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Skid Steer Attachment Control Box 4 | SG-JCB-100

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This ingenious little joystick control box allows you to operate up to 4 functions on practically any attachment easily and inexpensively.  If your machine has no controls supplied and you just have a couple of attachments that you want to operate from time to time, then this is your choice.

Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter, attach the box to any metal surface and plug the cable into your 14 pin equipped attachment, and get to work.

If your attachment is not 14 pin compatible, then you will need to convert the attachment either by changing the connector or using one of our Genius adapters.

The JCB-100 control box is ideal for operating 14 pin or 8 pin attachments (with adapter) like skid steer Snow Blowers, Harley Rakes, Brooms and even Post Drivers, Dozers and Box Graders.

The cable length from the box to the 14 pin connector is 10 feet.  The input cable from the power source to the box is 5 feet long.  This is designed for temporary control.  If you need longer cables for a permanent installation, check out our JCB-200 and JCB-400 with selectable cable lengths. 

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  • Is your SG-JCB-100 compatible for control of a Topcat BRDC swing arm mower?

    If the Topcat has the harness installed.  Many of them show up at auctions with nothing.  You also need to check the coils and make sure they are 12 volt and not 24 volt because that will not work.

  • How many AMPs does the cigarette lighter power connection require? 10, 15, 20, or 30?

    I will work with anything.  It is your attachment that matters.  These were sized on a 5 amp draw per circuit and you can never run all circuits at the same time.

  • Will This work on my Kubota SVL 75, it does not have a 14 pin connector, I want to run a Exterra PDX 1000 with the extra hydraulics for tilt.

    We have a brand new product that will work better for this.  I am adding it to the web site right now.  Just give it a few days to populate.  We just received 1000 units and are moving them to the warehouse to ship.

  • I am very new to using skid steer attachments, I only had my 4-1 bucket on a Bobcat 773. I need to expand my attachments purchases for my bobcat. So, my question is: Is there any known 14 pin attachments that this controller will not have enough functions completely operate the attachment with my bobcat 773? Is there enough functions available? If buy this controller I am concerned that it may not have enough functions (4). Do you have another controller that has more functions than this one that solves the same problem of no 7 pin or 14 pin functions. Ask so that I only have to purchase one controller to operate any attachment I might use on my specific machine.

    Cold planers and some stump grinders require 6 controls.  That is the most common.  Most everything else uses 4 or less.

  • Can you customize the SG-JCB-100 to have delphi connectors instead of the 14pin? I am looking to connect directly to attachment solenoids instead of having to buy a second adapter.

    It is not long enough.

    Click here for a mating harness.

  • i have a cat broom with a 14 pin connector i am trying to connect it to a bobcat with a 7 pin what adapter do i need


  • I have a John Deere 323d foot control with no electrical hookup .I want to run a Bobcat angle broom ,the harness is missing the deutch Connector. Do you have a solution to run control the broom?



  • Purchasing a bobcat sb200 to be installed on my cat 289D3 XPS. Should I do this as a standalone system being the machine is new? If so I had figured to do your controller and switch the attachment electronics to match the controller.

    Why not just install our harness and use your machine controls?


  • Does this control box have a hold function for example to run a power rake drum until it’s shut off or do you have to hold the little joystick the whole time? Thank you

    A power drum rake should run directly with the hydraulics while the control box runs the actuators.

  • I have a Kubota SSV75 with hydraulic connectors, no electrical connectors for attachments. I just bought a new SB200 Bobcat snowblower to use on the SSV75 and it has a 7-Pin can connector. Do you have a quick connect control system for this type equipment which will interface easily with the Kubota and can the length of cord be customized to run inside the lift boom so the electrical connection is not severed in event the lift boom is lifted higher than cigarette plug connector lengths would normally would allow. Ready to buy but want your technical input first.

