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SG-CT14-JD14 - Machine Side Caterpillar 14 Pin to Attachment Side John Deere 14 Pin | Skid Steer Genius

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with John Deere attachments run them on their newer Caterpillar D series Skid Steer Loaders equipped with 14 pin controls?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Caterpillar D-Series Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with an 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.

Only works on Caterpillar machines tagged as D series or newer.

Note:  John Deere 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 7 pins installed.  Up/Down, Left/Right and right stick Up/Down are all that is available.  We do not provide the extra power port on pin K.  If you need this, please let us know and we can build it.

Another Note:  This adapter is designed to use electrical connections from one manufacturer's machine and allow it to connect electrically to another manufacturers attachments.  The machine that you connect to must have enough control buttons installed for the attachment you are running.

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  • I have a Cat 279D skid steer and a John Deere SB84H snowblower. Both have 14 pin connectors. The blower runs slow and the chute and deflector hydraulics do not work. Will the SG-CT14-JD14 correct these issues? I read about the B and K terminals being connected with the uninstalled jumper. How does this work?

    There are some rules you need to follow when swapping attachments around.

    1:  Is the motor rated for your machine flows and pressures?  Failure to verify causes the motor to blow sky high.
    2:  Is this attachment a High Flow model?  If so, is your machine a high flow?
    3.  If both are High Flow, Cat requires a jumper dependant on which high flow you require.  XHO or XPS.
    4.  If you buy this adapter and you require, you have to open up the Cat side of the adapter and install the high flow jumper because that is required to tell the machine to swicth on the high flow pump.


  • How to communicate to you my tax exempt number

    We don't charge tax except in Washington State.

  • I have a CAT D299 and bought a DB96 6-way blade. Tilt Lift and Pitch functions work, but no angle. The adapter I was given has 3 sockets at the circle connector and goes to a 2 (red and black) connector to supply power to the solenoid. Am I using the wrong adapter?

    This is the correct adapter.  Do you realize that you have to push an electrical button at the same time as you control the hydraulic flow to get that function to work?  That means both thumbs are working at the same time.

  • I have a 2022 Cat 262D3 skid steer (high flow) hooking up to a 2015 John Deere CP24C Cold Planner (both 14 pin) Is SG-CT14-JD14 the correct adapter or do I need a different adapter made for the high flow?

    This is the correct adapter.

  • I have John Deere 320 need connect caterpillar milling

    You have it backwards.


  • I have a bobcat backhoe attachment that is a 7pin and I own a JD skid steer 320D with a 14pin. Will this adapter work?

    No, that will never work.

    Please read this.


    And watch this.


  • I am hoping to connect a 2018 Jd 331 g compact loader to a new cat pr184 soil conditioner ( box rake).Do you have that capability?

    Can you confirm that the soil conditioner has a 14 pin connector?
    Can you confirm that the machine has a 14 pin connector installed?

    If so, use this adapter.


  • Is this the right adapter to run a john deere bv8 v blade on a 2015 cat 262D? Thanks

    Yes, this is correct.

  • Did have a adapter for John deere 332G skid steer to a caterpillar attachments? Thank you for you time.

    The smartest thing for you to do is to move Pin A to Pin B on the machine.  This will make your machine 75% compatable with everything out there.  Cat attachments have issues so I would have to know exactly which one you are trying to operate but the short and sweet fix is that their High Flow attachments will have a pin in K.  That will short out your fuse so that pin must be pushed back.


  • which one do I order to run john deere cp24 milling attachment to a Cat 299D3 high flow I would like all the functions to work

    Yes, that will work.

  • i have a ASV 120 F what adaptor do I need to run a cat 415 mulcher head

    I am not sure what you are asking as it should just work.   What is different from your perspective?  Does it have a hood?

  • I have a CAT 279D High Flow skid steer and am trying to connect a John Deere CP24 milling attachment to the machine. Both the attachment and the machine have 14-pin connectors. The plug on the attachment only has 6 pins in it (C,D,E,F,G,H) and the machine has 9 pins. Is this the correct adapter for this application?

    Yes, but don;t forget to add the HF jumper or your Cat will not switch on the HF pump so it will run slow.

  • Regarding the question below about installing the JD SB 84H snow blower on the 299D, we are ordering the SG-CT14-JD14 adaptor but would like to confirm this does have the jumper with it? Can we get it installed in the adaptor?

    Yes, the jumper comes with it.  We do not do this because we are then liable if you use it on soemthing else and blow the motor.

  • Connecting a CAT 299D to John Deere SB 84H snowblower attachment. Both have 14 pin connectors. Right now the blower runs too slowly and neither of the shut functions will work.Is the SG-CT14-JD14 adaptor what we need. Our Cat dealer tells us that the 14 pin blower side of the connection side needs to connect the B and K terminals so that the machine knows to provide high flow for the blower. will this connecctor do that?

    There is a jumper in the kit to allow you to add this but we don't just install it because we don't know where it's going.

  • Wanting to run a John Deere BV8 v-blade on a Cat 259D. The blade utilizes 4 solenoids that all require 12 volts. Will this work?

    Yes, this is correct.  It is always the customers responsibility to ensure the machine was ordered correctly with enough controls.  Sometimes, the machines are so stripped down, they do not have proper controls to operate anything.

