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SG-CT8-BC14 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side Bobcat 14 Pin

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Here's a Genius idea.  Why not allow people with Bobcat attachments run them on their Cat/Terex/ASV Skid Steer Loader?  This adapter does just that.  Just plug one end into your Cat/Terex/ASV Loader and plug the other into your attachment equipped with a 14 pin connector.  Turn on your machine and get to work.  This is another Genius product.  The best ideas at the best prices.


Note:  Bobcat 14 Pin outputs 6 switched ports.  Caterpillar/ASV/Terex only outputs 4 ports.  You will notice that this adapter has 6 pins installed.  Up/Down & Left/Right are all that is available along with 2 grounds.  This is a manufacturer limitation and not something that we have introduced.

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  • I have a ASV RC100 skid steer and need to adapt the 8 pin connector to a 7 pin connection on a Bobcat soil conditioner. Is there an adaptor for this. Thank you


  • I have a 2021 ASV RT-65 Max and would like an adapter to run a Bobcat brand soil conditioner 72 SX25.


  • Will this work I just bought a bobcat 6 way dozer blade And I will put it on my cat 257d skid steer My skid steer has 9 pin But the blade As 7 pin

    Does the Bobcat dozer have a 14 pin connector?  If it does, it is either very old or has been converted.  If it has a 7 pin Trident CAN connector you will need to get that controller out of there with a harness.



  • Hello, I have Cat 2017 249 and looking to attach a Bobcat SB 200 X 60” snowblower. Can you tell me what harness to use and if it is available? Thank You


  • I have an older Cat 277 SN 277TCNC01287. I just bought a new Power rake (PR184) and I believe that the pin connector on my machine is different than the new rake. Was there a pin connector change at some point within cat track loaders?

    I need you to answer a few questions first. 

    1:  Is there an 8 pin connector on the machine?
    2: What kind of a connector is on the attachment?
    3:  What brand is the power rake?

  • Looking to adapt a Bobcat SB-200 snowblower to an ASV RC-50 Skid steer. Can you point me in the right direction for a wiring harness adapter?

    You need this harness for the attachment.


    We trust that your machine has an 8 pin installed with full controls.

  • Land Pride SSG2524 with Deutsch 14 Pin Connector needs to mate with ASV120 8 Pin Connector. SSG2524 Manual claims this wire harness is compatible with the Bobcat 14 Pin Connector... The Genius SG-CT8-BC14 - MACHINE SIDE CAT, TEREX & ASV 8 PIN TO ATTACHMENT SIDE BOBCAT 14 PIN, Bobcat side is different that Land Prides connector. 5 of 14 terminals are being used on both connectors, however a different 5... Any suggestions???

    The 8 pin side has 4 outputs.  The 14 pin side has 6 possibilities.  That is the problem.  We send the tool along so you can move pins as needed because of this issue.

  • I saw previous you are working on an adaptor for a 8-14 pin adaptor for the Halverson wood processor, is it out? If so where can I get one

    The beta was sent out.  Still waiting for our production units.  It appears that there is a worldwide shortage of the connectors now.  We had thousands, but are down to only a few left with no deliveries in sight for the near term.  Just keep wtching the site as I will only know when they arrive and then will add them.

  • Hi! I am trying to run a Bobcat Harley Rake with a 7-pin plug on my CAT 299C which has the 8-pin plug. Is it possible? If so, I am ready to order and have it sent the fastest way possible. Thank you! BTW, you have helped me before once a few years back, getting my mulcher working, not only the correct plug, but also to correct some wrong wiring from the previous owner. Thank you so much!!!!

    The Bobcat Soil conditioner uses 5 solenoids.  Left/Right, Wheels Up/Down and drum reverse.  Your machine only has 4 controls so you will lose drum reverse.  Some customers have reported that they could run their hydraulics in reverse and the drum would reverse.  I cannot guarantee that this will work in your case but it's the only solutions for now.