    You need two items:

    1:  Convert the attachment from Bobcat CAN to standard 12 volt controls.  CLICK HERE

    2:  Add control to the machine.  CLICK HERE

  • I just bought a SB200 snowblower to use on my 853 Bobcat. The bobcat doesn't have an 8 or 14 pin plug so a got the 4 function controller with a 14 pin male plug and a 12V plug with an LED. I also got a 14 pin female plug to change the 8 pin plug to a 14 pin plug. the led was red when I plugged it into a 12 volt receptacle I installed. When I tried to use the snowblower the auger worked but the snow shoot and deflector blew the fuse in the supplied male plug. I temporarily hard wired the 12V supply wire to the battery, there is a fuse holder on the green wire, with a 10A fuse, the black wire goes straight to battery negative post. When I used the toggle switch it blew the fuse. I've double checked the color of the wire to the pin numbers/letters to make sure I have them in the correct positions according to the sheet supplied. I'm at a loss as to what to do now,

    It never came with an 8 pin plug.  It was a 7 pin digital CAN control plug.  You blew the controller so it will never work on a Bobcat again.  You will need to follow these instructions.


    You will need to buy this harness and replace the computer that you blew.  Throw it all in the trash.


    Here is some background to what you did wrong.


  • i have a quick attach versa blade 6 way dozer 900516. will the sg-jcb-100 work for this. will be use on kubota srv 75 track machine with no factory harness. on what other options do i have, thanks rick

    Yes it will work it you have the 14 pin harness installed on the blade.  They sometimes use trailer connectors so I never know what to expect.

  • I have a 1999 763 bob-cat skid steer with no 7 pin control to run my Harley rake!! Will your controller work for me??


  • I need a 14 pin pigtail to go with this to wire to my paladin snow blower, what s the part number for that? Thanks


  • I have a 2002 John Deere 240 Series 2 Skid Steer. On which I want to run a Bobcat SB200 Snowblower. Bobcat SB200 has the 14 pin harness kit #6728 installed on it and I have a Bobcat Adapter, JD Electric # 6733973. The instructions for the Adapter Harness, (#6733973) state "The John Deere Loader must be equipped with a John Deere supplied electrical handle and a 14 pin harness." There is nowhere to plug in the harness...??? So I thought your SG-JCB-100 Skid Steer Attachment Control Box might work? There is no "Cigarette Lighter" in my JD 240 S2 Skid Steer...Will this controller work and how would I hook it up? Thanks, GR

    You machine is too old for electronic controls.  You can use the JCB control box, but you still will need to find an electrical circuit to bring into the cab.  I would buy a cigarrette adapter harness to install in the cab.  That way you have power for the control as well as charging your phone later.

    Have a look at this.


  • I bought a 2019 ASV RT65 skidsteer. Now I bought a Titan boom/ditch mower. I believe it has three two pin connections on the solenoids. What control harness/cable do I need. 8 pin connection on the ASV and Delphi two pin connectors on the solenoids

    I will need to see photos of the solenoids as this is a Chinese copy of the original CID machine and so far I have seen several versions.  Be careful.  This is a poorly built deadly product. It only looks similar to the CID design but the entire blade attachment system is frightening.

  • Will this work on my Kubota skidsteer SVL 95-S2 2017 to control a John Deere SB84H snow blower chute?

    Yes, this will work but you will need to move the ground pin in the JD harness from A to B.  That is what they do to make you think you can't operate their attachments.

  • Will this controller work for a John Deere Worksite Pro BV9 v-blade? I see that there is 7 of the 14 pins used on the attachment.

    From what I can find online it looks like it has 4 solenoids which would work with this controller.  The problem is that JD moves the ground to make you think that the attachment will not work.  You will nee to move the ground in the attachment connector.


  • I have a 2009 Gehl 4240. I’m looking to run a 2013 Bobcat sb200 snow blower attachment on it. The skid has no controls and I believe the snowblower attachment is a 7 pin setup. If I buy this (SG-JCB-100) control box, what other connectors would I need to go from the 14 pin to 7 pin and make the snowblower work correctly? Thankyou!

