower has a Male 7 prong and with this unit you are showing me I would also need a connector from the female14 prong to the Male 7 prong. What would the total cost be for both ?. Also I would need them shipped to northern michigan. I will give shipping info soon sale completion Thank you Jerry

    You cannot use a 7 pin attachment on anything but a Bobcat.  Please read this.!bobcat-7-pin-machine-and-attachments-explained

  • I have a bobcat dozer blade and am thinking about buying your harness kit SG-BPH-14-6-9DP. I have read all the info. you have provided but had another question. I have been trying to get the blade to work by just cutting the wires and attaching them to 12v power. I have switched my female coupler to the Pressure side and can get the tilt feature to work. On the tilt I only have to power either one of the stacked solenoids. I can power both and it will work this way also. My main question is when I power the other stack of solenoids I can't get the angle function to work. There is absolutely no function when no power is added. Then when I power one solenoid I do get some movement but it looks as if the two cylinders are fighting each other. Same happens when I power the other solenoid. Hopefully you understand what I am explaining. I just don't want to order the harness if I have a bigger problem. Thanks!

    If you read my information then you should know you just can't cut the harness and wire it directly. What size blade is it?  Did it have a 7 pin or 14 pin installed?  What did you do with the black box controller?

  • Hello, We have a JD 320E skid steer and want to run a Bobcat snowblower that has Deutsch connectors on the solenoids. Are the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP cable and SG-DP@-DT2 adapters what we will require. Thank You

    Yes. That is correct.

  • Does this come with the tool to remove the pins in the plug thank you


  • Does this come with a plug cap for the plugs that I do not use on the harness thank you

    No it does not. You can tie them back and seal them with tape.

  • How long is this harness thank you

    9 feet.

  • I just ordered the ST-CT14-BC14 connector thinking that was what I needed to make a SB200 Bobcat snowblower work on my 259D. Do I need this kit or will the ST-CT14-BC14 be good?

    If the attachment is old and uses a 14pin, then this is correct. If it is new and has a 7 pin, then this is incorrect and you need a bypass harness.

  • I have a Cat 289D with a bobcat snow blower. Just want to confirm that I would require the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT

    Yes, this is the correct harness.

  • I have a 2014 Cat 259d, Serial # LFTK00355, with a 14 pin connector and I want to connect to a Bobcat 6 way blade. I am pretty sure that I need harness SG-BPH-14-6-9DP, but I would like you to confirm it! I can not find your phone # anywhere on this site!! Thanks James

    Yes, this is correct.  The FAQ section covers this topic extensively as well as video #117 so there is no need to call.

  • I’m trying to use my Harley rake harness to contest bobcat snowblower to cat 259d. It isn’t working and I was wondering what the jumper is you speak of? Plan on ordering the harness from you but need to get this thing going as sinking any $ into it at the moment isn’t an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    First thing.  Did you swap the hydraulic couplers and verify that the blower is spinning in the right direction?  Second thing.  Did you check the pin alignment on the connectors to be sure it is wired correctly?  Cat pin-out is B - Ground, then C/D/E/F/A/J where everyone else is B - Ground then C/D/E/F/G/H except Johne Deere who is A - Ground C/D/E/F/G/H.

  • will this cable allow me to connect my bobcat t750 2015 yr model to my grader blade with laser controls? or am i stuck using the add on box? the grader is quick attach, but it is not branded as such. and the laser controls are spectra precision. thanks in advance

    A T750 uses a 7 pin Canbus control system which is a Bobcat thing only.  There is no way to do this on this machine unless you install a Super Controller and our 10 pin harness.  You will still have a lot of work to set it up as we don;t have any particular wiring designed specifically for your application.

  • We have a SVL95-2 and we are trying to run a Bobcat 96" Grading blade without lasers. Can we use just the harness or do we have to go with the super controller?

    A 96" has a side shift which means you need 8 controls.  Most machines have only 6 controls so if you can do without the side shift, then yes this will work.  If you want the side shift to work, you need to use our controller, our side shift harness and the Bobcat 14 pin t-harness found in this kit.

  • do pins need to be moved on the harness being installed on a 2007 Cat 904B wheel loader with 14 pin connector?? using SG-BPH-14-6-9DP adapter cable and Bobcat angle broom. Bob Kamp Kamp Implement Co. Belgrade, MT

    Not for an angle broom because it uses only two controls.  Only if you had 6 controls would you need to move two pins.

  • I have a 2016 SVL 75. I'm trying to run my father in laws bobcat dozer blade. my machine has a bunch of buttons and toggles on the control but only 4 pins in the 14 pin connector. Which Items do I need to purchase? Do I need to add controllers or just do the wiring harness that bypasses the bobcat computer?

    Unfortunately your machine was built with 2 controls when you need 4 to operate the dozer.  We have a few items that will work.  Each with a different price point.  




    Here is more info on your machine.!kubota-14-pin-electric-controls

  • Can someone call me . would like to talk before purchasing. I have a bobcat 6-way blade i would like to hook up to at cat 259D skid steerer. Thanks Brad 337-344-2730

    Everything is handled through our online protal.  If we took calls, nothing would ever get done.  Your application has been handled hundreds of times and continues to be handled many times per day. 

    This item is what you need.  Here is a video showing the install.
    Here is an FAQ specifically about it.!bobcat-dozers-explained

  • Will this work on my bobcat grader attachment? I have a brand new cat 299d3

    There are two styles of graders.  The 84" which has 6 solenoid controls or the 96/108" which has 8 solenoid controls.  In addition if you want to operate with lasers you will need an additional locking circuit to turn auto on and off.

    Everything you need to know can be found here.

  • I have a 2016 Case sv185 skid loader and want to run a 2010 Bobcat Soil Conditioner 72 Power Rake, SN:S6TE00577. Do you have pig tail adapter to transition existing harness to my Case unit?

    This is the correct harness to use for the soil conditioner.

  • I have Kabota SVL75-2 skid, no electric plug, yet. And I want to buy Bobcat 24” tree spade attachmen. Is this a right harness I need: SG-BPH-14-6-9DP | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT.

