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SG-KIT-TRIDENT-M - 7 Pin Male Connector for Bobcat - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

SG-KIT-TRIDENT-M - 7 Pin Male Connector for Bobcat - Attachment Side | Skid Steer Genius

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Fits Bobcat only. This is the connector that so many of you have hunted for for years. We certainly did. If you have damaged the connector on your attachment that connects to your Bobcat Skid Steer Loader, then this is the connector for you. No need to buy an expensive harness when all you need is the connector. You will need to solder or crimp wires to the pins. This is the same connector that the dealers sell for $320 + as part of the wiring harness, but why change the harness when all you need is the connector. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Male Trident Body
  • 1 Barrel Top Cap and Seal
  • 3 x Male Power Pins
  • 4 x Male Canbus Pins
  • Installation tool not required
  • De-Installation Tool is not supplied at this time because they are very expensive.

Kit does not include crimping tool or soldering tool to connect pins to wire.

About these connectors:
We have had so many customers complain that when they damage the connectors on their machines, their dealers will not sell them a new connector. Instead they are forced into buying a whole new wiring harness just to get the connector. Some of these harnesses cost as much as $500. This is crazy! 

Since we buy huge volumes of the attachment side connectors, we were able to buy the machine side for the same great price. They were next to impossible to find and we finally had to blindly buy 100 units and wait for 16 weeks just to see if they were the right connectors. It has paid off for us and now it will for you. Buying these in bulk allows us to offer just the connector with pins for a much better price. We bring these in and kit them with everything you need to repair your harness. We are sure you will see just how much effort we put into this item just to save you money.

Warning. This connector is meant to replace a damaged connector.  Do not attempt to change an 8 pin or 14 pin connector by just changing it out for this connector.  Do not attempt to just connect it to existing wiring on a non Bobcat brand attachment.  You will damage your machine.  There is a small computer controller installed farther down the harness on the attachment.  Regular attachments do not have this so you could possibly ground out one of the Can lines on your Bobcat and then it is lights out.  You could permanently damage your machine.  Call us if you have any questions before you try anything.

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    In stock.  Ferndale, Washington

  • Will be work on a bobcat t450?

    It is a replacement connector so if you tore a connector off of your attachment, you can use this as a replacement.  It is not meant to use on a non-Bobcat attachment to add controls because Bobcat requires the use of an onboard computer.  Do not expect this to be used as a direct control source. You can damage your machine controls.

  • Hello, I just traded machines and now have a bobcat with 7 pin connector can i make a harness with this for my CID boom cutter (5 wire) can i make a harness with this for my grouser 6 way dozer (2 wire)

    From us, you would need these two items.


    Or, you can contact CID and they have an all in one solution that we make for them.

    Bobcat machines require CAN controllers.  You cannot just make up a wire harness.

  • 09 s250 bobcat, I’m looking for a harness to run my wolverine articulating brush cutter as well as a new female end on the bobcat side

    Here is the part for your machine.


    Here is the controller needed.

    Here is the harness needed for the brush cutter.

    Make sure you verify which connector to use on the valve.  Also go through the unit and replace the grade 5 bolts with grade 8 and red Loctite on all of the moving parts.  This is a Chinese copy of a Swing Boom and very dangerous.

  • I have a Harleman HP970MR42 tree saw with a sprayer, the plug on it is for a Deere CTL. Can I just have the dealer replace the 3 pin JD with this 7 pin and be good? Or would I need to replace the whole harness on the saw?

    No you can not do this.  I have warnings all over my site to NEVER try this.  Please read this.

    And buy this.

  • i have a worksite pro PR84B harley rake. pulled the male 7 pin plug off. It has 2 wires white and a black. can I get your 7 pin male plug to repair? can you tell me where the pins would go?

    Never heard of these with 7 pin connectors. Send me a photo please.  I bet it's a 14 pin with 7 sockets installed.

  • I need to wire a bidirectional valve on a suihe concrete mixer to fit a bobcat t750. Can I use this and would you help me with a diagram to wire it?

