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SG-KIT-DT-8-F - 8 Pin Female Kit - Deutsch - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

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Fits old Cat, ASV and Terex. Includes 8 sockets & tool.  You will need to solder or crimp wires to pins.  These are the original OEM connectors used on all of the machines and not a poor quality knock-off.  With decades of experience, you can count on us to supply you with everything needed in this kit.  Others sell you just a part and you have to find and order the accessories just to make this connector work.  We do it all for less.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Female Deutsch Body
  • 1 Barrel Top Cap and Seal/Strain Relief
  • 8 Female Sockets
  • Installation Tool
  • Detailed Instructions Tailored for Skid Steer Use

Kit does not include crimping tool or soldering tool to connect pins to wire or dust cap. 

About these connectors:
Many years ago we had to buy these from the dealers for $120 each or with full harnesses for $350+.  My background is in electronics and I have seen many connectors like this in the past.  I knew they were not worth what they were charging.  The problem was sourcing them.  They are a German made connector and the part numbers used in the USA came up always taking us back to the dealers.  

I traced them back in Germany and finally found an importer that would allow us to buy them if we bought enough.  We took the risk because we used them on our attachments and we knew our customers would want them.  Well, we were right.  This is one of our top selling items based upon quantities sold.

We bring these in and kit them with everything you need to add to your harness.  We are sure you will see just how much effort we put into this item just to save you money.  These are the original German connectors used by all of the major manufacturers.
We also offer real live support 24/7 so if you have an issue and need advice, we are there.

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  • I have an asv 70 with the 8 pin accessory connector and recently bought a CID tree shear that came with a universal solinoid switch that changes the controls so the shear can be rotated. It is a simple Switch. Can I use this to build a 8 to 2 pin for my accessory? Or do you sell them premade?

    How about this?  8 pin to two 2 pin plugs on the output.

  • I have a 2007 Cat 248B XPS High Flow. Looking for a connector to hook up a snowblower chute rotator. The chute rotator has a 12v DC motor, the chute can rotate 360 degrees so I don't need left/right. The machine has a 8-Pin connector and I would like to hit a button on the right control stick to momentarily send 12v out t the motor for rotation.

    That is a specialized controller that I have designed and tested but not released due to parts shortages.  Look for it hopefully in 2023.

  • I have a 2018 ASV rt120f, my attachment is a Multitek Mark II grapple. I need a replacement harness, but wires were tore out and I cannot find the correct wire placement in connector. Would you be able to create one?

    Can you send me a photo of the solenoid so I can see the connectors?

  • What size are the pins in the 8 pin connector kit that you sell for the old asv style?

    12 GAGE

  • Can I make this into a jumper to run XPS High Flow on my 2005 Cat 268B. What pins would I have to jump to make the High Flow work. Do you have them already made for this feature, and if so what is that part number?

    I was not aware that you needed one.  Can you find the page in your manual that shows the pin-out so I can see which pins are needed to make this work?

  • Do you make an adapter to allow a John Deere 333G (14 pin) operate a Bobcat Stump grinder high flow that is 14 years old?

    We make everything.  I just need to see what is on the attachment for connections.  At that age it could be a 14 pin or 7 pin CAN controller or even a Gerry Rigged connection.

  • I have a new asv with an 8 pin and a log processor with a 14 pin. Log processor has 5 functions to operate and i was told the asv possibly only has 4 functions available. What do i need to make this work?

    Which model of ASV?  I am working on a control system for ASV but just found out that the 120 is different from the rest.

  • We purchased a BMX-250 with 8 pin attachment connector for our CAT skid steer. I have contacted Skid pro and they referred me to your website on some questions. There are 2 wires go into the 8 pin plug on the attachment side (CAT 289)

    A BMX-250 is a cement mixer from Skid Steer Solutions. If your machine is an A, B or C series, then this is the correct connector.  It should have come in a package with instructions or plugged in and ready to go.  What is the issue that you are having?

  • A couple of weeks ago I called and asked about that one after for a John Deere 330 3G and was told to get the part number SGDTRDTP108 there is a two pin on both ends I need an eight pin adapter so do I also need to order this part number SG8DT8F? thanks

    The main reason I don;t take phone calls is this.  I have no idea what this is about or what the topic of the phone call would have been.

  • I have a 2011 caterpillar 242b3 skid loader.What adapter do i need? Then can it be wired to any snowblower?

    I would need to know which brand of Snowblower you have.  This is the connector for most but not Bobcat unless it is really old and uses a 14 pin.

  • G’day from Australia! 🇦🇺 I’d love to buy one of these but your shipping is a bit steep to Oz. Any chance in getting it at a better rate?

    Sorry, but we have lost way too much shipping to OZ. We finally had to pass it on to the customers. We tried mail but your service kept losing the items and the customers would back charge their credit cards.

  • We have a 23 model SVL97 HFC with a bobcat mulcher unit (fecon) we bought the kit from you to run this unit(delphi) but we have pulled the wires out of the attachment side of the plug, looking for the wiring diagram to put the pins in the right place. I have lost the original paper instructions that came with the kit. any chance you have a pdf of the instructions?

    An email has been sent to your address.