    That is the correct harness, but what do you plan on doing about the machine?  What year is it?  How many buttons on the left stick?  The older machines are not capable of running this attachment.  Please read this.!kubota-14-pin-electric-controls

  • Hi! I have a 2014 Takeuchi TL8, just bought a Bobcat 6way Dozer Blade Model 80 Dozer Serial #232111794. It has 4 solenoids with 2 wires going to each solenoid. What is the correct harness I should purchase? Is it plug and play? Thank you, George

    It is always best to check our FAQ section first because we have covered this in detail.  We also have an instalation video located in our video section.  Here are the links.!bobcat-dozers-explained

  • i have a takeuchi TL10 what harness do i need to run a bobcat soil conditioner s/n s6te02901

    It is always best to check our FAQ section first because most of the applications have already been answered there.  Here is the link.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained

  • I am buying a 2011 Kubota SVL90 and I would like to angle my Harley rake with the aux joystick controls. The rake has 2 power and one ground wire. I also have a Dymax shear that has an accumulator arm on it with the same 3 connections. I also have a SSV 75 with no electrical pug on the machine so I would like to get a plug and play harness for that machine. Do you have what I need for both machines? Thank you for your time.

    Here is the harness for both machines.

    You need to be sure the attachment has a 14 pin connection on it or you will have to buy one for our connector section.

  • I have a 2012 Case TV380 with the 14 pin connector on the machine. I am wanting to connect it to a 2005 Bobcat SG60 s/n 233002098. Can you give me a list of all components necessary to make this work?

    You just need this harness.

  • I have a Takeuchi TL12 and I'm using a Bobcat 80 blade with s/n 232112094, is this the harness I need?

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.

  • Which is the correct model of this harness to use fro a Bobcat Dozer Blade. The 6 pigtails won't work, its one connection

    This is correct if you are connecting to a 14 pin equipped machine.

  • What all do I need to purchase to be able to run a bobcat brand soil conditioner on a 2014 kubota skid steer

    Hello and welcome to Genius.   Running any 14 pin machine which includes Takeuchi, Case, Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, Gehl or Mustang with a Bobcat attachment requires a bypass harness to get around the Bobcat computer which is installed in every attachment. This is a simple plug and play process.   For the soil conditioner, please read this FAQ.!bobcat-soil-conditioners-explained     Please purchase this harness and be sure you check to see that it has either the Delphi or Deutsch connectors on the attachment and choose accordingly.     John Deere Owners - John Deere uses the same pin-out as most machines except they place the ground in a different location. You will have to move the ground wire in this harness from B to A. It is advisable to do this on the machine side so that it makes your machine compatible with 80% of the attachments on the market. If you have other attachments that are John Deere and do not want to move the machine side, it is fine to just move the pin on the attachment.   Please note that it is the customers responsibility to be sure that your machine has enough active buttons to operate this attachment. The soil conditioner uses 5 buttons. One button should lock so that you can run the attachment in reverse without holding your thumb down the entire time.   Cat D-Series e/w 14 Pin Electrical Connections – Order this harness. Because it is a universal kit, you will have to move 2 pins. On our harness, move G to A and H to J. Use the J wire which will be colored white with a black stripe. You can then switch the drum on in reverse as needed by hitting the Aux 8 switch on and off.   Cat/Terex/ASV 8 Pin – 4 buttons are required to operate the Soil Conditioner. These machines have 2 buttons on the left stick. Aux 7 which is the left Trigger and then Aux 8 which is the locking toggle on the upper left portion of the cab. This means that for angle left/angle right you can use your two buttons. For wheels up/wheels down you will have to use the front trigger for up and the toggle for down. You must pay attention to Aux 8 as it is a locking switch. If you leave it on, your opposite action will not work because it is jammed in the opposite direction already. Note: Soil conditioners have a 5th function for reversing the drum. You will not have this function unless you add a button inside your cab and an extra wire running down the boom.   For only 4 functions, purchase this harness.     If you plan on running the extra switch, purchase this harness.   Thanks   Skid Steer Genius

  • I have a Caterpillar 259D and 2017 Bobcat "80 dozer" blade. is this the correct harness. Thanks

    Yes it is correct.  Go to the video section and search video #117 for installation instructions.

  • I have a JD 331G and I just got a 2011 bobcat 84" angle broom ser.#231416340 is the harness I need the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP

    This is the correct harness.  You do have to move the ground pin.  If you have no other JD attachments, do it in the machine connection so your machine will become universal.  JD bastardized their entire product line by not using B as their standard ground like everyone else does.

  • I have a 2019 Kubota ssv75 which harness would I need to run a Bobcat snowblower on the Kubota ssv75?.

    This is the correct harness.  Just make sure you double check the solenoid connections for Deutsch or Delphi.

  • I have a Kubota svl95-2 trackloader. It is a 2018 model and has the multibutton joysticks. Is there an adapter to run a bobcat grader correctly, or do I need a super controller?

    You can only run an 84" with no laser with 6 controls, otherwise you neeed a Super Controller.

  • I am looking for an adaptor or harness kit for connecting a CAT 299D2 XHP (2018) s/n PX203051 Skid-steer or “D” series to Bobcat 68 Angle Broom (2009) s/n 231317188. Is the below harness going to work for this or is there additional items I will need? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT $17500 $175.00 Let us know as soon as possible Thanks Steve

    That is the correct harness.  Just verify if you have Delphi or Deutsch connections.

  • what harness will work on deere 333g to use a 96'' bobcat grader with out laser

    If you want all of the functions to work, you will still need the entire kit seen here.

    If you would like to give up on side shift and never use a laser, you can buy the BPH-14-6-9 harness.  Just realize that you only have 4 buttons on your handles so your angle will have to be done with the up/down buttons in the upper right side of the cab.


    This product currently does not exist.

    Here is why.!why-is-there-no-adaptor-to-plug-my-7-pin-bobcat-attachments-into-my-catkubotanhjohn-deere-etc-machines

  • I have a New Holland c190 (2008 year) and purchased an 80" 6 way dozer blade attachment made by Bobcat (7 pin). I do not have any electrical controls yet (I understand that NH uses 14 pin) and so will need the wiring harness as well as whatever control / joystick etc might be required in the cab to run the dozer blade. Can you please advise? I am looking for a full solution here.

    If you cannot buy controls from the manufacturer, thne this is the machine solution.

    For your Dozer Blade, you need to purchase a bypass harness found here.

    Here are some install instructions.

    Here is a detailed response to your question.!bobcat-dozers-explained

  • I have Cat 277C and want to run an Erskine 6-way dozer blade... I feel like this is the correct harness. Can you verify?

    No.  A C at C series uses an 8 pin.  Like this

  • I have a 2015 Case sr175. I'm planning on purchasing a Bobcat 6 way dozer blade. Is this the correct harness I need for that attachment?

    Yes.  This is correct.  Watch this install video for more details.

  • I just bought a Kubota SVL75-2 (Serial # 41729), I would like to keep my Bobcat attachments. I have a 68" broom (serial # 231318493), a grader ( serial # 802701140), a soil conditioner (serial # 232001718), and a 80 dozer ( serial # 699100381). which adapters do I need for each attachment?