    You will need a bypass harness for the attachment to get around the Bobcat computer.


  • will this work on a Kubota R640 to control a CAT snowblower chute 2 function?

    Yes, but you may need to move a couple of sockets on the attachment.

  • I have a 2004 NEW HOLLAND LS 170 I bought a Bradco 46C swing arm backhoe attachment serial #487937 with a14 pin female connector I need a controller to make the arm swing . I don't have a cigarette outlet on the macnine . Is this the right controller for this ? Do I need an adapter to maybe wire it directly to the battery? Thanks

    This will work but you will have to take your hand off the controls to operate.  Any chance you have a schematic or pictures of the backhoe solenoid so I can see if we can use a switch?

  • I bought a used Bobcat brand V plow to use on my 2012 NH L220. The NH only has one 2 way toggle switch on the right handle. What do I need to make the V plow work with my NH L220? Thanks

    You will need this harness for the attachment.


    You will need this controller for the machine.


  • I purchased a Spartan SEABC1420 brush cutter for my Bobcat A300 what is the best way to connect it? it came with a 6 pin plug on the unit..? I'd like to buy your SG-JCB-100 but do you have a 14 to 6 pin adapter? I have the male and female plugs the guy had a universal box and he just cut the cord right off so I could have both ends.. lol

    No.  Spartan is just a reseller that tries to fool customers into believing he manufactures the products by renaming their products.  That is why you receive no service.  I would insist that he supplies you with the controller for this product.  We make them for the manufacturer which is CID under license so I cannot advertise or sell them directly.  If Bill refuses to help you, call CID and order through them directly or one of their dealers.  Honestly I am so sad to constantly receive these requests and do not understand why people still buy anything from this guy.

  • Hello I have a terex PT 70.8pin connector with only one auxiliary button Want to run an Erskine model 2410 6pin snow blower on the terex. Thanks

    Here you go.



  • I have a 2016 bobcat s70 and would like to run a 36 inch 2016 bobcat snow blower, what harness would I need? I have heat blower in the skid steer.

    They should just work.  Send me photos of the attachment wiring and the machine wiring as they should be compatible.

  • Will it work on a Eterra BMX450 Mixer?

    If you ordered the mixer with a 14 pin connection, then yes this will work.

  • Will this joy stick work on a Wolverine concrete mixer for a skid steer

    Yes, but the cement mixer needs a harness.  Please read the following as people are having a lot of problems with this equipment.  It is being dumped in high volumes in an effort to bankrupt the USA manufacturers and none of it lasts very long.  I have created canned responses for these as I deal with a few of these per day.

    Chinese attachments are being dumped on RB Auctions in record numbers.  As of the publish dates, these are the brands.  Generally, they dump them at auctions, they don’t work so they change the brand name and start dumping again.  This is really a case of you get what you pay for.  Shame of RB for allowing this to happen!  A few items will last a while but when they blow, you will need a machine shop to manufacture the parts since companies do not exist.  If there is an address, it is fake or a mail drop.  I am putting them all on one page since most items are the same, they just have a different name stuck on them.



    Land Honor, Wolverine, Great Bear, Suihe, Great American Attachments


    Wolverine Cement Mixer - This is a copy of an American designed and manufactured Star Industries Scoop and Mix.

    It uses one solenoid for control of the chute.  It does not come with the hose and it is metric so you will need to make a new chute if you want a hose or find metric hose somewhere.  The primary pump action will cause the paddles to operate.  By pushing a control button, the solenoid will fire and allow the oil to travel through the chute hoses to the cylinder.  This will only happen if you push the button and operate the hydraulics at the same time.


    Here are the kits.




  • I bought a soil conditioner to use on my John Deere 320 skid steer it does not have any type of wiring on skid steer itself but the soil conditioner has a harness for it for the angle or straight will this controller work out good on it

    Yes.  This box works for all types of attachments like yours.  If it is an auction unit from China, make sure you check the voltage of the solenoid as a lot of them are coing in as 24 volts so they don't work.

