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SG-CT8-JD14 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side John Deere 14 Pin

  • $265.00

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with John Deere attachments run them on their Cat/Terex/ASV Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat/Terex/ASV Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with a 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  John Deere 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex only outputs 4 ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 6 pins installed.  Up/Down & Left/Right are all that is available along with 2 grounds.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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  • How long will it take to get this in valdosta ga?

    Standard shipping is 3 - 5 days.  Overnight shipping is overnight if ordered before noon PST.

  • I sold this with a John Deere v Blade 9ft BV9 Snow My customer is for some reason having issues as the the left side will not move just the right side will move of the blade. Is there some pin configuring to do? Can you please help point them in the right direction. I am going to include my email as well as his email on this so that you can reply to us both. Thanks My email is Phillip's email is

    Probably because he only has 4 controls but there are 6 possible controls on a JD.  We chose the 4 most common when we created this adapter, but that does not mean that manufacturers always use the same ones.  Send me a photo of the end connector so I can see the sockets and and I can tell.

  • Do you make an adapter for terex 8 pin to bobcat 14 pin? I need 8 pin female to 14 pin male.

    Here you go.