    OK.  Here we go.  For the future you can use the guide that I set up for this exact situation.

    Broom -

    Grader 96/108 -

    Soil Conditioner -

    Dozer -

  • hi I have a bobcat soil conditioner 232000551 I also have a t770 bobcat I'm wondering if your 14 pin wiring harness for 175.00 will fit my equipment

    Is it missing a wiring harness or an old one with a 14 pin harness?

  • Hi, I bought an 80 inch bobcat 6 way dozer blade, and I'm planning on running it with a takeuchi tl8. This looks like the correct harness for me, but I thought I should confirm. Thanks.

    Yes this is the correct harness.  Please watch video #117 for more dteails of how to connect this harness.  Thank you

  • I just bought an older bobcat dozer blade and trying to hook it to a 2012 takeuchi tl240 loader. This looks like the right harness. Can you verify ?

    This is the correct harness.  Just verify that your machine has enough button controls installed.  You will need 4.

  • I have a Cat skid steer 277C do you have a harness that will hook up to a Tree spade made to work on a Bobcat?

    Here is the video on what to do.

    Here is the harness.

  • Just want to make sure i order the right connector , I have SSV 65 with 14 pin want to run a bobcat sweeper with Delphi plug. Am correct with SG-BPH-14-6-9DP

    Correct. This is a 6 output cable and you will only use 2 connections, but it allows you to choose which 2 that you use. This means you can choose the buttons that you press to make each function work.

  • Hello I have a bobcat 2017 s590 and I recently got an 1812 model 67” snow blower attachment by bobcat and the augers spin but the hydraulics don’t work with my new machine as far as turning the Shute. What harness can I buy to make it compatible for my newer machine. Thanks

    I suspect your Bobcat has only a 7 pin CAN control connection. Is the snowblower older and not have a 7 pin? Possibly a 14 pin connection? If so, you will need this controller to change the CAN signals into +12 volt powered signals. SG-CB-4014. Depending on the attachment, you may have to move two of the pins as sometimes they use C,D,G & H pins where we use E,F,G & H. A small tool is supplied in each kit and there is an instructional video on the site showing you how to move the pins.

  • I purchased a Skid Pro Soil Conditioner and need to install a 14 pin connector on my 2017 SVL 75-2. Is the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN the correct harness? Does Kubota use the Delphi connector?

    If you need to add a 14 pin to your machine as your question states, then use this harness. CLICK HERE

    If you need to add a control harness to the attachment, then use this. CLICK HERE

  • will this work on cat. 262c skid loader

    No. A Cat ABC series uses an 8 pin. CLICK HERE FOR THE CORRECT HARNESS

  • I am buying a 2014 Bobcat high flow planer [40"] to use on a 2022 New Holland high flow skid steer which harness should I buy from you guys? Also I'm not a mechanic but I can do some easier stuff, should I have it professionally installed?

    It is plug and play if you follow these instructions CLICK HERE.

    It's already pinned out for your machine.

  • Will this allow me to bypass the computer in a bobcat concrete pump?

    No it will not.

  • Looking for a harness to run landhonor power rake and top cat landscape rake that will connect to kubota svl 75-3 machine factory 14 pin connector. Both implements have deauts style connectors.


    This is a plug and play solution for your machine.

  • Will this work with a mower king arm attachment mower with Delphi connectors at solenoid, it has four connectors on the mower attachment. The harness would be going to a 2000 2259D3 cat skid steer

    A 2000 Cat is not a D series. You must mean 2020. If so and your Cat has two buttons on the right stick next to the roller, this will work.

  • Will this fit the svl 97-2 2024 kubota?

    Yes it will. What is the attachment that you want to operate?

  • Do you have a harness from Kubota 14 pin to operate a CAT PC210 milling head? It uses the deutsch type connectors on implement side.

    SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN | 14 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 6 Output

    This is the correct kit.

  • Will this fit my 2018 cat 242D hi flow?

    This is an attachment harness that will plug in to your machine. If the attachment is high flow, you will need to open the connector up and install the HF jumper.

  • Hi I have a Topcat ecssrb tree shear. And a Kubota skid steer from what I can tell this should work right?

    Yes. This is correct.

  • Will this work for John Deere 325G 2024? It is at six way dozer with Deutsch connection 4 of them

    Yes, but you will need to install the JD jumper. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

  • Im trying to adapt my Bobcat 6 way dozer blade to run with my 2022 Cat 289 skid steer. However, I don't think any of the connections you sell plug into the connections on my blade. can I send a picture of what I've got to you?


  • I have a kubota svl 75 skid steer will this 14 pin with the Deutsch attachment connectors work on a six solenoid grader?

    Yes for manual modes. Just not laser controls.

  • what connectors will i need for my TV370 Case to go to a Bobcat Soil conditioner

    For Bobcat Soil Conditioner instructions and ordering information
    CLICK HERE. Most questions and answers can be quickly found in our FAQ section by CLICKING HERE and/or our Video Section by CLICKING HERE.

  • i have 96 bobcat grader attachment and the controller has been removed can this harness be plug direct to solenoids without controller i do have 770 bobcat grader serial no acw901128

    The basic grader requires 8 controls. This harness is 6 controls. For a larger control harness, click here

  • Hello, I am trying to hook up a Topcat BDRC boom mower to a 2001 Bobcat T190. Is this the harness I would need? Thanks,

    Yes, check the connections as they use Deutsch or Din. We offer both.

    Instructions and warnings can be found



  • I have this harness to connect our 333G JD to our Bobcat 84" angle broom. Broom motor engages and runs continuously with no problem. I have found the 2 connectors that are hot when i press the buttons I want to use on the joystick to angle the broom. When I plug in the connectors to the solenoids and press the buttons the broom will not angle. Do you have any suggestions?

    All that our harnesses do is extend your power to the solenoids. If they are not firing, you may have a blown fuse or you are pushing the wrong buttons.

    Worse case is your solendoids are fried. That pretty much never happens except when guys buy these from auctions.

  • We have a bobcat 84" grader with a serial number of 802700624 and want to run it on a 2020 Kubota SV78-2 High Flow. Can you tell me what harness we will need to operate it. thank you JD

    With no lasers use this.


    If you want lasers, use this.


  • my question was more for which buttons on stick control those 6 pinouts. I understand the need to protect IP and greatly respect that. I have the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN cable that I purchased from you last month. Just curious as to which buttons on the stick correspond to the connectors. On the checkout I seem to remember something it said to enter notes as to which machine I had to get a, but I didn't see a place for notes to enter that I had a Kubota SVL97-2. I can probably figure it out, was just looking for a cheat sheet for it. I really appreciate the work you have put into the harnesses and connectors to make things work more universally for those of us in the field. Thanks.