  • I have a cat 248B I believe it is a 2007 or 2008, 8pin, I need to hook to a 14 pin adapter to run a Halverson 140B wood processor. do you have something that can operate the functions?

    We will be releasing a new product in July that will take care of this issue.  Currently one system is on it's way to a customer for Beta testing.  We have a list we are putting together to contact people when they are available.

  • I am trying to mate a 2021 CAT BA118C kick broom to a Bobcat T870 skid steer, can you tell me what harness I will need? Thanks

    If the broom was set up for 14 pin, this would be your choice.

  • I have a cat 243 D3 it's new machine and I have bobcat attachments that I would like to use like a broom and a snowblower Will this adapter work for that...

    No.  This is completely wrong if the attachments are newer CAN operated attachments with 7 pins.  If it is just a broom and a snow blower, you will need this harness so you can bypass the attachment computer.

    Any other attachments. please use the selector.

  • I am installing a Sharp Grade Box on a CAT 279. The 279 has a Male 8 pin and the box has a female 14 pin, is there an an adapter between the two?

    Yes, however depending upon how many controls you need, you could be short because an 8 pin allows 4 controls and a 14 pin allows 6 controls.

    Here is the adapter.

  • I have a Terex PT60 (8 pin) Skidsteer looking to operate a Bobcat SB200 (7 pin) snowblower..

    Then you will need a harness to bypas the Bobcat CAN controller.  Here is the product.

    Here is why.

    Here is an install video.  Yes, it shows Dozer, but the control block is exactly the same in a snow blower.

  • asv rt 65 max machine to bobcat road grader 3 hyd .cylinders

    Your ASV provides 4 controls.  An 84" grader requires 6 controls plus laser.  A 96/108 requires 8 controls plus laser.  We make a Super Controller that has 10 controls to retrofit to your machine.  Or if no laser you can use a WACT wireless controller.  What would you like to do?

  • I have a Cat 262B with a 8 pin connector I have a snow blower that has the newer cat connector plug. Question, do you have a Coupler that will take the older 262B male pin connecter to the newer cat configuration?

    Yes.  Just click the link.

  • I have a customer that has one of these adapters for his CAT 8 Pin to 14 Pin bobcat attachment and has pulled the pins out of the 14 pin side. I'm wondering if i can get some information on which pins go back in the correct spots. Thanks

    Send an email please and we will respond.  Thanks

  • We have an asv rt 120 and got your 8 pin to 14 pin adapter to run a cat sg18b grinder but we plugged it in and it doesn't do anything I checked our plug on skid loader and it has power and all the pins work when you hit button do we need to switch pins around on adapter?

    Does the grinder have 2 or three cylinders?  If three, you machine does not have enough controls to operate it.  Something should work though.  I would check my fuses first to be sure.  Send me your email and I will send you the attachment operational instructions.

  • Hi there, I need a CAT (machine) to Bobcat (attachment) connector adapter, mi CAT is a 242B series II, and has an 8 pin connector in the machine (female), and in my attachment has an 14 pin connector (female), so I'm looking for an 8 to 14 pin adapter male-male.

    I need to know which attachment this is.

  • Will this work with my cat 299c to run a bobcat sr 21 snowblower ?? And. How long before you shop if I order ?? Thank you. Darryl

    Only if your snowblower is an old Bobcat style with a 14 pin connector and no computer.  If it is a newer model with a 7 pin, you will require this bypass harness.  Make sure you verify that it has either Delphi or Deutsch connectors at the solenoids.

  • I have a Terex pt 80 with a 8 pin electrical do you have an adapter that goes from 8 pin to bobcat 7 pin I can rent specialty attachments but they are all bobcat

    i am sorry but that is not possible.  Your machine does not have enough controls to enable this to work.  We are working on such an adapter but it will only work on 6 button control machines.  Long term I will have to figure out a way to add 2 digital buttons to your machine and interface it to the controller but that is about 2 - 3years off.  By then they will stop making machines with 8 pins.