  • Will this work for a Kubota power rake? I have a gehl 6635 with no control inside.

    Sure.  No problem.

  • i have a s250 bobcat and a bradco sg26 do you have a controller for it can i use the SG-JCB-100 ?

    You can do either if the SG came with a 14 pin harness kit. Either the JCB-100 or the 4014a controller.

  • I have a sb 200 blower 7 pins coming from blower want operate from a control box what do I need .

    You need this harness for the blower.

    You need this control box.

  • Wonder if u could put a 6 wire in harness for a soil conditioner to be able to spin backwards

    If it is a Bobcat, you can just reverse the hydraulics.

  • I have a 2005 7810 Gehl skid steer, and a bobcat v plow with a seven pin plug on it. Would this work and would I need another 14 to 7 splitter or adapter as well. And I've heard there is a wireless setup as well. I'm not sure here but this has to be a very common set up. I do have a cigarette lighter plug in cab

    You have two issues.

    1:  No machine wiring.  Yes, you can use the JCB box.
    2:  No attachment wiring because the Bobcat stuff is CAN controls - You need this bypass harness.

    Yes.  You can do wireless.  Here is the kit if the plow has Deutsch connectors. -

  • Looking to run a 2018 Caterpillar SR121 snowblower (14 pin) on a 2011 Case SR200 without existing attachment electrical installed. No issues with this setup and controller, correct? Thanks!

    This control box will work fine.

  • I have a 2021 Gehl RT105 with no electrical hookup. I want to be able to run a new 52" Bobcat brand angle broom. Can I use the SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT adapter in combination with the SG-JCB-100 control box to facilitate this? If this will work how quickly can you ship both items out?

    Yes, this is a common set up.  If you order before noon Pacific time, it will ship the same day.

  • Will this controller run a Bobcat tree spade with the right harness?

    If you have only three spades and the gate, then yes.

  • Control not working out of box-- not sure if i have to move a pin. In field now trying to make work 608-963-5650

    For most attachments they use C,D,E,F,G,H with B as the ground.  The thing to do is look at our box and you will see that we use E,F,G & H so if you have an attchment like a broom and you see sockets in C&D on the attachment connector, move them to E/F or G/H.  This video will show you how.

  • Is this available with a 7-pin for Bobcat attachment with the control box for a single function

    If I am reading this correctly, you are looking for a box that outputs CAN codes to operate Bobcat attachments.  That does not exist yet.  Please read the following so that you understand the difference between 12 Volt controls and CAN controls.

  • Will a battery pack work with this controller if i do not have a cigarette lighter?

    Yes it will.  Good idea.

  • Does this work with SG-KIT-DT-14-F - 14 Pin Female Kit - Deutsch - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

    Correct.  It uses B for ground and CDEF for control.

  • Will this work with a Bobcat 463/ SB150?

    Does the SB150 have a 14 pin connection?  If so, yes.

    If not, you will need to install a 14 pin harness.  Here is the link.

  • How long is the cord on this control from the control box to the plug?

    10 feet in length.

  • I have a John Deere 317. Will this work for controlling a JCB angle broom c/w 14 pin connector? Will this work to control the angling function or is there a simpler version (1 or 2 functions) that will do the same thing?

    This cannot get any simpler.  Yes, it will work for 14 pin controls giving 4 functions.  This is the most cost effective item that we have.


  • We have an older Kubota SVL75. We need to operate a Bradco Dozer blade and CID swing boom cutter. Will this work?

    Yes.  If the attachments have a 14 pin connector.

  • I have a Case 90XT. Will this work for controlling an Erskine snowblower or stump grinder with a 14 pin connection?

    As long as it has 4 functions you are good.

  • We have a new Holland c185. Will this run a power rake both forward spin and backward spin?