    You should have received a sheet that is color coded showing you which buttons do what and how it corresponds to your machine and he cable.

  • Can I get the diagram for how this works for Kubota SVL97-2 controls. Trying to operate am Agrotk BDRC swing boom mower.

    We do not publish our schematics due to ongoing IP theft. We at least make them buy one before they copy it.

    Agrotek Swing boom is a Chinese copy of the CID Swing Boom. Their website shows the actual connector that CID uses but a lot of times they steal the manuals as well so I don't know exactly what you have. If they did copy the CID connection method, you can use this adapter.


    These things are machines of death so be careful and do not operate near anything or anyone that you hold dearly. You will see what I mean very soon.

  • I have a Kubota SSV65 with the aux electrical connector, 14-Pin deutch. I would like to connect it to my stump grinder. Up/Down Left Right. What harness do I need? Or do you have a schematic?

    We need to know the make and model of your stump grinder?

  • I have a bobcat, cold cleaner, 14 pin connector. Seven solenoids. Want to put it on a caterpillar 259D high flow what wiring harness do I need?

    I have never seen a Bobcat Cold Planer with 7 solenoids. Please send a photo.

    It should be like this CLICK HERE

  • Good Afternoon, I have a customer trying to hook up a Bobcat 84" Grader to his 2018 CAT 299D2. What would be the correct harness to make that work?

    Is he going to try and operate lasers? If so, that changes everything and we will need a photo of the black box in the grader.

    If not, you can buy a simple harness CLICK HERE but Cat controls suck for this operation and he will not be happy since he has to use AUX 7 & 8 to angle the blade. Make sure he understands this.

  • Do I still have to move Pin G to A and H to J if I don't have high flow. I'm adapting my Cat 259D to a Bobcat Angle Broom

    High flow has nothing to do with those pins. Since you are only using the first two channels, you won't need to move anything.

  • I have a cat 236D. I need a harness for an agrotk top cat swing mower. The swing mower has 4 separate two-pin plugs. They look like the Deutsch plugs. Do you have one available? Thank you.

    CLICK HERE for our FAQ as it is covered in depth there.

  • I am connecting a 2005 bobcat tree spade to a '09 CAT 279C XPS. Is the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN the correct harness? When removing the cover over the solenoids, there are 5 solenoids on either side of the valve body.

    Please send a photo.  I think there was another fellow with this issue and we simply connected only 5 solenoids and operated the pump control forward and reverse to get to motion required to raise and lower the spades.

  • I have a new 2023 cat 259 d skid and bought a Wolverine stump grinder and it has 4 Sylenoids on it do you make a harness for this ?

    Use this harness CLICK HERE

    Plug in C,D,E,F only and it will work from your sticks.

    We will support the operation of our harness only.  If and when the stump grinder fails we will not support the product.  There are just way too many failures of these auction items for us to get involved with.  We did in the eraly days and it literally sucked our days away.

  • I have a 2018 John Deere 333G with Forestry Package. I'm trying to run a Mulcher with hood cylinder. It has a 7 pin plug. What do I need?


  • Hello, I just want to verify that this is the correct harness that I need to purchase. 2013 Bobcat S205 with a seven pin and 14 pin plugs for my Bobcat brand dozer blade.

    Does your Bobcat have a 14 pin?

    Does your dozer blade have a 14 pin?

  • I am a John Deere dealer looking to help a customer get his Bobcat broom to work on his John Deere 323E skid. I had another customer do the same thing and ordered a harness from you folks but was a few years ago and I want to double check to get it right before we order. Which ends do we need is my question the Delphi,Deutsch, or Din? looks like need harness SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT/DN. Thanks

    Here are the instructions.  CLICK HERE

    As far as Deutsch VS Delphi.  I cannot tell you what you have on your machine.  You need to look and verify based on the pictures and descriptions on this page for the BPH harness.  A Deutsch is square and either black or grey in color.  A Delphi has a blue cap on it.

  • need to know which connector type I need on the other end of a14 pin connector harness from Land Honor Harley Rake to my Kubota svl75

    Send us photo's of the solenoid connections.  You can also look at our harness and see which one matches your attachment plugs.

  • What’s the difference between yours and the one from Bobcat #7237140? I have a 14 pin and bought a AGT grader attachment for my 2015 Case skid steer

    I have no idea.  I design and build my own products with 30 years experience working around all of the Bobcat barriers.  I cannot imagine anything of theirs working for a Chinese attachment since they design products to only work on Bobcat.

  • Can u change the pins for me before u ship it to fit a cat d series

    Sorry but no.  I am in Arizona and everthing is warehoused in Henderson, NV.

  • I have JCB Skidsteer and Topcat tree sheet ecssrb model do you have a wiring harness to fit

    Is it the same as this one?  CLICK HERE

  • Hi, my customer has a deere 326e and would like to use his ats tree shear. It appears the best option is a full harness (14 pin to din). For this application I need 4 Din connectors, so I assume 2 are left unused. On another note, I would like to inquire about the possibility of becoming a dealer for your products. Thank you, Daniel Nelson (Son's Repair)

    Yes, you will have two left. To set up as a dealer, we need your resellers certificate and we can set you up.

  • I have a 2018 svl95-2 kubota I need to know which harness to order for running grinder head,dozer blade and yard box?

    If you mean Bobcat attachments, here are the links for each one.


    No clue what a yard box is.  Please send photos or a better description.

  • I bought a 14 pin six out deutsch connector to run my six way blade. on my new bobcat 2023 t770 it has the 7 pin out off machine how do i go about transitioning?

    If you only bought a connector, it will never work.  If you bought a controller, you just need to plug it in an go.  The Bobcat CAN system is covered in detail by CLICKING OUR FAQ.

  • For your customers who have bought a chinese knock off skid steer product. Cosatal Machinery 313 Seaboard ave, Venice Fl 34285 1-941-223-4578 is a distributor and can get parts for this machine. hope this might help some of your customers

    OK.  I prefer not to be in the middle of these since there are so many problems with them and no support.  They all end up calling me to try and get the products to work.

  • I have a jd 333G high flow. Bought a landhonor articulating side cutter. It has 4 solenoids up/down and left/right. I ordered the harness with 8 deutsch connectors. question is which buttons or switches will pair with those solenoids or is it trial and error.

    It's trial and error since they have no manuals.

  • How long is the cable

    9 feet.

  • 2017 cat 259D trying to run a 18” cold planer bobcat End of the wiring harness has seven connections. no electrical hook up on bobcat side.

    The Cat uses a 14 pin connections.  I need pictures of the Bobcat planer to see what you have left.


