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SG-BWC-100 - Bobcat Chipper CAN Bypass Kit | Skid Steer Genius

  • $315.00

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For Bobcat Chippers that have a RACS installed.  This kit allows the operator to bypass the RACS but still use the stop start lever to turn the drum rotation on and off in the forward and reverse direction. 

This harness requires a Plug And Play harness as well to connect to your machine.  The plug and play connector will be pinned out to provide a keyed power on source so the push/pull button can be used to provide power to the hydraulic control solenoid. It is the customers responsibility to move one of the momentary pins to the K pin for keyed constant power.  This only works on 14 pin equipped machines and will not work with John Deere prior to 2020 where pin K is not installed.


Does not work with 8 pin machines like ASV,Terex and Cat A,B,C Series.



There are two things that need to happen to make this work. 

1:  Replace the solenoid brake with the supplied plug

2:  Remove the CAN controller and harness so you can replace it with our bypass harness.


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  • I have bobcat WC 8BChipper. I was checking yo see if you haver a harness to bypass the outside controller. I have a t650 7pin machine.

    This is the bypass kit.

  • i have a toolcat 5600 and an 8B chipper. will this kit work for my rig?

    You will need to study your connections carefully to see if they are similar to our install.  It appears that some of them are different and we are not sure if they are newer ones or older ones.

  • On my 773, I can get the high-flow solenoid activated manually and produce ~3000 psi at the chipper coupler port but I can't get the chipper to spin nor get the feeder to operate either forward or backward. The brake solenoid is powered on but nothing is happening. Do I need need to bypass it by installing a by-pass plug? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Livio 617-549-4964

    Are you saying you have our kit and cannot get it to work?  Did you follow our installation video found HERE?

  • I have a bobcat s570 can use the 7 pin connector and how do I wire it

    What are you trying to do?

  • I have a bobcat mulcher that I am trying to get to work with a bobcat t66. The mulcher does not spin or make any sort of movement even when the door is closed. The T66 does have a Lexan door to operate but considering bypassing the mulchers computer to get it running. Will this help me bypass?


    It sounds like the harness of controller is fried.  Many people buy our bypass kit so they are no longer tied to the mother ship and don't need to spend $1500 every time the thing fries.  This mulched sold by Fecon does not have this electronic control.  It's a Bobcat thing.