    What brand is the power rake?  This box is meant for directional change depending on how the attachment is built.  It is momentary so anything you do, you will need to hold it in place to keep it operating.

  • I have a New Holland L 220 with no electric controls and would like to operate my Bobcat SB 200 snow blower and my Bobcat six way v plow with the New Holland machine. What wiring harness or adaptor would make that possible ?

    Here are some options.  Regardless of what you 

    1:  Contact New Holland and buy their control harness for your machine.

    2:  Use a wireless controller.


    3A:  Buy this harness for the attachments,

    3B:  Use this control box,


    4A:  Buy this harness for the attachments,

    4B:  Install this Super Controller in your machine,

  • I need a 7 Pin quick connect to fit a Paladin Sweepster 220 series to my Bobcat T650

    I think you mean a 14 pin connector, but I am guessing.  Have a look at this and see if I am guessing correctly.

  • I have a Bobcat 463 (without any attachment controls, just the normal aux hydraulic lines). It sounds like this kit would be the way to run a Bobcat brand SB150-48 snowblower, without buying the expensive Bobcat attachment controls. Am I understanding things correctly? Thanks

    This is the least expensive way that we could come up with for customers in your situation to run attachments with up to 4 controls so yes, this is your best bet.

  • I bought a quick attach brand snow blower for my 260 john deere would this work to run my shoot and spout. The blower has the 14 pin wire hook up.

    Yes.  It will work fine.  The only issue is there are 6 combinations of pins.  This box has 4.  There is a chance that you will have to move 2 of the pins in the attachment.  We provide a tool to do this and Video #100 shows you how to do it.

  • I have a four function cold Plane Millings machine attachment Cat pc306b will this controller at work

    No.  The Cat unit uses 6 controls to operate the functions.  What kind of machine do you have and are there any electrical controls installed?

  • I'm wanting to run a John Deere 6 way dozer on my JCB 1CXT. The 1CXT does not have a 14 pin connector. What are my options to make this work?

    You can add this to your cab. CLICK HERE

    Then I would need to see what you have for wiring on the blade to know what to add.

  • I never got a tracking number for my order Order# 22106

    If you have the welcome email, click on it and it will take you to your account and the tracking information. It will also be in your spam.

  • My 317g John Deere has no electrical hookup on boom. Trying to find the most cost effective way to make it have the same hookup and functions as a higher spec Deere machine. Will this do the trick?

    This item will give you 4 temporary controls. For 6 permanent controls order the JCB-200.

  • I'm running a Paladin/FFC 110 Series Snowblower on a wheel loader. Is this harness & control box what I need to operate this? I believe it's only controlling the chute rotation and deflector, correct? Thanks for your assistance.

    Probably not because it is only 10 feet long.  If you think it will reach then you are go.  If not, try this one.


    Order with the 23" cable.

  • Hi, I have a 753 Bobcat with no control connectors for any auxiliary equipment. SER#508611790. I purchased a Bobcat snowblower model SB200x66. SER#*712806317. The snow blower has a seven pin connector. I am interested in your SG-JCB-100 control unit. In your instruction video you describe the connection of this unit as a 14 pin. Is there a way to connect this unit to my 7 pin Bobcat 7 pin connector. If this is possible could you send me a quote including delivery to Melbourne Beach Florida, 32951. I can also be reached at 3213135769. Thank you. Andre

    Click here for instructions

  • Hi there , I have a Takeuchi TL140 and Bobcat mT52 , neither machine has electric for attachments , I just got a used bobcat SG30 stump grinder with a 14 pin on it , will the SG-JCB-100 run this implement? , I do have a 12 volt cigarette outlet on both machines . Thanks

    YES.  It will work perfectly.

  • I have a older Deere CT322 that does not have ant electrical for attachments. I have a Bobcat SB200 snow blower that has a 7 pin connection tp operate the chute. Will this operate the attachment?

    Yes, it will work but you will also need a BPH harness for the snow blower to bypass the CAN controller.