  • I have Bobcats 2016 and 2019 T770 machines that have the factory 7 pin connector for attachments. I would like to connect to a CAT 6 way Dozer blade that has a 14 pin cable connection. Do you have a convertor for this application?


    Back in stock soon

  • I have a Kubota svl-95 (14 pin) and I have purchased a Land Honor articulating brush cutter(after reading these posts i know this was not a good idea). The unit has 4 cylinders/solenoids connected. Which model will I need?


  • 2009 289C high Flo to bobcat grader without lasers 6 solenoids what harness do I need?

    I am guessing that you have an 8 pin harness installed already with 4 active buttons.  if so, CLICK HERE for an adapter that will add 4 more controls.  

    I am guessing that you have an 84 inch Bobcat grader that still has a 7 pin harness.  If so, CLICK HERE for a 14 pin harness.

  • We have a customer who now has a Paladin Snow Blower with a pistol grip for the controls, he wants to switch the wiring harness from the pistol grip control to a JCB 14 Pin Connector. The Snow blower is a 2015 Paladin Model# 11072G-0022 Are you able to provide the 14 Pin harness? Thank you,

    Paladin snow blowers use these.  CLICK HERE

  • I need a 14 to 4 output can I use the 14pin to 6 output and not use 2 of them

    Yes.  We supply all 6 because every machine is different.  Just tape off the two you are not using.

  • trying to order this item SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT in duetsch style will not let only in other style can you please help

    Did you click on the drop down box and let it open?  If you don't see it try a different browser.

  • i have a 2010 John deere 332D we can get the brush to turn on but we cannot get the broom to pivot.

    Do you have this BPH-14 harness from us?  If so you need to open the connector and install the ground jumper in position A.  CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO

  • I have a cat 299 2022 with a erskine grapple but i just bought and 2012 262 cat loader i want to use the grapple on wondering if I need to change the plug out for the older model or can i rewire the loader side?

    A grapple doesn't use electrical. What am I missing?

  • I have a case skid steer and a topcoat articulating brush cutter attachment , it does not have any wiring just 2 hoses going to machine I need the wiring for it

    This is covered fully in our FAQ section. 


  • will this work for a new case machine to plug into a bobcat soil conditioner?


  • I have a 2015 Cat 277D skidsteer and I want to purchase a Bobcat sb-200x78 snowblower is this the correct harness? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE -6 OUTPUT Thanks, Dan

    Yes.  Correct.

  • Does this have a constant hot wire?

    No.  CLICK HERE for our enhanced harness

  • agt tree shear to a kabota svl-90-2

    Most questions to common questions can be found in our FAQ section.


  • I purchased this to attach to Case skid steer, the diagram and installation instructions have gotten lost, can you send replacement?

    Here you go.

  • I am looking for the diagram and install instructions that are suppose to come with the harness I bought. Is it possible to find it on the website or get another copy


  • bobcat t 76 will work on 4 spool control?

    If your machine has a 14 pin upgrade installed which we do not know exists at this time, this will plug in but you ned to verify if the attachment will accept this harness.  You have not giving us much information so we are guessing what you are trying to do.


    Almost every question possible is answered in our FAQ section.

  • Short of going thru all of these Q&As. I have a 2021 Bobcat Soil Conditioner - 7 pin, and a 2021 CAT 259D3 with 14 pin. Will this particular plug work for this situation and will I need to switch the 2 pins that are mentioned above?

    You don't really have to go through the Q&A's because there is an FAQ for this with instructions for a Cat D-Series.


  • Good morning. I’m looking at purchasing a new Kabota SVL 65. The current equipment I have is bobcat and I need to see if I can get my SB200 snowblower to work on the Kuboto? Is this a easy fix that you can provide or what additional information do I need to provide you to help me with my problem? I currently run the snowblower on a 2015 Toolcat 5610. Thank You


  • do you have delphi connectors for the attachment? I want to get the harness but my solenoid does not have the connectors, just wires.

    Then you should choose Deutsch and buy the recepticals on our site.  


  • I changed my harness connectors to Deutsch but it still says Delphi in the check out shopping cart it also says Deutsch in there I’m confused

    If it says Deutsch in your cart, you are good to go.

  • I've been all over your website investigating and reading, but am not 100% confident in my selection that this is correct for what i'm needing . Can you confirm before I order one Please ? Trying to hook a New Holland C234 to a Bobcat Snow V-Blade. SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT

    Yes you are correct.


  • Will this harness work to control a Landhonor 96” grader attachment from a CAT 259D3 ?

    If it has 6 solenoids and they use Deutsch connectors, it will work.  You will need to move two sockets in the connector.  Move G to A and H to J.  4 controls will be on the sticks if your machine has two buttons on the right stick next to the roller.

    The angle control will be on the dash and on the left trigger.


  • this should fit and work for a case 14 pin to a harley rake for the Deutsch connector to angle the attachment


  • What is the correct harness for a tl8r2 Takeuchi to Delphi plugs on a bobcat broom


  • I was curious if the connectors work with brands other than bobcat attachments? I notice all have said machine to bobcat attachment. I have 2023 Kubota 97-2 and unknown attachment brand

    There is a chart at the bottom of the page that shows the machine and attachment applications.


  • I have a Kubota 2023 97-2 skidsteer and I’ll b honest when trying to figure which connector I need get confused can u possibly tell me which I need I have 2 attachments but don’t have brand name on them prob a knock of but they are 6-way dozer blade and a 90 degree right hand swing mower that has tilt head on it. Dozer bkade is blue and mower is gray they both came with a manual and a hand controller That I am supposed to grow a third arm to use j/k but I’m sure u understand. Plz help if u can

    Send me photos, but if they came from RB Auctions, they are Chinese copies of American attachments.  If you have the copy of the CID Swing Boom, beware, it is a widow maker.

    Read this by CLICKING HERE

    The dozers are a mess so I need pictures to figure out what to do.  The moldboards are made from poor grade steel and bend easily. 


    I will suggest the harness that you need, but you are on your own getting them to work as these attachments have been sucking the life out of me because they have so many problems and people think that they buy a harness from me and the quality issues of the attachments become my issue.

  • I have a customer who purchased a Handy brand stump grinder skidsteer attachment model Hssg24x, the attachment came with 8 bare wires, customer is trying to hook the attachment to a 2016 Kubota SVL75 just want to make sure I point him in the right direction.


    Handy is the newest name they have come up with to dump attachments at RB Auctions.  This harness will work if the solenoids are Deutsch.  Otherwise he will need Deutsch to DIN adapters.  These things are a nightmare to troubleshoot becasue the quality is so bad.  I will supply the harnesses and I know they work, but I will no longer spend time troubleshooting the attachments.  There are just too many of them being dumped into the USA and they seldom work, plus when they do work, they last about 40 hours before they explode.  

