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SG-DTR2-DTP2-108 | Dual Adapter Cable Extension | Skid Steer Genius

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This extension works with our Single Switch Kit or Dual Switch Kit to extend controls up to 9 feet. It is designed to plug in directly to your Deutsch connectors on your solenoids for control up to two functions.

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  • Hi my machine is a Kubota SVL95 with 3 button controls on left joy stick, I also have a CAT angle broom with a 14pin connector, Kubota guy switched some pins on cat broom and it always worked fine until recently. Last time I hooked it up I had no angle function, fuses are fine and the SVL95 works other multi function attachments fine. I took the cat harness apart at the 14 pin connector and pushed 2 pins back down to where they were seated like the other 2, sprayed some contact cleaner, and put some dielectric grease on the machine side pins still nothing. However I noticed inside the cat harness was electrical tape and basically a shady looking job I was thinking of just throwing the cat harness away and replacing altogether with yours as I am not good with electrical trouble shooting at all. I noticed like your harness it has several of the connectors not utilized on the broom side that are tied back out of the way. Can you recommend the harness or other solution to plug and play between the CAT BA118 (approximately 8 years old) and the SVL95? I have spent some time reading your FAQ and appreciate all of the knowledge that you share, I have an additional question that I may have overlooked the answer to but with 6 sets of connectors on the attachment side of your harness how do I determine which ones to plug into the attachment solenoid stack to correlate with the buttons in the SVL95? Thank you.

    We supply all of the possible connections because of machines like yours.  If we supplied only two, chances are they would be the wrong two.  In this case, you would tape back the 4 you are not using.  In your case, you will use the orange and the green wire.

    Yes.  Never trust electrical tape connections.