  • Do you offer this control box for a John Deere skid steer attachment?

    No but you can move the ground from A to B in the attachment and this will work.

  • Is the SKID STEER ATTACHMENT CONTROL BOX 4 | SG-JCB-100 compatible with the 2022 Bobcat 52" Broom? It has a different layout of the 7 female pins in a pattern that doesn't line up with your 6 male pins I see in the picture. We will be using the "cigarette" power port on a Kubota SCL1000 stand on mini track loader which doesn't have a factory power package.

    The box will work fine but the broom needs to be converted from 7 pin CAN control to 14 pin 12 volt control.


  • If I use your SKID STEER ATTACHMENT CONTROL BOX 4 | SG-JCB-100 what do I need to hook up to a Bobcat SB200 snowblower 7 pin


  • I have a new quickattach snowblower I am setting up on a Case 95xt (that has no controls) the snowblower is set up with a 14 pin connector for Case/NH/Gehl/JCB/Volvo C series. Is this compatible? Thanks.

    Yes. It will work perfectly.

  • Will this work with my china auction grader attachment? I got the 14 pin adapter for the attachment from you about a year ago. I have it set up to run cylinders but I need to flow one way for down and the other way for up individually. Might be confusing so Probly best to call me when you get time. (320)491-2203

    No it will not. You need a JCB-400 which will be available by November 2023 or a new Super Controller SG-SCU-100 also available in November.

  • 2007 New Holland L190. Looking at a Paladin 6 way blade with a 14 pin plug in. Will the SG- JCB-100 control the angle and tilt on this blade.

    The angle will work with only hydralic controls byou only need one switch to make the tip work while you operate the hydraulics simultaneously. 

    Here is an easy way to do it. CLICK HERE

  • Hi, I have an older Bobcat model 753. I can provide a serial # if required. I will be purchasing a Bobcat snowblower. Would you have something that would easily connect my machine to the snowblower. The unit is a 2013 SB 200. Thank you in advance, Best Regards. Andre. 7055628872.

    Bobcat snow blower information can be found by clicking here.

    The control box you have chosen will work fine with our harnesses if you need to change it out.

    We also have many other types of controls which can be found by clicking here.

  • how long is the cable from the control joystick to the 14-pin plug?

    10 feet.  If you need longer, order a JCB-200 and select the longer cable.

  • I received my order #19921 SG-JCB-100, thank you. In the pictures, when I ordered it , the picture shows a green bolt on block with magnets that holds the 14 pin plug on the loader arm. Was this suppose to included with the kit since I did not receive one. Thanks, Bob

    Can you send a photo of what you received please?

  • I have a 753 Bobcat s/n 512716268 that has no electrical pin hook up I want to run a Bobcat SB200 snowblower on it Am I correct i would need the following from you to make it work? Skid Steer Attachment Control Box 4 | SG-JCB-100 and SG-BPH-14-6-9DP/DT | 14 Pin Female to Delphi 2 Pin Harness - Attachment Side - 6 Output Delphi Thanks


  • I have a JD 320 skid steer with no electrics on the boom. I’m wanting to purchase a PDX 1000 with tilt, will this work for me?

    Yes this will work, but if you are buying it from Skid Steer Solutions, you will get this kit for free.


  • I have a JCB1CXT and I’m wanting to run a Kubota Powered Rake (Harley Rake) this project seems like what I need? Any input or other suggestions? Thanks

    Looks good.  Inexpensive and easy to use.

  • Will this work to connect bobcat skidloader to erskine snowblower.

    If it has a 14 pin, yes.

  • Do you have a wire diagram of how this switch is wired to each pin?

    Sure.  X = C & D and Y = E & F utilizing a Deutsch 14 pin.

  • Hi I wrote last night. My harness for the topcat tree shear has 6 wires. I only see 5 on the control plug. I’m assuming 4 communication and a 12v+ and 12v-. Are you familiar with the wiring in these? I have pictures if needed. I also replied to your answer last night but not sure it went thru asking what connector you may have that I need to use on the attachement. Thanks !