    You will need to install the harness and troubleshoot and repair the issues.  Sorry, but these things have sucked the ife out of me.

  • is there a phone number to contact anyone at? have a few questions!

    Please complete this form again with your questions.  We do everything in writing.  When we talk on the phone, no one takes notes so we end up going over it again and again and still they order incorrectly.

  • Will this work on a Jenkins Soil Conditioner hook to a 2019 John Deere 325g, and yes it has 6 different buttons on the joy stick. Do I have to move the wires around for the John Deere like in the videos? What is your fastest shipping?

    Not sure why the soil conditioner does not have a harness, but yes it will work if the solenoids use either Deutsch or Delphi.  Look carefully to be sure.  

    There is a hidden jumper that you can add for JD but the smartest thing to do is to move the ground pin on the machine to make it universal.




    Did you swap the couplers and have it spinning in the right direction?

    If so, did you add the extra ground since JD uses A instead of the B pin?

    If so, check your fuses and connections.  We merely extend the electrical out from the machine to the attachment.  If the machine connections are bad, nothing works.

  • Hey Craig, I am looking to purchase the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT from your website and I have a few questions about it see below please I have a 2019 cat 239D wired with 9 pins from factory. And it only has 4 functions because the right joystick only has the thumb rocker switch and not the two buttons to the right of it. I also have a 2020 bobcat soil conditioner which is the hydraulic version My questions are: - I assume all cats are wired the same from factory. By moving the pins G to A and H to J on your harness is this pretty much plug and play? I realize I won't be able to use 6 functions but I do want to get the power angle working. - In the pictures your harness shows 6 delphi plugs but my soil conditioner only has 5 delphi plug connections (does this mean you tape up one and leave it unplugged?) - I was thinking of getting the 6 function version of the harness if I ever upgraded the skid steer I could order one with all the buttons. Will the 6 function one still work on the machine (even though not all the plugs will be used?). - Lastly I assume the product code I listed above is the correct harness, I do have the delphi version Thanks Craig!

    You will be missing two functions if you don't get those buttons added to your right stick.  The full instructions including for your machine are covered here.


  • I have a 2012 bobcat s650 I am trying to run a Jenkins stump grinder on it only has 4 Delphi solenoids I need to run will this adapter work for that. I was told I needed a computer chip to make it work?

    You need a controller since the Bobcat only sends out CAN signals.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PRODUCT

  • Will this work with land honor power rake on a kubota 75-2 high flow

    If it uses deutsch connections, then you can use that harness or



  • SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT Can you set the harness for John Deere ground for me, at an extra fee of course?

    I a located in Arizona.  The products are located in a 3PL warehouse in Las Vegas so it is not possible for me to configure the harnesses.   The best thing that you can do is to move the pin from A to B on your machine and make it universal.  Then you can use any attachment without issue.  CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO

  • Good afternoon, I need to purchase 1) SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT but I am also looking for the wiring end connector or complete wiring harness for my Seppi mini forst 175 mulching head to connect to my Caterpillar 299D. I called Seppi and they referred me to you.

    Does the Seppi not have a harness?  If you have a harness you can just buy the connector.

  • Hello this is Eddie from Northeast Paying, please call me when you get a chance. I order SG-BPH-14-6-9DT with Delphi plugs. The harness came in with DEUTSCHMARK. 413-388-2647 Thank you.

    Delphi is the default.  You had to have have clicked on Deutsch to get Deutsch.  Please send us your order number so we can reserch it.

  • i have a bobcat soil conditioner/harley rake that is a 7 pin harness, with only 5 solenoids on the unit. Will that make a difference for the six plug adapter harness?

    You will have one left over to tape off.


  • Want a wire harness to connect from new holland c332 to grader 2022 land honor

    I will need to see the solenids as you may or may not need DIN adapters.

  • I'm a John Deere Dealer and would like to order a couple of these to have in stock. How do I do that to be tax exempt and is there any dealer pricing for ordering 5? Also- I want to verify that this is the correct harness to run a bobcat attachment on a John Deere skid steer. Thanks, Kevin

    Please send your resellers certificate and business contact information to

  • Have a John Deere 333G... bought a Handy five finger Tree & Rock handler. Came with wired remote for hydraulic control. (4 cylinders... 2 for grabbing 2 for 180º rotation). is there a pigtail adapter to hard wire it to the John deer electrical plug?

    Ahh the EZSPOTUR knock off.  I was literally in a warehouse in Yantai when one of these came in.  They told me they were going to become dealers.  Instead they just copied it as they have my attachments.  Here is the kit for this.  Remember there is no support for this item and the parts are not exact so EZSPOTUR cannot and will not help you.  



  • Will this allow my Takeuchi TL240 to run a bobcat soil conditioner?

    Yes.  It will.  Just make sure you read our FAQ for instructions.

  • I’m trying to use a John Deere 325g with an 84 in grader with a laser. What do I need?

    What year is you John Deere?  After 2020 it came equipped with a Pin K.  Please verify.  If you are verified to have a pin K, you can use the following to add controls to your machine.


    You can buy this and take the connector apart and add the pins to the existing connector on your machine.  In this case you MUST make your machine universal by moving Pin A to B.  if you do not do this or do not want to do this, then we cannot help you.


    You also need a T harness for the grader.  Send us photos of the computer mounted on it and we can tell you if we have a harness.

  • Would a cat mulcher work on a John Deere without a harness?

    If it doesn't have a hood, you should be good.  Their harness is usually just for High Flow sense which John Deere does not use.

  • What is the fastest ship time to 82930 in Wyoming

    Regular is 5 days.  Overnight is overnight if you order before noon Pacific time.

  • Verifing that this harness will work on the following units. 2021 SOIL CONDITIONER 72SCHHF SN# A6TD02056 18" HYD PLANER SN# 231614055 Need to go to JD 14 pin, but also keep the 7 pin on the attachment, as the attachments will be working between both a Bobcat and JD skidsteer. Thank you.

    If that is your requirement, then we cannot help you.  CLICK HERE FOR THE BOBCAT HARNESS GUIDE

    Scroll down to find the Bobcat attachment selector and part number.

    Call Bobcat of Vegas and ask for Santiago and tell him that Skid Steer Genius sent you and he can pack and ship it same day.  Santiago is @ 702-795-3300

  • Purchased a genius 6 outputs sg-Bob-14-6-9dp says we need a 7 plug outlet. What can we do to make this work thanks Chris With Gator Paving co we have a bobcat with 7 silonids

    Almost no machines have 7 controls.  Please tell me what machine you have and what attachment you are trying to run.

