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SG-PP2-14 | Genius - 14 Pin - Plug and Play Dual Output Connector

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Use this plug and play adapter if you have up to two solenoids to operate that have existing 2 pin Deutsch receptacles and you need to connect to your 14 pin connector on your machine.  This ingenious jumper features special 2 pin plugs that have an embedded LED in the plug so that it gives you an indication immediately that everything is connected perfectly.

It comes pinned out for the most popular machines around including Kubota, Gehl, Cat D-Series, old Bobcat (14 Pin), Takeuchi, New Holland.  For John Deere, there is an internal jumper that you would simply remove the shrink tubing and install it into the A slot.  For High Flow Cat D-Series, you can use this same jumper and install it in either slot N or K so you can turn on your high flow.

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  • trying to connect a bobcat broom to SVL75 Kubota skidloader. can I email pictures ?


  • Can I email/text picture of my Cat plug and CID plug and you tell me what adapter I need ? Thank you Charles

    Sure, just respond to this email.

  • Will this work on a newer JCB skidsteer?


  • Is what I need to connect SG-DTR-DIN-60 on Wolverine cement mixer to SG-KB-01 on Kubota 75-2? Already have the SG-KB-01 installed.


  • However I would need about a 5' wire lead

    What are you trying to do?  We make harnesses.

  • Is this the connector I would use?

    I would need to know what you are tying to do and what you are trying to connect to.

  • Hi - I purchased your SG-PP2-14 to operate a McLaren 6-way dozer blade on a GEHL V420. I need an extension/adapter because because the SG-PP2-14 has (2) two-pin connectors, and the dozer blade has a single two-pin connector. Please advise.

    Did you not buy the kit? The McLaren kit includes the extension. If not, click here for the extension.

    You get two outputs because you can choose between two buttons which works best for you to push.

  • how long is delivery for this product SG-PP2-14

    You should allow up to a week for standard delivery under normal weather conditions.

  • I need to run a agt topcat grader blade off of a 2016 cat 262D skid steer. The blade has a remote system in place, I just need a 12 volt power cord. Do you make something like that?

    You can use this for power but you have to move a pin to D to J.  Use the Aux 8 switch to turn power on and off.


  • We are quoting a JCB 270 SSL which comes with 14 pin machine connection. The customer spec is asking for a 14 Pin to 14 Pin Adapter Kit. Can you decipher what or why this is needed?

    Not a clue.  It is already 14 pin.  What is the brand of the attachment?

  • what genius wire harness do I need to operate a 84" 6-way dozer blade (McLaren made) on a 2008 Takeuchi TL 140 with no 14 pin plug. can this dozer blade be rigged to work on this TL 140 Takeuchi?


  • 14 pin and play to duel receiver. Will it work on Kabota s75

    Dual Receiver?  Laser?  What attachment, Brand and model and what are you trying to do?

  • Hi, I have a 2013 Bobcat T550 and want to operate a mixer bucket (Eterra BMX-450) which has a 14 pin connector. Could you please let me know which of your connectors/adapter kits I require to operate this mixer bucket using 14 pin connector. I just want to be sure I purchase the right one. Thank you.

    Eterra furnishes the controllers for free unless you bought the mixer used.

    Here is the link for the controller.  CLICK HERE

  • Looking for a 14 pin Kubota SLV 65 down to a 2 pin to run a AGT Topcat Forestry 81?

    I cannot tell from their photos what type of connector they are using?  Can you send a photo?  What is the purpose of the wire?  A brake?

  • Am I able to return this item if I don't need it anymore


  • Could I use just one of the connectors to control the left and right movement on my buffalo blower.

    No.  You need a polarity reversing control circuit.  We have a few samples available as they are just about to go into production.

  • Could I use just one of the connectors for left and right movement on my attachment

    Usually but it depends on the attachment solenoid controls.  What is it you are trying to operate?

  • Cat d series to bobcat dozer


  • Would u make this with a 10 ft cord

    Sorry but no.  Everything we do now is to scale with high volumes.

  • Will u make this with a ten ft cord

    No.  We use extension cables.  This harness plus the pigtail comes out to 10 feet. CLICK HERE

  • Can you make an adapter to connect a jcb 3rd-8t to a John Deere hdb 96 dozer ?

    JCB follows the old Bobcat format.  John Deere is Paladin which uses a common pigtail.


  • have an edge snowblower that the chute and tip of chute are operated by electric solenoids, trying to hook this up to my 2021 svl 75 kubota, my machine has the 14 pin connector from the factory with the high flow option. i would like to be able to operate from my joy stick, i believe i have that option, just need to get those solenoids connected t that 14 pin connector properly thanks

    This is usually the harness that we use.  Please double check the connectors before ordering.