  • Hey Guys, I have a Cat 904H that I need to hook to a John Deere db96. Will this harness work, or do I need something different? If it doesan't work, can you make me one? Thanks

    If your machine has a 14 pin and the attachment has a 14 pin, you can use this.  The issue is if the machine has controls in the right place.  I have not been able to come up with a schematic for these machines, nor do I have experience with how they are configured so I cannot tell you anything for certain.  If both have 14 pins, you can just move pin A to B in the attachment connector and it will match the machine configuration.  Vidoe 100, 134 and 135 explain everything.

  • How soon can I get this item?

    Depends on the shipping method you select in the checkout - 1 - 5 days.

  • I have a new CAT 259D standard flow. I just purchased a used DB96 6-way dozer blade that was used on a John Deere 333 or 331. I can send you a picture but the connector for the blade only appears to have 3 ports. I'd like to buy the correct adapter the first time. thanks

    I will need photos of the connections.  The Cat should have a 14 pin.  The JD Blade should have a 14 pin as well but sometimes they use a small round 3 pin.

  • Have a 2020 John Deere 331G that we want to attach a CAT PC305B cold planer to, what cable should we use?

    I always tell people if they want to save money long term, just move Pin A to the B postiion in your machine.  This will make it follow the accepted standard so most everything will work on your machine.  John Deere makes none of their attachments so by doing this you can buy the same attachment (mostly Paladin) on the open market and save yourself lots of money.  If you don't want to do this, then you will need to know these part numbers for the future. 
    For this application using a CAT attachment, please buy this.

    For future applications using open market attachments, please buy this.

    Click Here for my video on how to change pins.

  • I have C234 New Holland and I am trying to run a quick brand stump grinder what adapter would I need for operating this tool

    Your stump grinder should be equipped with a 14 pin connector so it should just plug in.  Sometimes they use a trailer connector which is crazy.  You should chop it off and install a 14 pin female connector found in our connector section.

  • Which adapter do I need. I have a 2019 cat 259 and I’m trying to use new John Deere attachments.

    This is the correct adapter.

  • i have a 325g skidsteer and i bought a cat dozier blade but the electrical harness is different it will plug in but i cant tilt the blade

    Move the ground pin from A to B in your machine or B to A in the dozer harness.

  • Yes I need a cable diagram to go johndeer ST to a cat mulcher I have a 14 pin plug adapter that has pulled apart any help here

    Our adapter or the machines?  We won't have machine schematics because all of the manufacturers hate us.

  • I have a 2023 Cat 299 D3XE. I am looking to purchase a 2021 Paladin M6 Harley rake with hydraulic/power angle that is being currently run on a Takeuchi looking for the proper adapter for the power angle to work with my Caterpillar machine. Thanks

    It should just plug in and work.  The primary pins are the same between the two machines.

  • I have a a John Deere CP16 Cold Planer with 6 pin wiring harness. My skid steer is a CAT 249D3, 14 Pin. What adapter can I get to have the pitch, tilt and side adjustments?

    Well that will be a problem as we have never been asked for it.  Cat requires a HF jumper and most planers are high flow.  I think I would use our harness but you need to verify the connections to the solenoids as either DIN, Deutsch or Delphi.  If you can't tell, just take a photo and send it to me. 

    This is the harness.  Inside the connector there is a hidden pin that you can install into the proper position to turn on high flow.


    Click here for Cat information

    Click here for BPH information

  • Trying to hook a 2022 299d3 cat skid steer to a John Deere 2022 cp30e cold planner what connector do I need


  • i have a cat 299d3 and i am going to john deere mh60d mulch head with door i bought this harness is the correct due to i have no function for door open and close.

    Do you have the two buttons on the right stick next to the roller?

  • trying to run a cat PC310 cold planer with 4 functions on a John deere 331G. can this be pinned out for 4 functions?

    It should work as shown but are you aware how the Cat PC310 requires you to get 8 controls?  If not, email me back and I will send you the pages out of the manual.  Or, you can download it by CLICKING HERE

  • will this work, on a 289d3 and a pr72b attachment??

    Yes, if you have the buttons installed next to the roller on the right stick.  Otherwise you will need to repin the connector on the attachment.  You can just move the ground in the attachment connector from A to B as well.

  • I have a Cat 257d skidloader and have an erskine 1812 snowblower that was previously on a John Deere skid loader will this adapter work so I can run the chute on the snowblower from the lefthand joystick on my Cat skidloader

    I am all about helping people and not necessarily about the money.  It you just open up the attachment connector and move socket A to B, the attachment will become universal and will just work.  


  • Greetings, I just received a SG-CT14-JD14 adapter kit. I was led to believe from other correspondents that a jumper would be included so I could use my JD high flow attachment. I need to jumper pin B to pin K to tell my machine my attachment is high flow. Please advise. The last person you advised with my problem received the jumper uninstalled. This is what I expected. Please advise. Brett

    If you open up the 14 pin connector, you will see the jumper already installed with shrink tubing installed.  Pull off the shrink tube, remove the white plug in the rubber dam and install the jumper wherever you need it to be.

    XPS - Pin K
    XHP - Pin N