  • Will this work on my bob tach backhoe , and hook up to my new holland c332 skid steer.


  • Will this work with my bob tach backhoe attachment to my 14 pin new holland skid steer c332.


  • we have a 2014 bobcat SBX240 x 84 snowblower, s/n 713603429, and we are now running a 2022 deere 324g skidsteer. The blower has 7 "male" pins on it's cord. the deere has 8 "male" pins on the machine in a crazy configuration. What adaptor/ harness do we need?

    This is covered in our FAQ.


    You should change your JD over to be universal by moving the ground from A to B


    Or if you wish to just set the harness up for JD, you will need to install the JD jumper.


  • Does this fit the angle broom that only has two connections to the solenoid? And hooking it to cat 299d with 14 pin? Was checking before I buy it. Thanks

    As long as your broom has a connector to match what we provide.


    That does not sound right.  You will need to send some photos of what you are trying to connect.  Thanks

  • Hello, I need to know if McCann Industries has an open account with SSG? We might need to order this 14pin plug harness. Thank you.

    Sorry but we do not do accounts.  We are a two man operation and we are run off of our feet.  We don't have time to follow up on payments.

  • Hey there wondering if someone could send me the wire pin location. For a case skidsteer to a bobcat snow blower. We have your harness but the operator pulled the wires out of the plug. Would just like to know what colour goes in what number. Thanks

    C - GREEN
    D - ORANGE
    E - WHITE
    F - RED
    G - BLUE

  • Hey mate, Im located in Australia but want to buy a harness like this with the Delphi pins. Do you have a part number where I can get it threw bobcat? Thanks sam

    Sorry but we have nothing to do with Bobcat except they try to sue me.  We don't cooperate in any way.

  • Looking for adaptor to run John Deere MH60D mulch head on Kubota SVL97-2 Compact Track Loader. To operate door on mulcher.

    On the JD head, move socket A to B and the unit will become universal.


  • We have a Kubota svl 75-2 skid loader that we are trying to mate to a bobcat 84 SCH Soil conditioner. Will this kit work?

    Yes it will work and here are the instructions.


    If you have a J Pin control, you can move our socket H to J and you will be able to lock the reverse on while you use it.  Most machines do not have this but Kubota started adding it a couple of years ago to some options. 

    Don;t forget you have to reverse your hydrauilcs because tricky Bobcat runs in reverse to everyone else.  It's all part of the plan.

  • How would I buy something with a tax exempt form

    Not needed unless you are in Washington State.

  • Will this work on a John deer snowblower that I’m hooking up to a new JCB with 14 pin connection, the John deer snowblower has 4 Deutsh outputs and I see this harness has 6, will it still work fine if I only use the 4 connectors

    Yes.  These will work to swap out the old harness.  Verify the end connections before ordering.  They are usually Deutsch.

  • I am renting a case 221 compact loader & have multiple 7 pin bobcat attachemnts is their a simple way to convert the 14 pin case to bobcat 7 pin so i don't need wiring for all attachments

    Sorry but no.  This is currently impossible to do.

  • Hello, my name is Shane and I am a salesman with Modern Farm Equipment in Gordon Nebraska. I have a customer that has a SB240x84 Bobcat snowblower, it is a 2018' model ser. number 713203210. We have recently sold him a 2022' New Holland L328 skid steer loader Ser. number JAF0L328ANM410152 the skid steer has the electric multi function plug on the boom but, I need to adapt the snowblower to it. What harness will I need for this?

    Please CLICK HERE for our FAQ.

  • Hi have your product I now have a bobcat tool cat and I’m trying to run a snow blower having problems. Can you direct me to YouTube video or some help? Thanks.

    Do you have one of our controllers?  Nothing works without a 14 pin or our controller.


  • Good morning I was wondering if this connection will work for a 2016 bobcat630 with 7 pin ? I need for an attachment has 4 solenoids

    Please provide the attachment and some pictures of the connections.  The Bobcat with 7 pin will need a controller.  All of the controllers can be found in this folder.



  • I bought an Erskine snowblower with what appears to be your harness on it. My skid steer is a 2005 Cat 287B. The chute direction will not work and we are wondering how we might move the Lina in the plug to correct the problem. ThankYou!

    Not sure you know it is our harness since Erskine copies everything we do. We do not support counterfit products so you would need to prove to us it is our harness by supplying an invoice or picture of the product. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

  • Hello, isn't the larger connector the Deutsch connection ? I don't care so much about the little connectors. I'm more interested in the larger Deutsch connection and the long wire. I have a Cat 279D and a Top Cat brush cutter

    The large Deutsch connector is correct.  Yes, you can just chop off the small Deutsch and wire directly into the DIN connectors or buy these adapters.  Make sure you order the Deutsch option to use these adapters.



  • I have a kubota SVL97-2 so need the 14 pin to go to the McClaren dozer blade which only has 1 delphi 2 pin to connect to. Will this harness work?

    Yes but I am pretty sure they use Deutsch connectors.  Please send photos of the connection before you order to verify.

  • I have a Cat 262D with hi flow. I am putting a Bobcat SB3274 hi flow snowblower on my unit. My question is do you know what pins i need to jump with this harness to activate the hi flow. The manual mentions a jumper for the hi flow.


  • We are a municipality and tax exempt. I am ordering this wire harness, but I don't see where to put in our tax exempt id number. thanks for your help[!

    We don't charge tax unless you are in Washington State.

  • SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT will this harness work on the Bobcat rock saw to a New Holland 228 skid steer?

    Yes it will.  Make sure you choose the right connectors for the rock saw.

  • Hello I currently have several Kubota SVL75-2 high flow with 14 pin harnesses on them all and I have a 3 bobcat snowblowers with 7 pin and would like to bypass the ACD to go to 12 volt system. I have the black and blue connectors that connect to the solenoids would this harness do that for me?

    Yes.  Choose the Delphi option which is the default.

  • does this connector have the jumper to activate high flow on a cat 272d3xe?

    Yes.  It does.


  • I have just purchased a Land Honor HL-ABC-1420 G which is an articulating brush cutter. I have an SVL 90-2 Kubota skid steer. Do you have a harness which plugs into the skid and the cutter? If so was is the part number I need to order?

    LAND HONER - Swinging Cutter – Copy of a CID Swing Boom Cutter

    Uses 4 solenoids with Deutsch receptacles.

