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SG-DTR-DIN-108 - 108" Adapter Cable Extension | Skid Steer Genius

SG-DTR-DIN-108 - 108" Adapter Cable Extension | Skid Steer Genius

  • $65.00

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This extension works with our to adapt or extend controls up to 108 inches and connect to a DIN style solenoid.

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  • Im confused there are two connectors coming out of the bottom of the 14 pin connector. The other wire that connects to the solenoid in the kit only has a single connector. I know its two wires to connect the mixer to work? What an I missing here

    Can you send me photos of what you are looking at?  I gather you have a Chinese RB auction mixer.  They ship them different ways.

  • Is this the harness you show in the Wolverine cement mixer video (#151)?

    Part of it.  All of the harnesses are on the bottom of the bundles page found here.

  • Good afternoon! I bought several Wolverine attachments in an auction recently and am intrigued by your products. I have some pictures of what I need and will reply to your email with them. Thank you! It is attaching to a new John Deere 325G. Thank you!! Ryan

    OK.  Let's see what you have.