    Never try this.  It won't work and can ruin your machine.  You can use any controll with 2 or more channels found on this page.

    You must use a controller.  Anything else and you are just wasting time and money with dire consequenses.

    Here is an in depth explanation.

  • I want the order the male side connector

    This is the male.  It goes on the attachment.  If you want the female side that is attached to the machine, click here.

  • I would like to talk to someone about a 7 pin Bobcat attachment side connector I pulled mine out of the harness.

    What do you need?  Here is some info that we have posted.

  • Hi I have a skid steer cement mixer with no male end. It has 4 blue wires coming from it. 2 on each side of what I believe is a valve. On my bobcat I have a 7 pin female connector. I need a male connector but have no idea what pins go where.

    It is a Wolverine mixer? 
    Click Here

  • Hi, I'm hoping to buy one of these connectors to attach to my MK Martin snowblower. The blower has a simple two-prong plug and i was hoping to replace that plug with one of these units in order to use the hand controls on the drive levers.

    Cannot do that if you're trying to connect to a bobcat. You will blower the controller in your machine.  Please Read this.

  • do you sell extra pins for spares?

    Yes.  In the parts section and connectors we offer kits with the pins.

  • We are located in Woombye Australia 4559 would you be able to post to us, if so could you please provide a cost and details for express post and standard post

    Yes.  Go to check out with your product and the shipping cost will be shown.

  • Do you sell a 7-pin Bobcat attachment harness.

    Sorry, we do not.  There are way too many versions and you need to have their serial number database to even figure out what you need.

  • I bought a turbo saw , came with a 14, only has 3 wires, can I order this 7 pin to make it work

    No.  Please don't ever try and do that.  You must use one of our CAN controllers found here.

    Here is the reason why.!bobcat-7-pin-machine-and-attachments-explained

  • I just got a 2005 bobcat toolcat with a 7 pin connector. I have an old red devil snow blower with 2 12v electric solenoids to operate the shoot rotation and deflection. What do i need to use the 7 pin adapter with the switches inside the cab?

    This will do it.


  • I’ve been waiting for this part that I thought I ordered. Do you have record of me ordering it? Wondering if it got shipped to wrong address, lost in shipping, or never shipped? SG-KIT-TRIDENT-M - 7 PIN MALE CONNECTOR FOR BOBCAT - ATTACHMENT SIDE | SKID STEER GENIUS

    I am sorry, but I do not see any orders from this name. Is it under a company name. When you enter an order, you automatically receive an email confirmation. Did you receive it and if so, what is the order number? Thanks

  • is it possible to get just the power pins for the 7-pin connecter?

    Sorry but the cost of handling is so much, this is the least we will sell.

  • I want to have our office order the SG-KIT-TRIDENT-M-7 Pin Male Connector kit to replace one that has been crushed. Do you also sell a crimper for this repair? If not, which crimping tool would you recommend? Thanks for any help you can be.

    No we do not because they cost around $400. We buy one from China but you need to know what you are doing to use it.

  • I have a Bobcat Toolcat with a 7 pin on the boom and I am trying to run a John Deere snow blower with a 14 pin connector. What do I need to buy to do that?


    In stock soon.  Email us your details and we will add you to the waiting list.

  • Non-Bobcat attachment, I *only* need 12V and ground to power a wireless receiver on the attachment; could I use this male connector and only use the power pins to power it or am I still putting everything at risk + should just buy full harness? (note: read your FAQ thing about chinese attachments from RB auctions; this one does appear to be 12V (Suihe soil conditioner).

    How about this?


  • Hello, I have 2019 S650, just bought 6 way HLA dozer blade, has different connector, I think this is one I need to make work. Do you guys have wiring diagram, only two wires but don’t know what pins to use. Thanks!

    That will never work.  CLICK HERE FOR AN EXPLANATION

    What tyoe of connection is on the blade?  Or, you can cut off whatever they have and use this CLICK HERE

  • wiring Diagram for connector?