  • I Have a new Bobcat Brand Angle Broom with an oem 14 pin and 7 pin harness on it. Will this work for my Cat 257B

    Correct.  This will adapt your 8 pin connector on the Cat to 14 pin Bobcat.  Your flow is backwards so it is always best to swap the couplers on the end of the attachment so your primary forward direction is correct.

  • Run a bobcat 6 way dozer blade on my 277C cat

    Please use this harness and go to our video section and watch video #117 for details on the installation and operation.

  • Is there an adapter to connect a CAT 6 way blade with a 8 pin female connector to my Case skid steer with a 14 pin male port.

    Sure. Please order SG-BC14-CT8.

  • Looking to run a Bobcat 6 way dozer blade on my Cat 259D. Will this adaptor do that? Thanks Adam SG-CT8-BC14 - Machine Side Cat, Terex & ASV 8 Pin to Attachment Side Bobcat 14 Pin

    No. You will need to run a harness. Copy and paste this link. If you go to the video section and watch Video #117, it will explain everything you need to know.

  • Hi I have an asv vt70 and was wondering if this wire plug would work to use a bobcat milling head does it have enough functions going through the plug to side shift the head and raise and lower the 2 feet individually on the miller head

    You need 6 controls to operate a Bobcat mill. Your machine has 4.

    For the mill you need this - CLICK HERE
    Make sure you choose the correct connector for the solenoids.

    For the machine, you need this - CLICK HERE

  • i have a Caterpillar 299D3 XE and i am needing a connector to be able to run our Bobcat attachments, such as the mulching head and stump grinder, will this connector work?

    No.  This is not even close.  You have a D-series which is a 14 pin.  There are other questions to ask before I can recommend andything.

    1: Mulcher - Does it have a hood?  Is it high flow?  CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

    2:  Stump Grinder - Is it high flow?  CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

    If any of these are high flow, a jumper will need to be installed so your machine allows the high flow circuit to turn on.

  • I was looking to see if they make an adapter for this application. I have multiple attatchments for my cat 257b skidsteer. however I i also have a bobcat t650. Id like to use my attachments for my cat on the bobcat. If you could let me know if this is something we can get.

    CLICK HERE  For the correct controller.  Any 5 line attachments will not work since they require an additional set of hydraulics which the Bobcat does not provide.  You can get hose extensions from the rear stabilizers and add them to the machine if you need them.

  • I have a JCB skidsteer that we need a adaptor for a bobcat attachment? do you guys carry anything like this?

    Explanations for every attachment can be found by CLICKING HERE

  • Hi I have a Bob cat blade that I would like to connect to my Terex R350T. What part do I need. The Bobcat 14 pin connector on blade only has 2 female ports in D and B.

    An adapter is easiest.  CLICK HERE

    A new 8 pin connector is cheaper but requires some work. CLICK HERE

    I have never heard of a Bobcat brand blade with only two wires.  What is the exact model?

  • Need a harness to go 8 pin asv to 14 pin wacker neuson

    This is correct if you have an ASV machine connecting to a Wacker Neusen attachment.

  • I have a caterpillar 289 d3 I am looking to run a bobcat asphalt planer


  • I have a cat box rake and would like to run it on my asv rt60 machine has 8 pin attachment has 14 is this the solution?

    Yes, this is the solutions as long as the attachment is not a SMART attachment.  Cat SMART attachments use a computer that will not work with any brand except CAT.

  • i am going from 5 pin bobcat snow blower to an asv 25 8 pin what adapter do you have


  • ASV skidsteer (8pin) want to use bobcat SB 200 snowblower (14 pin) -- what connector?

    This is the correct adapter.  It must be an old snow blower because they have not used 14 pin harnesses in 20 years.  Unless it was already adapted.

  • What harness do I need to run a bobcat v snowplow with my caterpillar 259b3?


  • I have a pin pin caterpillar looking to go to a bobcat 7 pin. Thank you

    What is a pin pin caterpillar?

  • I have a 2019 ASV RT65 and i want to use my Bobcat broom, which connector do i need