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SG-JD03-SP4-9 - Machine Side John Deere 3 Pin to Attachment Side - 2 x Spade Lugs

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This adapter allows you to plug one end into a John Deere 3 Pin and plug directly into up to two solenoids using spade style lugs.  Just plug one end into your 3 pin electrical connector on your loader and plug the other into the solenoids on your attachment equipped with spade style connectors.  Turn on your machine and get to work. 

This is ideal for older Harley Rakes or the new Chinese attachments coming from the auction yards such as Wolverine, Suihe, Land Honor, Top Cat, Mower King, etc.  You get the picture.

This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

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  • I have a John Deere 333G compact track loader and a Edge Broom attachment with a 3 pin connector is this harness kit ideal for to make the connection SG-JD03-SP4-9

    This is meant to plug into the John Deere and provide spade lug connections for the attachment solenoids.  Is that what you are looking for?

  • I have a JD333E and I just purchased a couple of attachments at an auction. They are the chinese Landhonor brand and come with controllers that you can mount in the cab. I am looking for the ability to operate from my joysticks and need a harness or barring that a female end with pins to rewire the controller wires so I will have a quick connect. The attachments are not the blade type wiring as shown with this 3 pin but rather the 2 pin deutch type that attaches to the solenoid. One attachment is a power rake with hydraulic angle and the other was a side boom mower. What do you offer that would work for my application. I watched about moving the ground pin from A to B to be more universal and was going to do that as well. This are the first attachments where I would be using the electrical component for attachments so I need a bit of an education.

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame on RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.  


    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Top Cat, Mower King, TMG, American Manufacturing & Titan.

    NOTE:  These companies do not exist so don't waste your time trying to contact them because you are on your own.  All materials are China sourced so you will need to fabricate your own repairs, but hey they are cheap to buy.


    For all Chinese Attachments:

    Verify the voltage of the solenoids as many of them ship with 24 volt solenoids.  You must replace the solenoid coils with 12 volt rated ones for the attachments to work.  Here is a link to replacement coils.

    Click Here to Order a Replacement 12 Volt Coil

    Suihe/Land Honor/Titan Articulating Mower – This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured CID Swing Boom.  CID reports that many people are contacting them for warranty because they are falling apart.  This is not a CID product.  It is a Chinese copy.  You get what you get.


    Uses 4 solenoids with 2 pin Deutsch connections – Tilt out/In and swing back and forward. 


    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option for all 14 pin machines like Kubota, Cat D, New Holland, Case, John Deere, Takeuchi


    Click Here and choose the Deutsch option if you have an ASV, Terex or Cat A,B, C series.


    Choose both of these options if you own a modern Bobcat with a 7 pin connection.

    Click Here for Modern a Bobcat Harness - Choose the Deutsch Option

    Click Here for a Modern bobcat 7 Pin Control Option

    For the power rake, please send some photos so I can verify which machine it is a copy of and see the solenoids.  That swing boom is a widow maker so be very careful.  Replace the blade and blade hub bolts with at least grade 8 bolts with red Loctite, then monitor the blades.

  • What is the overall length of this harness?

    9 feet.

  • Do you have a harness with the 4spade type ends for a Harley rake and the machine end will be for a Cat 289D skidsteer?

    Yes we do.  CLICK HERE

  • I have a older Harley rack that have the old 4 spade connection on it and I have a bobcat T650 2018 with a seven pin connector on it what would I need to get that all hooked up.

    You will need this harness for the Harlye.


    You will need this controller for your machine.


  • Will this work to connect a new john deere harley rake to a 2022 john deere 333g? Thank you, Jay

    Why does it not already plug in?  Are you missing a harness?  If so, I will need to see pictures of the connections.

  • I have a two speed auger motor. Simple circuit, ground and switchable hot. I currently plug it into the cigarette lighter with an inline toggle in the cab. I believe the 3 pin will work, but when wired up, will the button on the left controller send 12v momentary? or switchable. I do not want to have to constantly hold it down.

    If you own a John Deere, their control buttons are momentary only.