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SG-BC-6719697 - Bobcat 84" Grader T-Harness | Skid Steer Genius

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These are harnesses made by Bobcat that enable you to run a 7 pin control and 14 pin standard control in parallel.  OEM Part number is 6719697

How does it work?

With your existing 7 pin installed and controller on your attachment, unplug the main harness and plug it into this harness.  Plug this harness back into the controller.  You will then have both harnesses connected at the same time. 

Check the photos carefully as this will only work on the 84" Grader w/o laser only.  If in doubt, call us.



This is a Bobcat® product.  This product is endorsed by Bobcat®.  We are not.  We are not Bobcat® dealers and are not endorsed to sell their products.  We are just people who try to help machine owners get their attachments to work.

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  • Do you have one of these to work with the lasers

    Who's receivers?

    Bobcat BLR2's work with this harness.

    Others - You need to work with the receiver dealer and have them wire them inline.

  • I own a v-200 7 pin bobcat v plow and need a harness to convert to ssv75 kubota, 14 pin connector


  • Can this harness be used on a Bobcat 84" grader attachment with a 246D3 Cat machine if you switch these Pin G moves to Pin A. Pin H moves to Pin J as stated for your direct hook 14 pin harness? Looking for the best option to be able to use on both Cat and Bobcat without unhooking connectors at solenoids. If so the wires you are switching are they for the blade swing? You will be using Aux 7 trigger and Aux 8 switch to control swing? If we were wanting to use the laser is there something else that could be added to work with this harness? Attachment has connectors at back of frame to connect laser receivers.

    Verify the connectors on the Bobcat Grader controller first to make sure it uses this style.  If so, yes you can repin to run on a Cat.  Cat controls are awful so be aware.  I have literally told people this hundreds of times and those that ignored me and did it anyways contacted me later for another approach or to return the harness.  As long as you fully understand what a hassle it will be to control, then no problem.  It's 25% to return if you do it in the first week.  No you cannot use lasers since the Cat does not have enough physical controls.

    You would need the harness and a Super Controller for that purpose.

  • BC-6725353 - BOBCAT 84" GRADER T-HARNESS | SKID STEER GENIUS, My grader does not have lasers but I would like to add them at some point. Would this harness still work?

    Yes it would.

  • I have a 84” bobcat grader blade with laser control will this harnesses allow my cat 299

    No it will not.  You will need an external controller.  We will need to see the controller in the grader to determine which harness will work.

  • need to go from 7 pin to 14 pin will this work has trimble stystem on it.

    This adds a 14 pin to the attachment.  Laser receivers are a whole other animal and will require someone local who is familiar with the set up to make them work.