    Some close up's of the solenoids would be great.  There is also a schematic that ships in a plastic bag with the shears that I would like to see.  I assume is is a solenoid for each function.  Open/Close & Cut/Open so it should be 4.

  • Hello, I have a topcat tree shear. I have the harness that came with it but need to power and control it. Will this work? The harness has a 7 pin female connector. Thanks

    If you don;t have controls in your machine, this will work but you will need to change out their connector as it is not standard.

  • Question before I order: 2005 Bobcat 463, no controls, Serial Number 538911137. 2014 Bobcat Snowblower Model SB150 X 48" (SB150, 48" wide) with 14 pin (female) wire harness, Serial Number 713301656. Plan to buy SKID STEER ATTACHMENT CONTROL BOX 4 | SG-JCB-100. Is this the best product (price & simplicity), will it work, and anything else I need to buy? Thank you

    It is 100% compatible.  Just plug it in and go.  The only caveat is with used attachments we never know what the previous owners did to it.

  • Will this work without an adaptor for a John Deere SB78B Snow Blower?

    The attachment ground pin needs to move from A to B and then it will work.


  • will the SKID STEER ATTACHMENT CONTROL BOX 4 | SG-JCB-100 work with a John Deere SB78B Snow Blower?

    If the snow blower has a 14 pin connection it will work, but you need to move the attachment ground pin from A to B.


  • I have a customer with a john deere 325g its Does not have the factory 14 pin plug in and is 3 months out. i just got a John deere SB78D snow blower in wih a 14 pin connecter. Will this kit work to get the customer working? SKID STEER ATTACHMENT CONTROL BOX 4 | SG-JCB-100

    Yes, but you must move the ground on the attachment.


    When the machine harness comes in, move the ground from A to B and make your machine universal.  Otherwise you are stuck buying JD attachments for life.


  • I bought this last year. My attachment is an 8 plug. What adapter do I need to go from this 14 to 8.

    8 is very rare nowadays.  Are you sure you do not want to change the attachent over to 14 pin?  You can just chop off the 8 pin connector and add this.  CLICK HERE

  • Hello, if I need a new joystick for the unit can I order that by itself through you guys?

    Just the joystick?  We don't really have those for sale.  I do have a few left over on my bench for design work, but I won't be back from Christmas until after Jan 2.

  • Looking for a control to operate a V-blade that goes directly to the battery that runs 4 solinodes

    That is what this was designed for, however it is meant as temporary so it only has a 10 foot cable.  Next year we will have options of 10 feet and 25 feet.

  • I just bought at auction an AGT tree shear. it has a 7 pin plug and i want to run it with my Kubota skid steer. 90-1 SVT. what do i need to buy to make with work? thank you and let me know.

    You will need to change out their harness for ours.  I need to see the solenoids to know which harness will work.  Please send a photo to this email address -

  • I need this controller that will fit my six pin configuration for my erskine snowblower

    They use trailer connections.  We do not support trailer connections because there is no commercial specification for it.  You can change out the harness or chop off the trailer connector and replace it with a Deutsch connector.  Let me know which way you would like to go.

  • will this work on bobcat mt-52 for stump grinder

    As long as you are willing to wire the power source and the stump grinder only needs 4 controls, you are good.

  • How long is 14 pin connector side cable? I’d like to use for a snowblower attached to a Volvo bl70 backhoe with aux hydraulics but no native 14 pin connector. If not long enough could I replace the cable to make it longer?

    It is 10 feet long.  We are designing a 6 channel box that will have options for a 10 foot or 25 foot cable that will snap on.  Look for this in the spring of 2023.

  • Will this work on a sg16b cat stump grinder with your sg bc14 ct8 adapter

    It will work if the stump grinder does not have the extend cylinder installed and is set up for 14 pin control.