             Functions are:

    • Swing left and right – Once stack of two solenoids.
    • Tilt head in and out – Second stack of two solenoids.
    • Check the flow direction. Blades must spin on their own in the forward direction with your flow locked on.
    • Check the solenoid voltage. Many arrive with 24 volt solenoids which must be swapped out before you continue.
    • There is a mechanical issue with these where the air must be bled out of the control lines or the boom will not move.

    The first thing to do is to add a standard commercial harness.

    • For 14 pin, use a SG-BPH-14-6-9DT harness. Gehl, Mustang, Kubota, New Holland, Case, Doosan, Old Bobcat or Bobcat with the 14 pin controller installed.  John Deere uses the same control pins, but you need to add the ground pin to A because they insist on using a different ground.
    • For 8 pin, use an SG-BPH-8-4-9DT harness. For ASV, Terex, Cat A, B, C series you will use the BPH-8 harness.  Depending on the year, you may only have 2 controls.

    John Deere uses the same control pins, but you need to add the ground pin to A because they insist on using a different ground.

    For Cat D series the primary controls are B – Ground, C,D,E,F which are standard.  If you have a low flow machine, you may be missing the buttons on the right stick next to the roller.  You will need to add them or use the connections that will use pins A & J.  In our BPH-14 harness, you will need to move the sockets from G to A and H to J.



  • I have a kubota svl75-2 and need a wiring harness for a pole rotator it has two transfor valves with four wires on each opens the jaws and other rotates the pole can you help me

    Is this a Chinese RB auction special?  If so, I need lots of pictures of the solenoids an connections.  These are a copy of an EX-SPOT-UR except the way they control it is different.

  • before i order the connector could i email a pic of what i have to ensure it will work? Bobcat fecon head to John deere

    You don't need a harness.  This kit will delete the harnesses and make it just like a regular Fecon head.


  • Do you ship to Iceland, and could you quote shipment to postcode 201 kopavogur Iceland

    We ship worldwide.  Just add to cart and your shipping will be calculated.

  • I have a 2014 cat 259d and bought a bobcat sg60 stump grinder with a 7 pin connector. Is this this product that is needed to make it work?

    This is the correct harness but you have to verify the controls of your machine.  You need all 6 controls installed.  Are there two buttons installed next to the roller on the right stick?

  • I have a Volvo mc115C skid steer with a 9 pin male electric connector, and I bought a Allied Farm King Snow blower with a 7 hole female connector. Do you have an adapter for thi.

    Pictures of each connector please.  The Volvo should be a 14 pin unless it is Gerry Rigged.

  • I have a new 2022 JCB 3TS tele skid, and want to use my bobcat 7 pin soil conditioner. Just verifying I need to order this harness? SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 PIN FEMALE TO DELPHI 2 PIN HARNESS - ATTACHMENT SIDE - 6 OUTPUT thanks Neal

    Yes.  This is the correct harness.


  • I have 2022 TAKEUCHI TL12V2 skid steer 14 pin connector need harness for Land Honor 96'' grader has 3 valves and 6 solenoids has Deutsch connectors

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.

    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Great American Attachments

    Verify that the solenoids are 12volt.  Many are 24volt so nothing will work.

    For a simple harness, CLICK HERE

  • In Need of the correct controller/wiring harness. My machine is a 2006 S250 bobcat standard flow hydraulics and 7 pin female connector on the bobcat . I've have a older model grader blade , I believe it's a Palm grader attachment. Has 3 hydraulic cylinders and 6 solenoids. The plug ends have been cut off of solenoids so I'd have to splice new plug ends or spice direct to pig tails end. Can you please tell me what I need to operate this attachment with my bobcat . Thank you. Please contact me if needed (210)902-2356

    If no lasers, do this.

    Buy a controller - CLICK HERE


    Buy new connectors for your solenoids and solder the pins on - CLICK HERE

  • Is this the harness I need to hookup a 2020 cat 259d, to a Harley power rake

    If it is a newer Harley branded rake, it should use this.


  • I have an 84" Bobcat soil conditioner and a John Deere 333D CTL. When I bought the machine John Deere wired everything to control the soil conditioner. Through the years the harness has been damaged and fixed several times. Now a lot of the functions are reversed and the drum reverse will not operate. You have a harness that looks simular to what I have but there is a jumper adapter on mine. The jumper adapter should plug into your harness and then to my machine. Is there any other modifications that have to be done? I can send pictures if that will help. Thank you, Jeremy

    If you replace your harness with ours, there is a jumper inside the 14 pin connector that allows you to jump the ground to A for John Deere.  All of the other functions will be fine except your reverse drum will require you to hold the button down as long as you want it to operate unless you change the toggle on your dash to a locking one insted of a momentary.

  • I want to adapt the 84" bobcat grader to Takeuchi tl8, which has 5 functions from the factory. How do you add the 6th function to make the blade angle back and fourth without using the super controller?

    We are just about to release this product.  It adds controls to your existing machine by having you add a two toggle control set into your machine and then by pluggin in an additional multiplexer adaptor on your 14 pin harness.  This will add up to 4 controls to your machine.  You must buy both items for this to work unless you want to disassemble the machine cannector and our 4 pin connector and then install our pins into your connector.  It should take about 30 minutes and you will end up with a more finished look with no adapers needed.  These are not in stock yet, but they will be soon.  They are just in production during a parts shortage.



  • We are trying to attach a Bobcat grinder attachment to a Takeuchi TL12V2. We have a previously installed harness that is crushed and we would like the exact replacement.

    This is the correct harness.

  • Why when I pick Deutsch and when it goes in my cart it’s says Delphi harness I don’t want to order it in case I’m sent Delphi instead of Deutsch I’m trying to order this and the control box

    I just did this and it shows Deutsch in small letters under the description in the cart.

  • I bought a TopCat boom mower at auction, now I see there a bit of an issue to hookup with no harness. Im putting it on a 2002 Case XT85, it looks as though you have a harness for it but the ends on the 12V solenoids looks like could be Delphi but not exact, and they for sure aren't Deutsch. Can you tell me from these pictures if they are indeed Delphi? cid:4CD264DC-E4C7-4C68-9E0A-804453E3A92B cid:4BC49887-3A2D-47AA-8062-DB9A1DD6A766 cid:943C461C-7CC8-46AE-BA8D-964F80B9A506 cid:E85A6BAF-6C3E-41FB-BC2C-8133DA40CB75

    Please reply to this again with the photos.  Thanks

    Here are some details.

    Land Honor/Wolverine, American Manufacturing Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.

    Uses 4 solenoids – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward.

    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi


    Choose this harness with the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.


    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.

  • I have a Takeuchi TL 240 with a bobcat soil conditioner. I cannot get the drum to spin in reverse all the other functions work tilt left right wheels up wheels down and spin forward.

    Did you read this?