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Add On 2 Controls - SG-ASW-100 | Skid Steer Genius

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Add 2 momentary controls to any machine.  We designed this specifically for people with older Cat (A,B or C Series), ASV or Terex machines where you only have an 8 pin output with only 4 switches.  This also works great for Kubota 14 pin machines where you only see 4 pins inside the 14 pin connector.  Also Takeuchi and older machines often times have only 4 buttons.  Some CAT D-Series low flow machines needed to be ordered with additional switches and to order them after the fact is a wallet crushing experience.

True to form, it's Skid Steer genius to the rescue.  Install this handy toggle inside your cab.  Use the supplied self tapping screws to permanently attach the bracket to your frame.  Then all you do is run the power wire to a 12 volt source inside your cab.  There is a pair of wires for your output that are 25 feet long.  Fish them through your cab and out to your boom.  It is best to follow your hydraulic lines out to the boom and tie wrap the wire to the inside of the lines for protection.

Here's where it get's tricky.  If you have a 14 pin machine like a Kubota, you can open up the main connector on the machine and insert the pins directly into the connector.  For Kubota, it will be either pins E & F or G & H.  For others, check to see if E,F,G or H are open and install in those positions only.  This is only if the connector is a 14 pin.  For 8 pin follow the instructions below.

For Cat (A,B,C) or Terex, ASV, these use an 8 pin connector which does not have enough positions for extra controls.  In this case you will leave the wire pair outside the connector and install the 2 pin housing onto the wire.  We supply the mate for this connector so you can add the wore pair to your attachment end.  This means you will need to connect the 8 pin connector and the 2 pin connector whenever you use this attachment.  This is the most cost effective means that we could come up with for this application. 


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  • I have a Gehl CTL75 I am wanting to run a Landhonor Power rake. I do not currently have an electrical plug on the machine. I have the solenoid on the power rake but need a new relay to plug into and i need the harness to wire a switch on the machine. what do I need?






    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.

    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Great American Attachments

  • I have a 2000 swinger loader with no electrical controls how do I get the chute to operate. Its an SB200 bobcat snow blower

    Here si the cheapest method that we have.

    1:  You need a controller for the machine.  CLICK HERE

    2:  You need to convert the attachment from CAN controls to 12 volt controls.  CLICK HERE

  • I have a 318D john deere with no electric to attachments. I am trying to connect 12 volts to operate a valve on a wolverine cement mixer.

    Here is the cheapest thing that we have.

  • I have a Bradford brand 6 way dozer blade that only has a 2 pin trailer connector for the wiring. I have a Bobcat T595 with the 7 pin connector which from what I’m understanding is in no way compatible. Would this kit work to just add a switch in the cab for the 2 pin wire from the dozer blade?

    This will work.

  • i have a 6 way cat dozer bla de and i want to use it on various machines i need a plug in controler

    If it is a Caterpillar brand we will need to know whether it has an 8 pin or 14 pin connector on it and what machines you would like to operate it on.  Each machine has it's own wiring scheme so we will have to adapt it to each machine or you can use our joystick control box and move it from machine to machine.

  • Greetings. I bought a New Holland L175 that has NO aux hydraulic accessory controls (just "on" and "off" to run a brush mower, tiller,etc). I also have a Bobcat snow blower from a previous machine with a 7-pin connector (this is the only attachment I have that requires additional electronic controls) My question is two-fold. 1) Would it be easier to buy the whole 14-pin kit or just 2 or 3 t-way switches? and 2) Is there a way to control the aux hydraulic lines electronically vs by having to physically hold the handle in place on my machine?

    Question #1:  Since you only have one attachment, the easiest and cheapest way is to convert the attchment to 14 pin control using this bypass harness

    and then buying this control box.

    Question #2:  Your machine should be equipped with either a trigger or an Aux button that will allow you to lock the hydraulic controls on.

  • I have CAT 236, it has aux hydraulic to the attachment but no power to operate a selinoid valve for a tilt feature on a Erskine post pounder. The pounder has a two pin connector. I feel like a spring type switch would be best in this application so when you let go of it the selinoid would switch back to the hydraulic motor on the pounder. Do you have anything for this.

    How about this?


  • I have a 2010 cat 247b2 skid steer and I bought a Agrotk ECSSRB tree shears, the skid steer doesn't have a auxiliary electrical connection and the tree shears came with a7 pin harness. What do I need to make this work?


  • I have the Takeuchi tl12 and want to run a bobcat m80 grader attachment. The grader already has your 7 pin to 14 pin for Kubota wiring harness. We are able to move the pivot the blade, we are able to change elevations on the right side of the blade but the left side we are unable change it. IS this control the best solution for that? Thanks

    Takeuchi's are the worst for this.  They are not always equipped with enough controls so you have to verify first if you even have 6 controls by comparing the manual to what you have.  Then we can discuss options.  You need 8 controls to run it and 8 controls plus one locking and one power to use a laser.